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Cleveland, OH 08/31


Aug 31 2010
Cleveland, OH
Blossom Music Center

A little more than a month after postponing their show due to Mike Campbell's heat exhaustion, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers returned to the Blossom Music Center Tuesday night to bring the rock to Cleveland.

Affable, Athens-based rockers Drive-By Truckers reprised their role as the show opener, dropping a nifty hour-long set that featured several songs from their new album, The Big To-Do. Frontman Patterson Hood dedicated "Road Cases," a deep cut off the band's much-lauded Southern Rock Opera album, to "the two best road crews in the world - the Heartbreakers crew and the DBT crew."

The roar from the nearly 20,000 screaming Heartbreakers fans at Blossom Music Center Tuesday night following Tom's introduction of Mike Campbell after "Breakdown" is something no one in attendance will soon forget. Visibly moved by the thunderous ovation, Mike tapped his fist over his heart before raising it to the crowd, a classic rock 'n roll moment on this epic summer tour.

Blossom Music Center
Tour Tracks: 
Jefferson Jericho Blues
Running Man's Bible
I Should Have Known It
Good Enough
American Girl
Oh Well
Listen to Her Heart
Kings Highway
Don't Come Around Here No More
Free Fallin'
Mary Jane's Last Dance
Runnin' Down A Dream
Learning To Fly


harterne's picture

Saw your show in Pittsburgh, and now travelling to Cleveland! Any chance we could hear "she's a woman in love"...never hear it, and its one of your best!
betsydalypittsburgh's picture

Dear Tom and Band, I was at your Pittsburgh PA concert and had an ABSOLUTE great guys are FANTASTIC. I have seen your concerts before and loved all of them. I just went to Chicago with my friend to see Bon Jovi perform at Soldiers was a good show but, I have to say, they have NOTHING on you! I bought tickets for your Cleveland show and am counting down the days!! You are the BEST and I thank you for the great shows! Your #1 Pittsburgh fan!
incheck316's picture

Went to Petty in PA on 7/24...Such a good show I had to get tickets for this show too. Will be my 4th time seeing Petty, got to go because you never know when his last tour will be. Just got tix in 3rd row from Ticketmaster!!! Let the countdown begin!
ericajeanre's picture

Can't wait for the resceduled date of August 31st!!!! Love the new album and cant wait to see you guys! Glad your feelin better Mike!!!
jhlucky7256's picture

Glad to hear Mike's feeling better. Really disappointed on the cancellation, but glad we were rescheduled so quickly. I think the only way to make it up to the fans would be to do a meet & greet at the Hall of Fame. How 'bout it Tom? We are the Rock 'N Roll Hall of Fame city?
babuzz's picture

Man, play whatever you want. You'll never be able to play everybodys favourite song, man. (or maybe you can and there's something we just don't know...) play what you think is right and however many songs you want. Whatever you think is right is fine by many, I don't care what you play, I'm just going to be in the seats listening. I'll listen to any song you play, no matter what. Even if it is my least favourite, play what you want. Everyone will listen! What can they do if they don't approve? You are the badass giving them hell!! (in a good way if you know what i mean). Just play what you want, man!
smithl07's picture

I thought was going hear Breakdown not have one! Was two miles away when I heard the news! Now I know why you go by the name of Heartbreakers! Glad everything worked out! can't wait till 08/31! Hope Mike is A-OK ! We made the best of 7/20 by looing up an old friensd i the are and stopping by THE HARBOUR INN. Great place! You guys should check it out after the show! Be caeful though the bar is right on the water!
tyler89's picture

American girl MaryJanes last dance Honey bee Strangered in the night Love is a long road Saving Grace The last DJ The Trip to pirates cove High in the Morning Something good Coming I should have known it I wont back down Crawling back to you You got lucky A woman in love Room at the top Free Fallin' Even the losers Learning to fly *Encore* Runnin' down a dream I need to know Refugee The set list that tom has now is nothing short of amazing. However when you purchase tix for a few shows I would love to see a few changes is all. I think i speak for everyone that I would love to hear some old tunes that never seem to make it to his shows anymore. This is just a simple dream setlist i made that would blow anyone away in concert. Tom petty and the hearttbreakers rock!
tychiv's picture

Disappointed that the show was cancelled, but Mike's health is way more important. I hope he is doing well. Can't wait for Aug 31st. Mojo is a fantastic album. If possible you guys should play, "Gloria." You did at the Blossom 2 years ago and it was killer.
babuzz's picture

thank you for reschedualing the concert. Hope you feel better Mike!!!
jerrys_kid's picture

we won't be able to see it. Unfortunate tale but I hope Mr. Campbell is getting re-hydrated. Music is better than money any day but we are stuck with the do-re-mi. Good luck and play your heart out like always Sincerely gonna miss ya
dirtjacket's picture

I caught the show in St. Paul on June 22. Was looking forward to seeing you tonight. I drove 200 + miles and found out the show was postponed. Best wishes to Mike. Can't wait to see you guys again!
cindyruggiero's picture

Mike, feel better soon! Well be waiting...
sparkiedog's picture

Hi Mike, all your fans in Cleveland, OH send their prayers. I look forward to rocking with you, Tom and the Heartbreakers when you get into town. Take care-Steve
pcpettyhead's picture

Let's get the best doctors in the country on this, STAT!
kellyp's picture

Just called Blossom and they said show is cancelled. Mike is in the hospital.
arosenfeldt12's picture

I've been a TP&HB fan since I was a little girl! I grew up hearing my stepdad play all the music.....I'm 19 and this is my first show of your guys' and I just wanna say I am SUPER PUMPED!!!!!!!! You guys are my favorite band...keep on rockin and bluesin!!
dianakemp's picture

On my way to the first of several TP&THB shows and can't wait!!! You guys are THE BEST!! thanks
dancewithmjane's picture

1 day 9hrs 58minutes! tom petty and the heartbreakers are almost here...the wait is worth it.

st1977's picture

Please open with Jammin Me! Let's hear some old stuff, not just the classics!! I think fans should get to vote on the set list, wouldn't that be awesome? Or play some rockin stuff from She's the One Soundtrack.....
harrydangler's picture

that show is on my birthday, my name is Rob for a shot out. but not necessary since i doubt TP will be reading this. Im going to see you (TP&HBs) not vice versa, im sure ill have a great time regardless. been to a ton of your shows new music is great the book was fun too. Last show at blossom was incredible in the rain, keep rockin all you honey bees=)
sizeless84's picture

I just want to say that I was at the concert in Nobelsville and it rocked. However, being a true fan, I would love to hear some other, older songs. I know Tom and the gang would like to play some different songs. Crawling back to you, Friend of the devil, Change of heart. Playing some other, older songs like that would be awesome for the crowd to hear other amazing songs that you guys have put out, and the true fans are able to hear the songs they love. I appreciate your music so much and would love to hear some other songs.
bulgrima's picture

Hey Tom! I am bringing my fiance and his twin brother to your concert at Blossom as a 21st birthday present to them. I was wondering if maybe you could give them a Happy Birthday shout out. I don't know if that is a weird thing to ask, but if you could, their names are Matt and Chris and they are HUGE fans! Thanks!
moppy's picture

After viewing some of the other setlists, I beg of you guys to put Breakdown, Kings Highway and Mystic Eyes in the set. Why? Because after seeing the early setlists, I told my wife that they were on OUR setlist. (And it's our wedding anniversary.) This will be only my second TPTHB concert, but I love you all just the same.
sparkiedog's picture

I have been to 23+ Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers shows. I have been to a Heartbreakers concert where Tom came on stage and said they had no more songs to play ( 1978 ). I am looking forward to this show because of the new music. I love " I should have known it" ( rock and roll song ). KEEP ON ROCKIN TOM.
runnindownadream418's picture

I simply cannot wait to see Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers......Especially because of the new album.....It is absolutely fantastic...its going to be a great time!!!!