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San Diego, CA 10/05


Oct 05 2010
San Diego, CA
Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre

The third time proved to be the charm Tuesday night as Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers rocked San Diego's Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre under threatening skies after two postponements due to tour rescheduling and Tom's illness last week.

Joe Cocker was slated to open the first show, and Texas trio ZZ Top replaced them for the rescheduled date, but Tuesday's opener was none other than fellow Southern Californian rockers Los Lobos. David Hidalgo, Louie Perez and company played an absolutely stunning set that including classic cuts like "Kiko and the Lavender Moon" and tunes from their new album, Tin Can Trust.

All was forgiven after the Heartbreakers stormed the stage and delivered a blistering "I Won't Back Down" after the show-opening "Listen to Hear Heart/You Don't Know How It Feels." Glancing around the stage, Tom strode to the mike amid thunderous applause with a grin growing across his bearded face.

"Well, we finally made it, San Diego!"

One more night - Phoenix, you better be ready! The legendary Chuck Berry is joining Tom and the boys for the last night of the Mojo tour! Come out and celebrate with us and keep checking back! We have more photos and videos to share!

San Diego
Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre
Tour Tracks: 
Jefferson Jericho Blues
Running Man's Bible
I Should Have Known It
Good Enough
American Girl
Oh Well
Listen to Her Heart
Don't Come Around Here No More
Free Fallin'
I Won't Back Down
Mary Jane's Last Dance
Runnin' Down A Dream
Learning To Fly


teresachilson's picture

It's been several months since I saw TPATH at the Cricket Amphitheatre in Chula Vista, CA. I was in the 6th row and holding up my license plate for Tom to see. I don't think he ever saw it because I was in back of a tall man. So I wanted to post the picture of me holding the plate in case Tom checks this site every now and again. I LOVE PETTY
robinapeters's picture

ted7's picture

Really enjoyed the show from the third row!
robinapeters's picture

Okay i put myself out there,help me universe, just listening to my heart here. Daylights burning ! Go on you tube tom petty xoxo robin. Hope you somehow someway get to see this Tom....
robinapeters's picture

Here is a picture for you Tom. I hope you see this!!! Looking forward to meeting you!!!!! xoxoxoxo
robinapeters's picture

I Am on a mission-why cant this small town girl at least try to make her dreams come true.I want an OLD FASHIONED DATE WITH TOM PETTY! 30 years WAITING. Im single now and hear you are too. Its gonna happen! Just you and me Iwill make you dinner. you have an amazeing birthday comeing round. I have a heart of gold.easy on the eyes. give a noirmal girl a chance. Its a win win Tom......Look for my UTube video next week...Robin
coolgary's picture

WOW!!! I'm so happy:)) thank you tp for save me about 2400.00 thank you, thank you thank you.. I had the first four show's paided and planed, vacation time put in, so all together you saved me around about 2400.00 dollar's, and vacation time saved, i had phoenix, san diego,hollywood bowl, and Irvine ticket's. don't get me wrong i wouldv'e loved too see the first four show's. but after seeing the same ol' set list night after night.WOW!!! i made it too the bowl to see the show. and it hurt me to my bone's to see you like that..i know you would agree.. but you would also say NEXT TIME!! how about a tom petty solo tour..we all would love too see that tour, i would take that 2400.00 and take 24 friend's to see that show. p.s I'm not tryin to be a hater but 17 song's i wanted to see tp and the heartbreaker's not the soundtrack. of a movie with the same ending! a fan for life koolgary!! PEACE I'M OUT! KG
jptoombs's picture

Do any of you that attended this show have concert photos that you can post? Thanks, Indian who shot out the lights
robinapeters's picture

My home town The AZ-Have Another Great Show,Id die to be there tonight! You just amaze me, you get better and better,age is what you make it to be, You Are Beautiful , thank you for touching my life every day,in so many ways.......Waiting for You! Robin
bharrigan54's picture

Awesome concert. Thank you so much for not canceling. Actually worked great for me as it was my birthday so postponing made my birthday extra special. Amazing night. The weather cooperated, Los Lobos was a great opening act -little disappointed it wasn't ZZ Top but the main attraction was well worth it. Your music has not only brought joy to me over the years but has been an integral part of my daughter's lives (who were there too) and now my grandson. Long live rock and roll and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Thank you for a great evening!
wizzer's picture

Dude, if you can't appreciate what an opportunity it is for you to see Chuck Berry, then you're a complete douchebag. If it wasn't for him, half the music you listen to wouldn't exist. Get over yourself.
tamarabroitman's picture

As my schedule is flexible -- and I have wonderful friends who also tend to roll with life -- we were sad to hear that Tom was sick but we didn't mind the rescheduled dates AT ALL. I'd like to thank the band and gang for going to the trouble of rescheduling them rather than canceling them completely. San Diego was awesome, Oakland was great, and the Hollywood Bowl was absolutely amazing (I won incredible tickets to that show thanks to some very kind and generous folks)! I'm one year older than the band (in its existence as the Heartbreakers) and literally grew up listening to them. I'm grateful that they're still a band, still playing shows and still making music, and will keep on singing along for as long as we're all still here. Thank you for everything. Cheers :-) T
robinapeters's picture

Yes I was twelve when you captured my soul! I have never missed a Sandiego concert going way back- im now 45 and the conection with you Tom is ever more strong-To meet you would be the iceing that would complete my happy life! I know you saw me front row last night by the camera man,black top-MOJO, great lookn blonde- well if i could only dream-one day. BIG HUG 4 YOU TOM.......Robin
sdwebgal's picture

Dear Tom and Heartbreakers: Thank you for rescheduling and making it up the concert for us fans. Originally it was a lot warmer and we dressed up as Mad Hatter and Alice for that concert. Last night you were in terrific form and though I know you are a hard rocker you are still the gracious Southern gentleman at heart. Don't worry, I won't tell anybody! Smile. That Southern twang was also music to my ears! I can't imagine all the behind the scenes it took to reschedule, but I thought I would lend my voice to thank y'all so much. Thank you so much for playing the hits. The music was so clean and memorable. It was your signature guitar "rain dance" that kept the rain away for the concert. When I got tix I bought Mojo. It is cool! "I Won't Back Down" should be our mantra in the U.S. right now for all that we are going thru. I know you sang "Free Fallin' " just for me! Sigh! OXOXOXOX Karen, Chula Vista, CA, Crickett Ampitheater
jbaker's picture

took my guitar to try to get you to sign it to no avail... maybe next time!
danmerfel's picture

After 2 reschedules and 3 opening acts, this concert finally actually happened, and it was worth the wait. I would have preferred ZZ Top opening, but Los Lobos are a great band and played a great 1 hour set. TP and the boys played for 2 hours. The highlights for me were "Oh Well", "Carol", "Running Man's Bible" and "Running Down A Dream". Great show. Mike Campbell's guitar work is worth the price of admission alone. Benmont and Scott Thurston were also outstanding. I go all the way back to 1977 with TPATH, and they are just a great rock 'n roll band, seemingly incapable of putting on a bad show, and always fun! To the guy who doesn't want to see Chuck Berry in PHX because he's 85, shut up, go and be amazed. You never can tell! Peace!
jamesjones's picture

Los Lobos, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, great show last night! Thank you and please remember what Bill Cosby once said: “I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.”
tipuana's picture

sooo bummed the show has been postponed twice. Now I had to sell 3 of my tickets to people I dont know. I love TPATH!!! I wouldnt miss it for anything...I just wish I could have planned for the cancelations.
anabella77's picture

a much anticipated night with a good friend just returning home from Afghanistan was dashed in this reschedule. Shit happens, I understand. I am a big fan of Los Lobos but this was just not what I was really looking forward to ZZ Top. Once again, shit happens. It is too much of a hassle to refund my tickets since I put friends tickets on my credit card as well and they have been resold and I will not undersale my tickets to the vultures on craigslist. So once again I am at work before dawn to get off early and sit in traffic to see the show. Please do me one very big favor. If your going to cancel again, please do so soon as post it everywhere. See you tonight and I hope you like rain.
roberthoke's picture

We would be happy to trade you Chuck Berry for Los Lobos in PHX. The dude is 85 years old. Should be a rockin good time....NOT!! What a disappointment Tom.
mauricio's picture

I´ve got tks in 5th row!! I am so happy!!!!, they are better than the ones I got first. See you tmw Tom. Cheers!!
hokester's picture

I'm gringo who grew up in Southern California and have listened to plenty of Los Lobos. If you're not familiar with their music, you are definitely in for a treat. I'm looking forward to Seeing Tom Petty. That's who I paid to see, Anybody else is just a bonus. I was stoked to se ZZ for sure but, just as happy to see Los Lobos & I'm looking forward to the show. I'm just praying that the rain will subside.
mauricio's picture

If you want to give me 2 Back stage passes for my brother and I, We will be very happy!!!...ja
mauricio's picture

Hi Tom, Is the 3rd time I go with my wife from Mexico City to see you in this tour, the first time I could not change my plane tks so we went for nothing, last week we went again and we found out that the concert was canceled the same day of the show and I almost got a heart attack!!!. Again I bougth my plane tks for tomorrow, but my wife can´t make it, so I hope the concert is on, if not I will have to give up and get my money back. I don´t have more money to go again. Can´t wait to hear you from the 10th row, se you tomorrow!!
hardlycute's picture

I realize Tom that you were scrambling to reschedule the San Diego / Phoenix shows but Los Lobos????????? @#$%^&()_)*%$% ZZ Top, CSN, Joe Cocker, Drive By Truckers, and we get Los "one hit" Lobos? Gimme a break! How bout you let me and my wife jump up on stage and play a few White Stripe Songs instead? Come on man!!
buckahh's picture

Bless you Tom for a long life of bringing the rock your way to a grateful audience. For us San Diegians, the wait for this show has been long but I know it will be worth it. Not that you owe us anything, but my one request for our patience, a "Saving Grace / La Grange" medley with ZZ Top. Dude, that would slay me. Can't wait for Tuesday!
hardlycute's picture

Three tours ago I tore my achiles tendon a few hours before the San Diego show by jumping into a pool (pre concert partying) yet got some tequilla and a pair of crutches and boogied my good leg off at the show down around Row G - PIT. We had a fabulous time. On Tuesday my wife and I had Row G seats (it seems like we cant get closer than Row G :) ) and she dislocates her shoulder in a Yoga class! Can you belive it? Well she was so wasted from the drugs she was given so they could put her shoulder back into place there was no way in hell she was ever going to get in the car and drive down to Chula Vista. Low and behold we get the telephone call the show is postponed so we will see you all at the show! Mojo baby, Mojo
brookside's picture

My husband and I flew from Kelowna, BC to San Diego on Monday for the Tuesday night concert only to find out on Tuesday afternoon that it was cancelled. I see it is rescheduled for Tuesday, Oct 5th but I am not sure we can make it back for that night. We were so disappointed - this was my 50th birthday present from my husband. If we could come back, how can we be sure there won't be another cancellation? It is quite an expense and I guess a lesson learned about travelling to other cities for concerts. Hope that Tom Petty is on the mend and sorry we didn't get to see him in concert. I wish we could get tickets for Phoenix.
hardassglass's picture

Que Lastima!!!! Short and sweet but a little sour for sure..... I held my husband tight and kissed my baby goodbye and right around dawn I left Ojai. First a cab to Ventura then a train to Fontana where me and my sister in law would hook up. We drove down in her car for about two more hours but time flew by as we headed down hwy15 laughing and gleaming waiting for that nights sweet sing. I know it seems silly because its just a concert right? But I lived and farmed in Baja for so many years that concerts and family visits just weren't possible so after just moving back home to California this concert was going to be so incredibly cool for so many reasons. Oh well, I wish I could make it for next weeks rescheduled gig but.... unfortunately, I can't fly from Ojai! Best wishes and buen salud to Mr.Petty I'll see you on your next tour for sure!
yellowbus201's picture

Wow, much to our shock, we drove up to Cricket thinking we must be really early since there wasn't any traffic. Not. Tom is sick and the show has been cancelled till next week. We made a party out of it anyway and celebrated my husbands 60th b-day. Hope you feel better for next week. We will make it back from Yuma come hell or highwater. See you all then.