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Los Angeles, CA 10/01


Oct 01 2010
Los Angeles, CA
Hollywood Bowl

Bob Sockolich doesn't remember anything about the show in '68 when Hendrix played the Hollywood Bowl, but there he is standing on the sidestage as Jimi - head back, eyes closed and his lips barely clinging a lit cigarette - rips a guitar solo in a gorgeous photo hanging across from Tom's dressing room.

42 years later, and Sockolich is still the head electrician at the landmark venue where Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers made their triumphant return to Los Angeles Friday night for a sold-out show in front of friends, family and fans. "It's good to be back in Hollywood!" Tom said at the end of "I Won't Back Down," obviously feeling rejuvenated after a bout with a cold forced the band to postpone shows in Phoenix and San Diego.

"We wanna dedicate this next one to all our ex-girlfriends in the audience," Tom said before he and Mike launched into the opening guitar riff of "Free Fallin'," eliciting a wave of screams from the 17,000-plus fans packed into the amphitheater as they held their lighters and cell phones over their heads. For a band that dreamed of playing this hallowed hall while they paid their dues back in the '70s playing five sets for fifty bucks just over the hill on the Sunset Strip, the scene must have been surreal.

Standing sidestage as the last notes of a joyous "American Girl" rang out, Bob Sockolich glanced at the scene through his glasses and ran his hands through his grey hair.

"What a show!"

Los Angeles
Hollywood Bowl
Tour Tracks: 
Jefferson Jericho Blues
Running Man's Bible
I Should Have Known It
Good Enough
American Girl
Oh Well
Listen to Her Heart
Kings Highway
Don't Come Around Here No More
Free Fallin'
I Won't Back Down
Mary Jane's Last Dance
Runnin' Down A Dream
Learning To Fly


nybronxbomber's picture

I have been trying to find the song titles that were playing between the warm up band and the actual concert.... There were a lot of good songs, some I had never heard before... Can you be so kind if you know of a few or call, please email me the list at much thanks daniel
ripstr50's picture

OK. So, I'm 57....58 is creepin up. Went to this show. Had pretty good seats near sound boards. Been to 9 TPATH concerts over the years. Each time for the last three concerts I tell myself that I don't need to go again, that going every other concert or so will be fine. Then these guys turn out a Grammy-nod album. Lyrics like "A fistful of glory, a suitcase of sin" and "she was a part of my heart, now she's just a line in my face".......OK, OK....I'll just go to this ONE last concert, cuz, ya know, it might be the last time Tommy and the guys play at the Bowl, right? So, I pay up, wait until Oct 1st, and make the drive. Had just seen ZZ at the Pacific Ampitheatre a few weeks earlier. That was a great show. I was lookin forward to seeing them again. So, I walk in and ZZT starts up, playing that Texas rock blues hard bump stuff. Wow....they keep playing, too. What a bonus! Sorry, no one else like those guys.... Then Tom and the guys come on, and by the third song I AM FREAKIN HOOKED IN AGAIN!!!!! Damn it, you guys! They are just way too good. I look around me and see people from 15-60's....from punk dudes to business dudes to loadies to housewives. Who else does that to people? Not many. So, here I sit, typing that this was another great concert, and that I can't wait for the next one. Thanks, Mr. Petty and the Band. You guys are one of those pleasures in Life that I look forward to, and would miss terribly.
kaitlyn_badge's picture

I got there early, and I watched the entire Hollywood Bowl load up. Dudes in my section waited till the concert started before they lit up their doobies, and they even talked about doing it that way. It is unbelievable that this venue was sold out. I wish I had paid more to be closer and perhaps in a box seat; that would have been cool. Still, I felt like one of the elite who went to see Tom Petty at the Hollywood Bowl. Why I felt that way, I cannot say, but I Got Lucky, as in the song, I Got Lucky, just being there and feeling all these impulses and part of the elite. I was pretty close to the super seats and there were tons of people way behind me, so I did have a very nice bench seat. This was my first time seeing Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers in concert. I was really jazzed to be there.
kaitlyn_badge's picture

There were lightening particles in the air and also MOJO was in the air the night of the Hollywood Bowl Concert. No one could leave, we were compelled to stay, and sometimes just stay in our seats, MOJO magic contact high, as well as doobies being lit up, and that kind of contact high, was happening everywhere. There was romance in the air, and a lot of interactions between the audience members. At one point I felt an impulse to kiss a guy nearby, but I didn't. How mysterious that was for me. This was probably a more relaxed yet with more exploding passion performance by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers for the MOJO Tour, as compared by a few sitings I saw on YouTube at other venues in different states. Perhaps it was the lightening particles in the air, or the concert tour nearing its end, or perhaps ....well I guess only Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers really know for sure. The audience really loved them and I was dancing the entire time. I went to an after party on the way down Highland Blvd., wow, I just moseyed on in to a little hideaway bar where Tom Petty music was being played on T.V. in a bar and everyone was dancing. I wish Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers had performed that song "Let Yourself Go" off the MOJO album. Ah shucks, I really like that song.
glosmall's picture

I consider Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers the finest American band, I've seen them many times over the years and I'm a collector of their live music performances (on audio and DVD, including many bootlegs). I well know how this band can put out. I had never seen ZZ Top before, but I'm a fan and was very excited to finally see them. On October 1, both bands put on fine shows at the Hollywood Bowl. I would recommend this concert to anyone who loves earnest, well-played rock and roll and surely to anyone who has not seen TP & Heartbreakers, who remain a fabulous live act. However, I thought this show was merely good, and not the great, breathtaking performance I expect from them. The set list was over-familiar and perfunctory, excepting the stretch of four songs from the new "Mojo" album. That segment was easily the highlight of the night for me as the band were more engaged and clearly more into the new material. And it's great material ... if I were in charge, they would have played at least twice as many cuts from this excellent album. In fact, the whole show was too short, especially in light of the high price of tickets and the great distance most seats are from the stage. I had been reading that ZZ Top played 90 minutes in other shows on this tour, but we in the Bowl got only about 60. It was a good rocking 60 minutes of well played blues and ZZ Top hits, but 30 more minutes would have been far more satisfying. Then TP & Heartbreakers, purveyors of an amazing catalog, a fabulous new album and famed for adventurous, marathon shows, stepped up and performed for less than two hours. That's plain weak. The playing they did was excellent but not brilliant, too short on the masterful soloing of Mike Campbell and Benmont Tench, too long on over-familiar radio hits, too short on the new album and too short on chestnuts from the Heartbreakers' catalogue and their brilliant covers ("Oh Well" was the only one) ... in short, too short. It's sad to say, but for hard-core fans like myself, the returns here have diminished too much from the brilliant Filmore West shows of the late 1990s, the adventurous "Last DJ" show from the early 2000s, the phenomenal club shows Mudcrutch played in Spring 2008, even the big Heartbreakers' tour of two years ago. We were told that the "Mojo" album had freed the band's spirit for soaring blues and inspired jamming, but we got the opposite on Friday night, a manicured set of pop hits. That's good enough for casual fans out to sing "Free Fallin'," but not what hard-core fans have come to love. (Free Mike Campbell!) Another half-hour of new tunes and jamming would have made a huge difference. And the band did more numbers in most other shows on this tour ... why doesn't the L.A. audience deserve the full-length show from both TP and ZZ? So I would give this show a qualified recommendation ... I recommend it for those who have never seen TP & The Heartbreakers, to give them a taste. But for hard-core fans I can not recommend this show because we've already seen much better from this band.
joanbryant's picture

I first saw Tom Petty back in 1978 at the Santa Monica Civic Center. I was at That concert! And from then till now i was just in amazement at how the group had come so far. I also am from Florida. The show was really great, with the songs "free falling", i have the DVD of the group in " Running down a dream". Which i really love, especially the second DVD in their package. The dream really happened for him, and this shows that it can happen, never give up on your dreams. The Bowl was a great place, i kepy thinking about that not to far away was where Tom Petty used to play on the SunSet strip, and all those places where he has traveled trying to make it in show biz, encluding the record companies. I am just very proud of the group, and i loved the concert, later i got photos with me an Benmont. Joan Bryant- Artist Development-Hollywood,CA.
pancake's picture

4 hours in traffic on I5 just to get there from SD... Stuck in the ghetto trying to get turned around and on the 101... Missed ZZ Top, and half of TPH... Picked up my punk-rock-guitarist cousing down the road and took him to what he figured would be a mediocre show... We walked in during Breakdown, and as the applause turned to silence at the end of Jericho Blues, my cousin, in true punk fashion, yelled at the top of his lungs "Tom Petty F@#%ing ROCKS! YEAH!" (to which Tom replied "Well thank you very much")... he was seriously stoked for the rest of the show! You guys made a true believer out of a Hollywood Punker! Rock On!!
wrissa's picture

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers never fail to impress me! The sound was excellent & I loved the lights! I wish I was able to photograph them from the pit. Next time...
campfan's picture

No doubt....they are still the best.... That red on MIKE suits him so well..............
steveblome's picture

Lucky enough to see TP&HB 4 times this summer....St. Louis, NYC/MSG, Tampa and finally Hollywood Bowl. Awesome summer!!! The show at the Bowl was the best, the band was clearly pumped about being in LA and it showed. Lots of heart in every song. Thanks to Tom and the Band for a GREAT SUMMER of Rock and Roll. MOJO is best new album I've heard (from anyone) in years. Tom, you are the BEST showman and I love to watch you perform!!! Keep up the great work.....Thanks Again!!!
jbillig's picture

Any Tom Petty concert is a treasure to see. As a die-hard fan, I was hoping to hear a wider variety of songs. It was great to listen some of the new tunes live and the classics were amazing to hear. But I was really hoping to hear some of the gut-wrenching songs that I love such as "Room at the Top" or "Golden Rose". There are so many lyrically and musically perfect songs off Wildflowers, She's the One, Echo, and Highway Companion. Can we hear more of these next time, Tom? Thank you for your music. I cannot express how it touches my soul.
tapcity1952's picture

As a long standing fan, I appreciate the fact that the band still sounds great. Tom's working the crowd is always fun. Mike, Benmont, Scott, Ron and Steve sound awesome as usual. However, the set list is becoming an issue. How many tours are they gonna play, Fleetwood Mac cover songs. Yuck. Someone new would have to wonder, is that all he has? The new songs were great and Mike makes them even better, but come on. Let's cut with Oh Well and dust off something from YOUR work. Even "the Last DJ" which you never sing, or the mainstay "you wreck me" stands up better. We deserve to hear YOUR work. just an opinion of a long time fan
coolgary's picture

yeah,tom was still alittle sick he couldn't hold the tune as well,i'm not a hater..i love tp and the heartbreaker's.but mike was in top forum;>) so maybe rename the band..MIKE CAMPBELL and the heartbreaker's..LOL jk everyone the show was just OK! zztop was way out of it!! cheap sunglass's was really bad.well as tom would say NEXT TIME!good night. koolgary out bye everyone..
renellelaplante's picture

The show at the Hollywood Bowl was simply amazing. My husband and I are huge Tom Petty fans. We've decided that we'll never miss a chance to see Tom & the Heartbreakers in L.A.! It was a beautiful night & everyone was up and dancing. We'll never forget it. Thanks, Tom, for making our wedding anniversary very special! ZZ Top was terrific, too!
yermom's picture

Just got home from Tom...omg!!!! The best concert of my life...beyond epic...He and his guys are smooth so tight so ...beyond! Did not want to leave...the crowd was on its feet -knew all the lyrics...TP fans wow!- nobody like Tom Petty! Nobody! - He is the master - everyone else, all other performers, can go home-nobody does it like Tom and his guys.. next time?...front row...
randz's picture

cherylmoses's picture

Very excited about the show tonight!!! We are taking our 6 year old son who is a huge TP fan. He is hoping that he will get to go on stage and sing with the band :) Hope Tom is feeling better
shansen4's picture

Please offer some Meet and Greets at the Hollywood Bowl!! Pretty Please with sugar on top!!!! Love You!
purpleledbetter's picture

is it just me and yermom who are pumped for the ZZtop and TP show at the Bowl tomorrow? where is the chatter? trust me, it's going to happen, i guarantee it! i am so confident that the show goes on that i am going to take my brothers advice and start pre-partying now!
purpleledbetter's picture

i know how frustrating the re-scheduling has been for everyone holding tickets. i have had this weekend planned out for months now, twice! parents coming up from SD to watch all the grandkids so my bro and i can take our wives to the show. come on Tom, you can do it!
ohmybabydoll's picture

Please take care of yourself. I got lucky and have tickets for my hubby and I to see this show. Hope you are well in time. I can't wait!!!!
tapcity1952's picture

they swore he was playing in san diego also...uhh yeah
purpleledbetter's picture

hope he makes it to the Bowl on Friday! i don't know if i can bear another cancellation. **news flash**~know someone at The Bowl. They just told me that the show will "definately" go on as planned!
yermom's picture

Here we go ! One week!!! Ready for Petty!
yermom's picture

Here we go ! One week!!! Ready for Petty!
chrishart10's picture

My wife Kiri's stepdad, John Houghton, remembers an instore TP&HB did @ Licorice Pizza when John ran it in the 70s: he's still grateful. He also was a dj @ WZMF, Milwaukee, and he LOVES The Last DJ album. He & his wife Janey got us all tix to the 10/1 show @ the Bowl as a bday present for Kiri, who is a rabid fan. I am truly blessed to have married an even bigger TP& HB fan than me. One of the reasons she loves you guys is for your excellent view of women & relationships. Also she loves California, and thinks you show similar luv in yr songs. If you guys can play California, or Yer a Free Girl Now, we would be stoked. But whatever the set, we know we're going to have a blast. Can't wait to see the show! Chris Hart
randz's picture

I love Tom Petty. My opinion is that Jagger and Petty would sound so good together. They both are so talented and have the great voices. I have waited for Tom Petty for months nows. there is now way I am missing this show.... Randy
randz's picture

I am sure it will be worth the wait. IT ALWAYS IS... PLEASE KEEP WRITING AND TOURING... Randy