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Lucca 06/29

Lucca 06/29
Lucca, IT
Piazza Napoleone
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June 29, 2012
Piazza Napoleone
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Real confidence-builder to see that someone pointed out the map was completely wrong over a month ago and it STILL IS. More confirmation that absolutely nobody (other than fans) is paying attention to any of the comments on this site, period. So posting anything meant to be seen by the band or anyone "official" is a waste of time.

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Thank you Tom for the wonderful show. It was amazing. Was GOOD TO SEE THE KING!!!! Now please don't wait other 25 years to come back to Italy. WE LOVE YOU!

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I dont know how to start, well the title says it all.
It has been the most incredible experience of my life. 2 hours of powerful energy.
During the gig Mike threw me his own wrist band, then i threw him a package of chewing gums... he felt they were too strong :)
Amazing night
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers are the best!


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Hi everybody!
I just want to use this little spot here to share with the fans (and hopefully the band and crew) some facts about the gig.

It was "simply" the best concert I've ever been to, under every aspect. The sound was particularly good, wich is rare at events this loud, and The Heartbreakers are one of the tightest band on the planet. Mr Petty sang wonderfully, and "drove" the whole engine really good, I loved to see him interact with Steve Ferrone.

Some truly magic moments on You Wreck Me, Handle With Care and It's Good To Be King, they'll remain planted in my soul.

Thanks to everyone who made that possible, peace.

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hi everybody !
.... together with my son we drove from Varese to be in Lucca .... Thank you Tom !! ... Thank You to the Heartbreakers !! .... Fantastic Concert !!! .... definitely we keep it in our heart for long long time ... Please come back soon !!
ciao .....
maurizio & alessandro

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This gig was particularly great, they should always play Refugee. Anyway, I got the guitar pick of Tom & Scott. Great to be in the first row. Gonna record my 2nd album with 'em!

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Tom & HB I have no words to explain how great were my emotions friday night, It was a very long time I was waiting for you in Italy; you are my favorite songwriter ever and HB is one of the greatest r'n'r band in the planet. Thanks for writing and singing more than 30 years of great music and thank for your amazing show, If you come back to italy i'll be there.

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Great show in Lucca.Thank you so much.

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one week ago you were taking the stage for one of the most amazing performance I've seen ... thank you so much boys, great show!!!

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Thank you soooo much Tom Petty and The Hearbreakers!! You rocked our souls and left me some of the best concert memories ever!!! The Lucca concert is definitely unforgettable!!!
Just hope to see you sooner than in 25 years!!!
Thank you again!!

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A wonderful night!

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Wow...wish I'd been there to hear that!

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What a great night! Many Thanks to Tom and the rest of the band! Here you can find a playlist of some of the wonderful songs played in Lucca:

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Also Refugee has been performed before RDAD ... and the whole audience was singing loud!!

Here is the complete setlist:

Listen to Her Heart
You Wreck Me
I Won't Back Down
Here Comes My Girl
Handle with Care
Good Enough
Oh Well
Something Big
Don't Come Around Here No More
Free Fallin'
It's Good To Be King
Learning to Fly
Yer So Bad
I Shoulda Known It Refugee
Runnin' Down A Dream

Mary Jane
Two Men Talking
American Girl

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fabulous TOM and HB.!!!! yesterday in Lucca you gave us an unforgettably emotion...thank you for the amazing concert, the wonderful encore with the inedited piece...we have been waiting you for a long time but you have repaid our wait....
you must come back and rock all around Italy...a lot of people appreciate you and love your music..
see you soon.!!!!!

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june 29, here we are!!
Italy is waiting from such a long time ... so please boys, rock the plaza!

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see you soon in Italy...!!! we have bee waiting for a long time...WELCOME...!!!!

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The map above is not correct.
The show is in Lucca!

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Tom please play The Waiting in Lucca !


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Bought the travel package to enjoy on our honeymoon trip to Europe. Our wedding ceremony included Built to Last and Keepin' Me Alive. Our first dance was to Angel Dream. Can't wait for this show!

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"Don't come around here no more". Tom played it in Stockholm! We wan't it in LUCCA ! Pleaseeeeeeeeee!
I'll be there with my wife!

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Hey Hey Hey!! We need "King's Highway" back in the setlist and "The Waiting" as a mandatory bonus track in Lucca !!! Been waiting 30 years to hear it and I'm not coming back home without it !!! (Anyway, whatever Tom wanna do is ok, but he could take it, come on !!)

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Tkcets are still available, here is the direct link:

Can't wait to be there!!

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Confused in Spain ... as per larrywilbury post below.


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Tickets are still available!!
See the Italian website
Here is the direct link:

Can't wait too be there!!

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Hi everybody!! Isuspect there's gonna be a hell of a lot of us spanish people in Lucca so get ready for a great FIESTA with the best of hosts, TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS!!! A dream of 35 years in the making since a first heard "American girl" as a child... See you all there!!!

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According to the Italian website tickets are sold out...does anyone know if this is true?

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Sorry Tom, can't make it to Lucca (yes jani it's in Lucca) this year, would have loved to be there to see you. Was in Italy last year to see your friend Bob Dylan, he too was great with Mark Knopfler.
If you ever consider touring Southern Europe, don't forget to consider Portugal. "Rock in Rio" in Lisbon, currently on at the moment - likes of Bruce Springstein, Bryan Adams and a few others. Besides this event (next time in 2014 Lisbon), we have some smaller venues ideal for you. Colisuem in Porto (North Portugal) would be excellent. The Portuguese are well into good music, even caught a busker merrily "Free Falling" the other day. Hope to see you some time. Keep up the good work! Martyn T. Jones

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Where the concert will be hold in Lucca or Spotorno?