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Montreal, QC

Montreal, QC
Montreal, QC
Bell Centre
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August 28, 2014
Bell Centre
Sold Out: 


Sumopat's picture

the new member pre-sale password for Montreal is not working!!!!

germany's picture

Crap. Because of a error message I have now bought two tickets.
Can I cancel a ticket order?

walton123's picture

It is after 10 am eastern and the link to purchase tickets does not work?

tybova's picture

There is a Legacy and Premium Presale link on this page which will put you in queue for presale.

tybova's picture

I had to go back to the tom petty page, click on the word "Bell Centre" to the left.
 There is also a Legacy and Premium Presale link on this page which works!

I kept refreshing from the Bell Centre site where it showed Tom Petty, "Buy Tickets" option never came up!

davedesouza's picture

Still nothing....what`s wrong????

tybova's picture

Click on Legacy Presale on this page it takes you through to the right spot. I didn't notice the premium link until after I'd purchased my tickets!!!! 

davedesouza's picture

It`s 10 to and I don`t see the pre-sale for Montreal show.... what`s wrong?

carlsig's picture

Tickets for the montreal show are being sold through

Sumopat's picture

I don't see the Montreal show listed on the Ticketmaster site or the Live Nation site!!! I guess it will be there soon but it is odd.

chasmo's picture

Wish he was comng to Ottawa, but I guess Montreal it is.  Didn't see my presale code yet either.

Highway Companions's picture

Please contact if you did not recieve the pre-sale code email 

carlsig's picture

Finally Montreal! It's going to be awesome! Why didn't I get my presale code

ffonomaton's picture

Me and my friends had our tickets for the show in Montréal that was cancelled more than 20 years ago...sad,i was, because my other favorite rock band at that time, The Replacements where supposed the be the opening act. Finally there's a new rendez-vous in 2014 i'll be there for sure, and the funny thing is, The Replacements are playing this summer at the Osheaga festival in Montréal and they havent played in the city for more than 20 years.

Merci Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers!

mrko's picture

Couldn't believe that Tom would play Montreal when I saw the tour dates. I'm from Montreal and the last time he was supposed to play here, he cancelled and did the MTV awards instead. I've been seeing him twice in Upstate New York and once at Madison Sq. Garden. Now I'm going to see him a couples miles away from my place. Can't hardly wait! Bienvenue à Montréal Tom!

grof68's picture

"The waiting is the longest part..." 

Has this been a long time comin' or what?!? FINALLY A MONTREAL GIG!!! 

Can't wait to see y'all there!!!

bigredwilbury's picture

This is a good day. Just renewed my Highway Companions membership and praying for the same great luck I had in tickety pre-sales in Toronto a few years ago. Looking forward to being up close, Mr. Petty! 

P.S. Now if only I could arrange a meet and greet - can not tell you how much that would mean to shake your hand and say thanks for so many years of great music.

jackmusicfreak's picture

Finally Montreal..!!!
Can't wait!!

T Alexander's picture

The closest Tom has ever played to my hometown, Littleton, NH!!! - I'll Be There!!!!!!!!!!!!!!