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New York, NY 5/20

New York, NY 5/20
New York, New York
Beacon Theatre
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May 20, 2013
New York
New York
Beacon Theatre
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Does anybody know of guests or an opening act at the Beacon?

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No opening act per the Beacon email

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Hey Tom Petty fans - I have two tickets (seats are NOT together) for Monday eve show (May 20th).  Breaks my heart to say that I am unable to attend :(

Anyone intrested in the tickets?  The actual purchased tickets are in my possesion (I live outside of Boston) we'd have to figure out a way to get you the tickets. 



rlechter's picture

I hope you still have the tickets.  My email is

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Hey - Yes, I still have the two tickets to this evenings show.  Spent the weekend trying to get tickets transfered to box office.  Wasn't asking for a refund!   TicketMaster being completely unreasonable, they will not make the tickets available for pick up at theater box office, they suck!

Not sure how I will get you the tickets in time for you to attend show - I live outside of Boston (Foxboro area).  Hope we can make it work - I'm sure it will be a great show.

Check your emails - I sent one to the email address listed earlier this morning.  LMW

The_WiZarD's picture

Is there an opening band for this day?

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