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Phoenix, AZ 10/07


Oct 07 2010
Phoenix, AZ
US Airways Center.

It's 1 a.m., a little more than two hours after Tom and the Heartbreakers walked off stage at the last show of the 2010 Mojo Summer Tour, and the floor of US Airways Center in Phoenix is clear.

Gone are the guitars and amps, sound system, lights and stage, packed away in trucks headed for California. Arena employees have finished clearing the seats and a lone janitor stands at the center of the floor with a broom in his hand, a pile of empty plastic cups at his feet.

For the final show on the 2010 Mojo tour, Tom and the boys went all out, bringing on the one and only Chuck Berry and his crack five-piece band to open the festivities in Phoenix. With his 84th birthday coming up later this month, Berry would have been excused if he�d kept his set brief, but the rock legend would have nothing of it, leading his group through an hourlong set of hits including "Around and Around," "Reelin' & Rockin'," "Maybellene" and "Johnny B. Goode" as many of the Heartbreakers gathered sidestage to watch.

Tom and the Heartbreakers took the stage just after 9 pm and promptly launched into a bouncy "Listen to Her Heart." "You Don't Know How It Feels" served as a nice opportunity to sing-a-long with Tom, but the real highlight of the show was an exquisite "Learning to Fly" with a beautiful bit of piano work from Benmont Tench.

"It took us a while to get here, but we did it! Thank you so much, Phoenix!" Tom said before Mike Campbell tore into the opening riff of "Runnin' Down A Dream." "American Girl" closed the show, a fitting end to this 46-date North American tour that spanned the entire country over the last four months.

Thanks to everyone who came out for the 2010 Mojo Summer Tour. Stay tuned for more videos from the end of the tour!

US Airways Center.
Tour Tracks: 
Jefferson Jericho Blues
I Should Have Known It
Good Enough
American Girl
Oh Well
Listen to Her Heart
Kings Highway
Don't Come Around Here No More
Free Fallin'
I Won't Back Down
Mary Jane's Last Dance
Runnin' Down A Dream
Learning To Fly


stevejones_utah's picture

Flew 3 of us from Salt Lake City and spent hundreds for a concert that we will not get to see. These things happen. But, still consider us sad...we had GREAT seats to no avail. I echo the sentiments that I wish we could have at least seen ZZ Top. Maybe someday I will get another chance. Best wishes to TP.
camefrommontanattwice's picture

We hope your much better. Coming back next week (from Montana) thank God for a understanding boss! Would not miss the greatest songwriter/performer ever! See you thursday
Anonymous's picture

We hope you are feeling better Tom. So sad and horrified. We flew from Canada but I still got to spend time with my wonderful daughter and we had the best time anyways. We met the nicest people in Phoenix and got to enjoy some warmth and sunshine. I guess I will check for flights etc, and endure the scorn and ridicule of friends and family who think we are crazy!! What's a little debt!!?
southernaccent's picture

Tom contrary to all the negative comments made, your true fans realize that shit happens. People should consider it a privilege instead of a disappointment to have Phoenix as the last show of the tour. Your health, more than anything, is what's important here. Get well. Ben
harpnaz's picture

Tom - get well. MOJO rocks. I am THRILLED to hear you & the Heartbreakers perform live in Phoenix. THANK YOU for rescheduling. Take care!!
janieb's picture

Tom, first of all, hope you are feeling better. We were so disappointed when your concert was cancelled in Phoenix, AZ. I have been a huge fan forever. I have tons of albums, CD's, and 45's that I have collected over the years. We flew from Wichita, KS to Phoenix to see your show, rented a car so we could have a few drinks, then your show was cancelled.
janieb's picture

Tom, First of all, sorry you are sick. We were so disappointed that your show got cancelled in Phoenix. I have been a big fan of yours forever--have tons of albums, 45's and cd's. We flew from Wichita, KS to Phoenix, AZ to see your show, rented a limo so we could have a few drinks at the show, then got notified at 4:15 that the show had been cancelled. Would love to see your concert.
mlrensberger's picture

My friend and I have not missed a Tom Petty show in Michigan since 1976. We've seen several out of state and planned this show since March. The change in May cost us $300 extra for airline ticket changes. We had a $400 limo ride that couldn't be cancelled. This show was a swan song for my friend as she has been battling 4th stage breast cancer and we did everything in our power to get her to Phoenix. Now we're back in Detroit with no Tom Petty concert memories and a bad taste in our mouths. I hope he gets better and I hope the new date is one we can make, but another $1000 bucks with no guarantees might be too much!
dempseycindy's picture

chillout everyone, getting sick happens! tom will make everything right . hey tom, question 4 u... is there a 2011 tour in your minds yet? love ya tp&hb's!
xoxo30's picture

I've been a fan for as long as I can remember, and haven't yet had a chance to see a show live. We were so excited! Took time off work, flew from Utah and got a hotel. We are so disappointed! There is a sliver of a chance that we'll be able drive back for the rescheduled show. It will only work if it's rescheduled for a Saturday night, so if anyone who has any power is reading this, please, please reschedule for a Saturday night! We'd really love to be able to see this show. :) Get Well, Tom!
vertigo7's picture

first of all we wish tom the very best wishes and get well soon. I have listened to tom since high school the 1970's. We have tickets and will wait. Theres been many times in life I have been bummed.I would put on a tom petty record and feel alright. Looks like I'll be checking out his new album. You keep rocking tom and band. I will hold my tickets forever.
dpgusich's picture

Hey I bought tickets to see you guys in the beginning of 2010 here in Phoenix and I was so disappointed because I had purchased tickets for my parents that have wanted to see you guys for so many years. I scheduled my trip back to Cleveland to visit my family just so I could surprise them once again with tickets to your concert. But once again it was cancelled 3 hours before the show. We were all heartbroken. Now for the 3rd time I saved up and cut out a lot of spending just to be able to buy tickets again for the show in Phoenix...But yet again, it was cancelled. Now with not knowing if you will actually play the date you will reschedule for, if I will be able to take the risk of not getting the refund to be able to buy food for my family. Hopefully someday down the road when I have the money again to buy tickets I can experience the show i have always wanted to see
mozach's picture

Well just got home after another huge disappointment being that the show is cancelled. We understand things happen we were true fans but being a true fan isn't easy on the wallet. What can I say anger is just love disappointed. We will probably never get to see you guys live and it truly hurts in the heart and the wallet. Stop dragging our hearts around.
dirty_head's picture

man. been soooo stoked for this show since you were supposed to play in march. can't believe it got postponed again. feel better soon tom and come rock phoenix. but please, rock it before oct 7th. i leave for spain then and i have to see the true american rock band before i leave. ive never seen you guys before and its killing me! til next time. much love.
cathycwr's picture

Dear Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, the Ryan family living in Phoenix, AZ has been seriously damaged by the love you always bring to your audience because the show has been postponed again; and we didn't get any of the love. But we won't back down, we're depending on you to play the best show Phoenix has ever seen! Can...'t wait to see you on the rescheduled date, the waiting is the hardest part...but I'll feel a whole lot better when we all see you on stage. Get well soon!!!
missjen5's picture

So sorry we'll miss you this tour, Tom! Breakdown was playing on radio when I was born (1977) and I've grown up listening to you. I've found there's a Tom Petty song for every situation in life! You guys didn't come to Alabama this year, so we just picked the city we most wanted to see. We flew all the way to Phoenix and made a weekend out of it. Sadly, it didn't work out and we won't be able to fly back for the makeup show. I'm so disappointed that I won't see you! On the bright side, Phoenix is gorgeous and we had a great weekend. Very nice people and the Apache Trail is breathtaking! Get better soon Tom and rock out for them when you're feeling better! And come back to Alabama soon. We miss you here!
brandysburke's picture

So BUMMED! Get well and get back to AZ!
buzzmolee's picture

I waited overnight in Ames,Iowa for Tom Petty & The Heatbreakers tickets to go on sale. Secured good seats for Feb.28th,1983. The concert was canceled due to the final episode of MASH being shown the same night & ticket sales were too few for them to due the show. They showed MASH again two weeks later(unheard of at the time) TPATH didn't come back that year. Now this 27 years later but due to Tom Petty being on facebook I had not left the house for the hour long trip from Gold Canyon to Phoenix. God Speed Tom and bring ZZ back w/ya!
joeflo24's picture

Tom, I was one of the video winners. I selected to see you in Phoenix on 9/26/2010. I am from Milwaukee, so my friend and I paid for airfair and a hotel so we could see the show. We were at the Hard Rock Cafe right across the US Airways Center 2 hours before the show when we were informed that the show was cancelled. We were so disappointed! How can you guys make it up to my friend and I?
redinphoenix's picture

So sad to hear you are sick Tom and so sad the show was postponed again. Waiting to see you is AGONY. We were so psyched about the show last night. Hope you can come back to Phoenix soon. WE MISS YOU. GET BETTER BUD!
sunsluv's picture

♪♫ Looks like we'll have to wait some more and "turn this car around"!!! The Tom Petty Concert got rescheduled AGAIN!!! What really stinks is they notified me at 4:30 (left message on my answering machine at home), and we were already down in Phoenix (after a 2+ hour drive!!!) ! I can't believe this... 3 hours before the concert!!! What a "heartbreak", and 4+ hours of driving, gas, ...
rclarice's picture

Hope the throat infection is nothing serious and TP is fine for his next show. Looking forward with increasing excitement to when we do finally get to see the concert in Phoenix. Was so happy to learn the show was postponed before we got out of Tucson. Again, get well soon. Love ya!
mccardellfamily's picture

Ok, first of all I want to say that I love Tom and the Heartbreakers - they have been my favorite band since I was about 5 years old - but I am seriously let down (and pissed off) by the concert being postponed - again! If Tom has a throat infection then he shouldn't perform but why were fans not informed until 2 hours before the show? Their last concert was on the 24th. A throat infection doesn't develop that quickly does it? We should have been informed earlier! I have been waiting to see this concert for months. It was postponed once and now it's being postponed a second time!? I hope we get reimbursed in some way for this! I don't wish to spread negativity - I LOVE the Heartbreakers - I just need to vent. Tom - please come back when you are able.
cbortner's picture

Feel better soon, Tom. My husband and I flew in from NJ (for show #4 of The Mojo Tour) to rock out in the front row with you, Mike, Benmont, Ron, Steve, and Scott. My heart is broken that tonight's show is not happening. TPATH, you have given me 50+ truly amazing, breath-taking, heart-pounding performances & memories that I cherish--THANK YOU! You will ALWAYS be America's TRUEST rock and roll band for me. Until next time..... "No reason to cry" but I will anyway.....
complex_kid_65's picture

Well I just got the news from Ticketmaster that Tom and the boys are standing me up for our "date" tonight (again).....the show is going to be rescheduled. I came right here to see what the deal was, only to discover that Tom is sick. Although I am disappointed, as I am sure many others are. as well, we are only human and the show doesn't always get to go on. Get feeling better, Tom and I now really do think you should play The Waiting when you make it to Phoenix :)
complex_kid_65's picture

Well I just got the news from Ticketmaster that Tom and the boys are standing me up for our "date" tonight (again).....the show is going to be rescheduled. I came right here to see what the deal was, only to discover that Tom is sick. Although I am disappointed, as I am sure many others are. as well, we are only human and the show doesn't always get to go on. Get feeling better, Tom and I now really do think you should play The Waiting when you make it to Phoenix :)
sel4more's picture

Hey TP - get well and come back for the last show of the tour! Maybe we could get a couple extra songs? Like You Wreck Me & Honey Bee?? Either way, we'll keep waiting. Please tell us that ZZ Top will come with you?!?!?
gfallar's picture

angeleyez712's picture

I agree bad comments are not cool! Angel
jovibabeaz's picture

"Somethin' Good Comin' for you and me....Somethin' Good Comin'"'s TOM PETTY!!!! Can't even tell you how excited I am for tomorrow night in Phoenix!!! Feels like I have been waiting forever!! 4th row center for me....I have never got to be this close!! Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers music was the soundtrack to my husband and I's life together. He's in heaven now butI bet as much as he loved Petty that not even Heaven will keep him from being with us in spirit!! This girl has her Party Dress all ready!! Ok...well my t-shirt and jeans...hehe!! SEE YOU THERE!!! Cindy