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Pittsburgh, PA 06/20

Pittsburgh, PA 06/20
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Consol Energy Center
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June 20, 2013
Consol Energy Center
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Pettygirl79's picture

Hey tamini you sound just like me! My hubby is so awesome driving me to Pa and staying at the Westin all for the TPHB show! So excited! I am not as lucky as 2nd row but still close. We also have been fans for over 30 years! This will be about my 25th show! Love Love Love TPHB! Ready to enjoy some oldies and covers. So glad to see the set lists , they look awesome! Rock on fellow Petty Lovers :)see you in Pittsburgh!

tamini's picture

It's getting so close! I can't wait as I'm getting to sit in the second row of the floor in front of Tom! I've been to so many Petty shows ane each one is so magical in different ways! Tom you always have me walking away feeling the euphoria of the night! My husband loves the Shows as well! it something we have shared thru our 30 years of marriage! He lets me have my moment of the craziness and excitement of the shows and he takes the pictures for me as I'm just so into it! petty Fever is running High in this house in Pittsburgh! 

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