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Noblesville, IN 6/15

Noblesville, IN 6/15
Noblesville, Indiana
Klipsch Music Center
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June 15, 2013
Klipsch Music Center
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todddre6479's picture

I have an extra pavillion ticket available.  I paid $90 for the ticket after all the charges.  Asking $50 and a beer at the show.  Great seats!  The only downfall is that you have to sit next to  email me if you are interested.

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singsinfrench's picture

When does the will-call window open for regular ticket-holders? I know VIP ticket-holders can pick up their tickets at 4:30. 

Bignhoj47's picture

Anybody heard who the opening act will be ?

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tbramer's picture

The Smithereens

adamgudeman's picture

Of all the times I've seen Tom and the Breakers, and all the songs I've heard. Could Tom please play nightwatchmen in Noblesville! Regardless, I'm so amped for the show. So you can kiss my amps!

misterbrint's picture

Two Gunslingers?!?! I might just pass out! There is an overwhelming display of gratitude that you guys are playing out of the box stuff. This show will be my 27th time seeing TP&HB, Last summer I went to visit friends in London and I saw 3 shows within a week. They were identical shows and quite dissapointing. You guys have no idea how refreshing it is for us to hear the rare stuff, amongst all the "hissess and boo's" of England I still believe in you guys! I can't wait for this show, and I can't wait to rub it in all the neigh sayers faces that you guys ARE NOT lazy, and you do still care about the fans that really love the music... ALL the music.

ohmymyohellyes's picture

I bought (2) extra tickets for the 6/15 INDY show and my friends can't go.

So, I pondered on it a bit and decided rather than sell them that I would give them away FREEto the person(s) who can tell  me in 150 words or less why they should be the recipients.

No strings ~ just want to give a little something back to TRUE appreciators of the BEST Rock 'n Roll band on the planet.

These seats are not on the lawn, they are EXCELLENT seats for what is sure to be, ONCE AGAIN, a phenomenal concert!

Good MOJO to all who reply!

tangledupinblue's picture

Wendy, This is such a nice thing for you to do. I have seen 5 TP&THB's shows. All of them from the lawn; none of them with my lovely wife (though not for lack of trying.) We were both stationed at Peterson AFB when we became engaged and got seats for the Red Rocks show. She was so excited, but alas, the service had other plans. We sold our tickets (at face.) Time passed as we both moved to Dayton, OH and were married. I went to purchase lawn seats for us to see this INDY show and was very saddened to get the word that they were sold-out. I just happened along this site today and saw your pleasant message. So that's it, that's my case.  Thank you for the opportunity as I'm sure you will be someone's saving grace;)  Good MOJO to you.  -Richard

tangledupinblue's picture

When will the winner be announced?  Just curious:)  I might have to give in to the scalpers:(

conzo8fan's picture

I went to my first TPHB show in 1980 in Springfield, IL.  We danced on chairs the whole time and I don't know if it was his stage antics, appreciation of the fans, or the 4 or 5 encores, but I was HOOKED!  I have seen him no less than 8 times. (Once in Springfield, Kiel Opera House, Kiel Auditorium, and Riverport 3 times (all St. Louis area), Peoria IL, Evansville IN), that I can recall.  I even went to see him when I was 7 1/2 months pregnant with my twins.  All 3 of my children have become fans and I've been fortunate enough to take them to see him live. Still have Full Moon Fever shirt from that tour. Will be in Indy 6/14 for Frank Turner show  night before the 6/15 show!  

allrightfornow's picture


Worth a shot...Here we go:

I have been a Tom Petty fan for as long as I remember. My first definition of “music” was the album Full Moon Fever, which I listened to on repeat with my Dad starting at age 3. Particularly, the song “All Right For Now” (hence the username). I’ve always wanted to take my Dad to a Petty show to relive those days. Petty and the gang aren’t making it to our native Chicago this year, so I’m planning a surprise trip to the great state of Indiana for Fathers Day to fulfill our desire to see the legend live. Trying to coordinate the surprise, I missed the boat on tickets before they were sold out. Unfortunately, thanks to scalpers, good seats don’t come cheap. Would love to share this show (and hopefully some FMF tracks) with a great Dad, who has always made sure his daughter knows the best music.

singsinfrench's picture

I'll be organizing a pre-concert fan meet-up. Watch the forum for details as the show gets closer.

billp's picture

Tom and the boys are not coming to Cleveland so hoping to find a pair of tickets for Indy June 15th.

Thanks, Bill

bfob at aol dot com

ohmymyohellyes's picture

Bill, see my comment above regarding (2) free tickets that I'm giving away. Good Mojo to you!

firstdance278's picture

Driving over from Columbus for this one. Anybody know what the pre-show/tailgating scene is like at Klipsch, or how the venue is about that stuff?

jptoombs's picture

Almost anything goes out in the parking lot where a lot of the tailgating takes place. Some activity also occurs in the lawn section but there are some restrictions about what can be carried into the venue. This used to be Verizon Wireless Center, but is now Klipsch Center so I don't know specifics about these restrictions under the new management.

If you plan to camp out, there is a nice campground right across the street from the venue and the most "kick-ass' tailgating takes place there.

Jim (Indian)

dcrafton's picture

Come and camp on site. Don't bring any bombs or kidnapped girls and most anything else is cool. They do have undercover police looking mainly for underage drinking and drug trafficing. This year they said they are going to limit tailgating, but i think they are going to try to limit trouble-tailgaters. Follow @KMCLivenation (twitter) for official answers to policies. I believe they will have an onsite campground setup Friday and Saturday.