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Lucca 06/29


Jun 29 2012
Piazza Napoleone

Despite celebrating into the early morning hours the night before, when Italy beat Germany to advance to the EuroCup finals, Lucca was ready to party Friday night as Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers kicked off the 15th annual Lucca Summer Festival with a blistering performance in the outdoor Piazza Napoleone.

A broken down bus didn't deter Jonathan Wilson and company, who barely made it to Lucca - a small walled town in northern Italy 20 minutes outside Pisa - in time for their opening set. As the light faded in the town square, Tom and the band took the stage to rapturous applause from the thousands of Italian fans packing the piazza. For the next two hours, the band ripped through their set before bringing out the night's highlight as a surprise for the encore: "Two Men Talking." Driven by a thunderous, menacing rhythm locked down by Steve Ferrone and Ron Blair, this tune features absolutely killer guitar work from Mike Campbell.

An insight into what Tom and the guys might have in store for their next studio record? Only time will tell.

Listen to Her Heart
You Wreck Me
I Won't Back Down
Here Comes My Girl
Handle with Care
Good Enough
Oh Well
Something Big
Don't Come Around Here No More
Free Fallin'
It's Good To Be King
Learning to Fly
Yer So Bad

I Shoulda Known It

Runnin' Down A Dream

Mary Jane
Two Men Talking
American Girl

Piazza Napoleone
Tour Tracks: 
I Should Have Known It
Good Enough
Oh Well
Listen to Her Heart
Don't Come Around Here No More
Free Fallin'
I Won't Back Down
Mary Jane's Last Dance
Runnin' Down A Dream
Learning To Fly


cherstefano's picture

Wow if I were to be given a pair of tickets I would fly there in a heartbeat. That would be such a cool venue for a concert. Wow Italy and a TP and the Heartbreakers show. Who could ask for a better time. Whoot Whoot one can only dream. Enjoy all those of you lucky lucky folk who are gonna be lucky to attend. They put on a very worthy show. I have my passport so I would be there Never been out of the country except to Canada and Mexico. Wow somemore. Just a silly old granny here.
gorazdd's picture

Dear Tom and the Heartbreakers! We are coming from Slovenia. Cant wait to see you live!
brianconder's picture

The tour map suggests the Italian concert is in Spotorno. It is in Lucca, quite a distance away.
larrywilbury's picture

tickets for the Lucca show are still available, go directly on!!
gjacki_2's picture

Our travel plans changed at the last minute &... I am looking for 1-2 tickets for the Friday, June 29th show in Lucca...have one to sell? I also have 2 tickets available for the Thursday, June 7th show in Dublin. Maybe we can trade. You can contact me directly at
ncd5y's picture

Anyone know where to find a seating chart for the venue?
lc2062's picture

Ciao Tom and the Heartbreakers. The biggest night of the concert is coming and we'll be there. Three young fifty friends with their wives will be there to shout for joy to be there. Many thanks Tom for thirty wonderful years of real music. Renato-Luca-Giorgio PS. A little note about the site of the concert in Lucca Piazza Napoleone. The Google map link provided into the concert list of the site is wrong. The correct coordinate for Lucca Piazza Napoleone are : 43.841429,10.502469
robotijo's picture

well, I have my ticket to Lucca. I´ll travel alone from spain, only to see Tom. It´s a twenty years dream that come true.
oistein's picture

Greetings fellow Petty-heads! Seems me & my girl can`t make it to beautiful Lucca for the Heartbreakers-gig 29 of june. Do you guys know any place to sell our tickets?
ivan's picture

Tickets are not sold out. Use direct link.
larrywilbury's picture

Tickets are still available on "" website!!!! I really don't know why, but the link in TP site is wrong when saying tickets are not available... If needed go directly on!!
larrywilbury's picture

As far as I know tickets are still available at "" website It would be really nice to have a "SOLD OUT" in Italy, but the plaza is really wide and I think that 6.000 - 7.000 attendance is a really huge number...
colinrennie's picture

Can anyone confirm if all the tickets for Lucca are now sold or are they still to go on sale?
genesis4713's picture

I guess tickets for Lucca are not on sale yet? Is there any likelyhood that this tour will be extended with more dates in the south of Europe e.g. Portugal and Spain ... we would love to see you in Portugal, we have some great stadiums ... they were good enough for the Rolling Stones in 2007! Nice warm weather, great wine and port wine, and lovely ladies to boot! Come on, it's great here. Give it a thought, extend the tour ... else we'll have to fly to Lucca if we're lucky. Great music, great band, I watch High Grass Dogs nearly every weekend, can't beat it. Hope to see you soon, Martyn
larrywilbury's picture

Tom Petty and the guys played in Italy only supporting Bob Dylan in 1987 "Temples in Flames" tour .... So this could be considered the very first TP&HB "solo" Italian show!! I really hope the plaza in Lucca will appear crowdy and... wild!!
spiko's picture

hi, does anybody have two tickets left? we are a group of four from vienna and would need two more tickets. grazie
amonute's picture

What is the meaning of the "TBC" notation on the presale column under tours...Lucca reflects this? Also, has anyone located a seating chart for the event? I checked with live nation and they were unable to provide any assistance.
robertthecrow's picture

Having seen shows in Lucca, { the birth place of my mother) this will be a fantastic place to see T.P and Heartbreakers. I think the capacity is maybe 6/8 thousand people in a great plaza for seeing concerts. Can't wait for this to happen.
tombirch's picture

this map pin is showing the wrong location (lucca is several hundred miles to SE of here) Would really suck to go here for the show and be in worng place. Use MapQuest or someone who uses NAVTEQ Maps--much more accurate. Tom
ncd5y's picture

Just bought the travel package! Anyone know where to find a seating chart for the venue?
wildhorse's picture

Finally Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers live in Italy! Tom, the waiting was so long! Why? Don't let us wait for so long anymore! I was in Modena in 1987 when you played your show and with Bob Dylan. I was lucky to be there that day! Thank you, Tom! Thank you Heartbreakers! Thank you all for your music and for the big emotions you give us. Thank you! I hope I can be in Lucca next 29 of June, but anyway, this time I'll do everything possible and impossible to live your show, TP & HB. See you next year, TP & HB! Thank you! Bye, Moreno
juanmp's picture

I will see the band in the Isle of Wight, come back to Netherlands, and then South to Italy! What a great opportunity!! Shame they don't go to Spain, that would have been a blast!
bluegee's picture

Since there's no Scottish date (who's making these arrangements Tom?!?) Lucca is a brilliant alternative. A beautiful city and one of my very favourite places. Sounds like it is going to be a very international crowd too. Happy days!
110007377's picture

It's good to see the king!!!!!!
maximus's picture

Just learned about the italian!!!! The waiting has surely been the hardest part but it's finally over..we'll be there, it's gonna be good fun, i'm sure See you soon amigos ...and thanks for this unexpected Christmas present
vascoweb's picture

Ciao ! yes ! looking forward to attend my 1st TP concert ! Tuscany !! wow !!!
zanlup's picture

that's a dream!! I'll be there ! Thanks Tom!!!!!!
fabrizio1964's picture

Finally we return to Italy. They are among the lucky ones who has seen the Arena in Verona with Bob Dylan, and a few days ago I was talking to my wife .... And now this wonderful news. Thank you. Why not make a return to Verona? The Arena is the best theater in the world, a charm, 15000 people who seem to pick you on him. I think the stage is a great feeling. And then play in a place with so much history on her shoulders. See you in Lucca anyway. thanks again
biccio59's picture

Hello I'm the most important Petty Italian fan.. There is new rule: TomPetty & the Band must play in Europe every years!!!! Hi Tom please don't forget europe!!!!!!!!!
bruceh2o's picture

There are no better words than those used by michibu in the previous message .. a long wait is finally rewarded ... now we know how long to wait... thanks