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Minneapolis, MN 6/29

Minneapolis, MN 6/29
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Target Center
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June 29, 2013
Target Center
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apeeboy's picture

I first saw Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers at the Met Stadium in 1982.  I have seen them several times since.  They always put on a great show.  Really looking forward to seeing them again tonight. 

anna1's picture

Write a comment here (no HTML please)Any chance on hearing "  Don't Fade ON Me"  at tonights show?  Tom Petty&The Heartbreakers, thank-you, you are the best! Grew up with your growing "old" with it too. Travel safe everyone!!!  God Bless.

melissalux's picture

My first date with my husband was at the Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers and Pearl Jam show on 7/2/2006 at the Pepsi Center in Denver.  Eighth row!  We were so disappointed the tour didn't make it out west this year. But for the 7th anniversary of our first date, my husband surprised me with tickets to the Minneapolis show tomorrow.  We fly in from Denver in the morning. I'm so excited to see this show, I can barely sit here at work today! P.S. Loved the Tom Petty satellite radio station on SiriusXM - hope they bring it back!

Iwazzabadboy's picture

That's really cool....Stop by Huberts Sports Bar & Grill around 430 for a pre show fan meet up...It's right next to Target Center and actually connects to venue....Iwazzabadboy(Steve)

relic's picture

Tour openers and closers are always extra special and the way the band has been playing, I think you guys are in for one amazing show tonight.

Here is hoping you all have a wonderful gig, and please do show the band our appreciation for a summer of musical wonder.

dianna's picture

whah!!!!!!!  I want to go!  I'll have to be there in spirit :)  In that case......I'm going :)  Hope somebody tweets something good!  

janer's picture

See you Saturday!  My family, and cousins, are all going to be in rapture.  Set list looks perfect...everyone travel safe.  4th concert with my girls, who have been raised right on REAL ROCK AND ROLL!

ranolo's picture

Can't wait for Saturday in Minneapolis. Counting the days! Hoping Breakdown is on the set list as it wasn't the last time you guys were here in Mnpls! And I second the previous request for Time To Move On. Almost 4 decades of talent condensed into a two hour show-no matter what songs are done it sure to be phenomenal! Can't wait!

gabriel's picture

June 29th can't get here fast enough. Wondering if Chuck and Wendy (TX) and Wis. crew will be in town? Tom and the Heartbreakers are first class.

Iwazzabadboy's picture

Denise(petty4me) will be coming from WI...

pfunk's picture

Only 8 more days until heaven comes to earth in Minneapolis. This will be the third time I've seen you guys in Minneapolis and I can't wait. My buddies and I are really hoping to see you guys play Rebels and Time to Move On. Really looking forward to the show!

iamagoodgirl's picture

You Minnesotans are in for the concert of your life! Just saw TPATH in London, Ontario the show was second to none. It was brilliant, perfection, poetry in motion! My sister who now lives in Australia is from Minneapolis and is home for just a brief period. I would love to surprise her with concert tickets. If anyone is selling two nice tickets, please reply. In the meantime prepare yourselves for dying and going to TPATH HEAVEN. I gaurantee ou will not want to be resuscitated . I am a Woman in Love, Allie

mfoster's picture

Been following your tour and setlist and all I can say is...Fantastic!  When your here in Mpls. my friends and I would LOVE to hear you play CABIN DOWN BELOW, SOMETHING BIG and MELINDA!!!!  Either way, it's going to be a great show from a true musical ICON.  Thanks Tom!         Mark from Richfield

mh0912's picture

I can not wait to see you Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers!!! I just LOVE you guys!! I know you have to play the classics & I love them... But Mojo & Highway companion are great albums!! See you soon

lameck18's picture


I've always been a huge fan of your music, but after last October so many of your songs have taken on so much more meaning. In October I was severely injured in an accident that left me as a quadraplegic. I remember laying in the ICU listening to your CDs over and over with friends, as we all struggled with the situation. But we found comfort in your music and great songs such as "I Won't Back Down " became life anthems. It's been a long 8 months since then and going to your concert on the 29th will be the culmination of my journey back. Thank you for producing such meaningful and inspiring music. You've gone from my favorite artist to a true lifesaver.

Barry Laver's picture


I would like to know if you have any plans to vsit the UK, i missed out last time and would love to see you

Barry Laver, Clacton-On-Sea

chuckyj1's picture

I believe they just did an overseas tour last year I think...  I know after this summer tour they are suppose to be finishing up another studio Album.  (Which they may debut a few of the songs on this tour, but it's not decided yet.)  So I doubt they will be touring overseas anytime soon again.

roth1034's picture

Hey Tom,

I know you might not do this but me and my mom love your music and she grow up listening it but we live in Minnesota and when you come here can you make my mom and I get in for free and back stage. I know you won't do this but if you do it would mean a lot to my mom and I. I'm only 13 and always wanted to go to one of your concerts. I paly guitar and have been playing ever since I got my first guitar when I was 6. I always wanted to creat music and be in a band. If you talk back here is my email 

EvilleGrrl's picture

That is so sweet of you to ask on behalf of your Mom!

It would be awesome if they could hook you two up ;)