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Mike Campbell: The Guitars (preview clip)

Mike Campbell: The Guitars (preview clip)

by webcrew
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on Thu, 2013-05-09 14:19
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Hey, what happened to The Guitars Videos?  That's the only reason I joined. What's the deal????

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How come I have to log in every time I visit the site now?

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Why are you hiding them.


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When I click on that link you provided it does take me to a page where it shows 15 chapters of the guitar videos.  When I click on the link for any one chapter, however, it directs me back to the page where it wants me to join the Highway Companions Club!!  I'm already a member and already logged in.....please fix this.  Thanks.


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I don't know about others experience with this site but I am getting VERY frustrated. Don't mean to be smart ass, but the only parts of it that work for me since I joined a few days ago are the parts that want me to buy something. I still cannot access the guitar videos. One of the benefits was a member forum where I was hoping to go to resolve some of my issues using the site, but I cannot find anywhere where it exists on this site. I also don't see anywhere I can contact anybody from Highway Companions Club to resolve the issues I'm having. This seems to be the only place I can post. How do I get to someone who can hopefully figure out why I'm having these problems. This is a very expensive site to join and it's not working for me.

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Jim - I struggled with this - but if you go to the news section after logging in - then scroll down the page - on the right hand side you will see a list of news items and there are the MIe Campbell guitar sessions

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The main reason I just  joined was to see these videos.  You have to make them available to members again.    Write a comment here (no HTML please)

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PLEASE post all 15 episodes of Mike Campbell: The Guitars!!!  They are OUTSTANDING and I look forward to rewatching them. Even better: put them all on a DVD! BRING THEM BACK PLEASE.

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Hey guys! Thanks for all your doing to make this website great. I would love it if you would re post the Mike Campbell's guitar series because I never got to see it. I am member now and am so bummed that its not up. Again .. Thanks for all your hard work. 

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Please post the 15 episodes of Mike Campbell:The Guitars web documentary here. They are outstanding and many members would like to have access to them.

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