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Tulsa, OK 09/23


Sep 23 2010
Tulsa, OK
BOK Center

"Are you ready for some rock 'n roll, Tulsa?"

Tom grinned at the capacity crowd in the beautiful BOK Center before launching into the opening chords of "American Girl" on his blonde Rickenbacker.

Two teenage blonde girls in the front row shrieked with delight as they recognized the melody of the Heartbreaker hit. A few rows behind them, three college-aged guys bobbed their heads along to the beat while trading smiles and high-fives. A few seats away, an older couple swayed to the music in each others arms, exchanging smiles and knowing glances.

There may be no song more universal than "American Girl." Everyone loves it, which is why Tom likely chooses to end most shows with it on this Mojo tour. It gives every body a chance to dance, a chance to sing and a chance to remember the first time they heard about the girl "raised on promises."

Houston, here we come! Remember to check back for more from the Mojo tour!

BOK Center
Tour Tracks: 
Jefferson Jericho Blues
Running Man's Bible
I Should Have Known It
Good Enough
American Girl
Oh Well
Listen to Her Heart
Kings Highway
Don't Come Around Here No More
Free Fallin'
I Won't Back Down
Mary Jane's Last Dance
Runnin' Down A Dream
Learning To Fly


maryjane94's picture

How could ZZ Top not be a great opening band.
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f1man's picture

sorry if this is posted twice. This web-site leaves alot to be desired. Where are the band member bio's? Signed up for HCC membership to get in on pre-sale. Very disappointed Tulsa fans will not be allowed to download mojo. Called 800 # to inquire about membership poster. Was told it hasn't been produced yet. Was a bit confused regarding the seating as shown on the BOK chart. I just saw nickelhack (went with g/f on her dime. she gets to see TP on mine. gee, I wonder who got the better deal?) and their stage was set up on the opposite end. Hope my tickets are close to stage as shown. Hope we get to see best show ever put on. Tom and the boys should be very grateful to Tulsa. He gets enough air-play on kmod and 103 to live off royalties the rest of his life. wish there was another band opening. CSN would have been sweet.
dwaine1956's picture

TOM PETTY Second Anniversary Concert Sept 23, 2010 7:30pm Tickets: $39.75, $59.75, $79.75, $119.75 Special Presale Offer!! 10am-10pm 6/18/10 www.BOKCENTER.Com to buy your tickets! Use password TP2010.
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For those wanting to know about BOK, it's an awesome venue, HOWEVER, when it openned we took tour of center and went up to the 300 section. For me, there isn't a band I would pay to see and sit that high, even with jumbotron. My wish was to someday see AC/DC, well we did last year (lucky 10th row floor), but I still say, as much as I wanted to see AC/DC I still wouldn't buy and sit in 300 section. Now if nose bleed section doesn't bother you, buy FACE VALUE tickets in 300 only. No matter where you sit in 300, not worth to pay a premium $$ way up there. You will see auctions on Ebay and Craigs List, stating awesome seating, but only awesome about 300 is, it's way up there. Bob Ucher wouldn't sit that high. Hope this helps.
dwaine1956's picture

YES, got our tickets. TP&HB is my wifes favorite band. I'm giving these tickets to her on our 32 wedding aniv. We seen Tom in Chicago 3 years ago, bought premium tickets and cost $$$$$$$$. We got F3 2nd row, simply AWESOME. Well worth spending $45.00 for fan club,plus you get several other items for joining.
vperk901's picture

Great seats. Every since they built the BOK center I have said the only band I really want to see is TP&HB. Awesome that they are coming. I am so excited. To Tina4014, I have been to the BOK several times and dont ever remember seeing any rows with numbers, just the alphabet, also I think it depends on the band whether they let you stand in front of the stage. Went to Eric Clapton, they didnt, but would let you go up and take a picture with your cell phone. Also went and saw Nickelback and yes, they did let you stand in front. So who knows with TP. Hope that helps.
tina4014's picture

I'm traveling from TX for this show. I *think* I got really, really good seats according to seating chart. But I can't see row's or seat #'s. Anybody? Is it all alphabetical or are there # first then alpha? Do they allow standing in front of stage? THANKS! Tina
stvpttrsn's picture

Thanks for the smooth presale. Love the new album. Looking forward to only my 2nd TP&TH show, caught the guys in Dallas a couple years back. Glad to see them back in Tulsa, as I am in walking distance to the venue.
stonesr's picture

Tickets are bought. I'm happy to have em, but would still love to get what other TPHB fans in other cities received.
plysdyret's picture

I can't log in. "Your login was invalid" is what they tell me. Well, anyway, I have been to Red Rocks.
stonesr's picture

Tickets are bought. I'm happy to have em, but would still love to get what other TPHB fans in other cities received.
cookie96152's picture

Just got my presale tickets! Awesome seats well worth the price of the club membership! Can't wait!
Anonymous's picture

Sweet......4th row tix for my wife's birthday......I'm definitely getting some......
louylouy47's picture

Anyone get it yet?
mynamesjoe's picture

I am so excited Toms coming to tulsa! Who cares if you cant download the cd.. just go buy it! Just be glad he put tulsa on his tour list! Quit whining..its like 10 bucks for the cd.
msambita's picture

So first disappointed b/c Dallas got re-arranged. Now the Tulsa presale got moved. I sure hope I am able to buy tix for me and my friends. I need 8. I am hopeful I won't be disappointed again.
brownsplace's picture

Disappointed that presales are moved back from today till Wednesday thru Friday. We are traveling on Thursday now my chances of getting tickets will be slim :(
fairlessj's picture

Does the presale for the Tulsa show start today?
stonesr's picture

Why wouldn't we get the same perks as all other Tom Petty fans! Unbelievable. The least we are owed is an explanation of our 2nd class citizenship!
bbovaird's picture

So excited that TP is coming to Tulsa! But I agree with JonMalone(below) that it is ridiculous that the free digital download of Mojo and 8 live tracks will NOT be available with ticket purchase for Tulsa show. How unfair ----- Your tour page announces the free download for all concert dates and then the asterik when you get to the Tulsa page that excludes us. False advertising when you get everyone to pay $45 for a membership ---- Damn the Torpedoes ----- this slight needs to be corrected. Why screw your Tulsa fan base?? Come on TP, make this right!
butleraboo's picture

jonmalone's picture

this is not right that all other shows get downlod and Tulsa does not...they should make a way for it to happen for Tulsa fans...see below * Please be advised that the digital download of Mojo and the 8 live tracks to be recorded on the 2010 tour are not be available with ticket purchase for the Tulsa show.
velmshizzle's picture

I remember Tom Petty being one of the first bands i was introduced to. I own so many CDs and even VHS tapes of Tom and the Heartbreakers. My mom called me today to let me know a date was added to Tom Petty Tour. SO FREAKIN EXCITED!! I am so going to this concert!!!
darlawright's picture

Thank you Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers for adding Tulsa to the tour. I have always wanted to see you guys and now I'll get the chance!!
stvpttrsn's picture

...for scheduling a Tulsa show! This will be BOK's second anniversary show. Can't wait...
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Goldies/ white gravy and fries / bring ZZ and rock the house!!!!! Chow in T-Town!!
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Hello Tom & Heartbreakers - On behalf of Tulsa, let me thank you guys for coming to our city! Let us know what we can do to make you all feel at home!
ibanez09's picture

Thanks for picking T-Town for your tour. You guys ROCK!!! BTW, Love to play guitar to your music! :)