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Phoenix, AZ 10/07


Oct 07 2010
Phoenix, AZ
US Airways Center.

It's 1 a.m., a little more than two hours after Tom and the Heartbreakers walked off stage at the last show of the 2010 Mojo Summer Tour, and the floor of US Airways Center in Phoenix is clear.

Gone are the guitars and amps, sound system, lights and stage, packed away in trucks headed for California. Arena employees have finished clearing the seats and a lone janitor stands at the center of the floor with a broom in his hand, a pile of empty plastic cups at his feet.

For the final show on the 2010 Mojo tour, Tom and the boys went all out, bringing on the one and only Chuck Berry and his crack five-piece band to open the festivities in Phoenix. With his 84th birthday coming up later this month, Berry would have been excused if he�d kept his set brief, but the rock legend would have nothing of it, leading his group through an hourlong set of hits including "Around and Around," "Reelin' & Rockin'," "Maybellene" and "Johnny B. Goode" as many of the Heartbreakers gathered sidestage to watch.

Tom and the Heartbreakers took the stage just after 9 pm and promptly launched into a bouncy "Listen to Her Heart." "You Don't Know How It Feels" served as a nice opportunity to sing-a-long with Tom, but the real highlight of the show was an exquisite "Learning to Fly" with a beautiful bit of piano work from Benmont Tench.

"It took us a while to get here, but we did it! Thank you so much, Phoenix!" Tom said before Mike Campbell tore into the opening riff of "Runnin' Down A Dream." "American Girl" closed the show, a fitting end to this 46-date North American tour that spanned the entire country over the last four months.

Thanks to everyone who came out for the 2010 Mojo Summer Tour. Stay tuned for more videos from the end of the tour!

US Airways Center.
Tour Tracks: 
Jefferson Jericho Blues
I Should Have Known It
Good Enough
American Girl
Oh Well
Listen to Her Heart
Kings Highway
Don't Come Around Here No More
Free Fallin'
I Won't Back Down
Mary Jane's Last Dance
Runnin' Down A Dream
Learning To Fly


st1977's picture

Whoever the administrator is for this website please remove the rediculous comments posted on this blog. This website is for true fans only, we all love this band and everything they play. If your not here as a loyal fan, please do not leave your insane comments.
coolgary's picture

do you think we'll get 15 song's? that would be an 1hour and 3min show..sweet! if we get lucky..pray with me 15 15 15 15 come on oh he play's 17 song's yes! WOW!!! this is going to be a very long show..the waitin' is the hardest part.
Anonymous's picture

I can't believe it get to make this #5 this tour! It has also been a real bonus that I have been able to see three bands that I have not seen before, Joe Cocker, CSN and now ZZTop! I got my Mojo poster and CD this week - so excellent. Thank you so much to the lovely MM for Saskatoon. We had a great road trip. Thank you Scott for the autograph in Saskatoon. I am afraid you rendered me speechless! You are one sharp dressed man and your harmonica gets me every single time. I don't think that any concert will ever top the front row in Edmonton. Mr. Tom Petty you are the consummate performer,songwriter and musician. Your music has brought me much comfort and joy. Thank you to all of you for the amazing energy and music you have given to audiences night after night. It has been worth every penny.
blademan85635's picture

Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers are timeless. 30 yrs+ a fan & always will be. It's one thing to make it to the top & another to stay there as long as this band has. Music today is plastic, fake & very little original stuff out there. MOJO is like a breath of fresh air, an amazing album that only gets better everytime I listen to it. Not a day goes by that I don't listen to some TP & the HBs. Was at the Glendale show in 08 & have had tickets for this one as soon as they went on sale. Wanted to see Joe Cocker (never seen him), but ZZ Top is an awsome replacement. Will see you all there..... JW
cherstefano's picture

Wow people Stop complaining TPATH doesnt do bad shows. They are better each time I see them. Let them chose their set lists they know what they are doing!! Just go and enjoy..If you want to hear other tunes buy their music and groove to it while cruizin in your car or just hangin at home..It's all good and they cant do a show that long.
cherstefano's picture

As I follow the tour on this site the photos of Tom look younger as he travels. I cant believe anyone would complain about any setlist they decide to do since they are so spot on no matter what they chose. I saw them at the Gorge in WA this tour and the last one and would go again if I could. That band is a CLASS act. Cocker was great but would love to see ZZ Top with them also. Amazing how everyone wants to play with TPATH.
coolgary's picture

may 18th canceled, too sept 26 yeah the waiting is the hardest part.maybe they will play it for us:)