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Los Angeles, CA 6/6


Jun 06 2013
Los Angeles, California
Henry Fonda Theatre

June 6, 2013

Fonda Theatre, Los Angeles, CA

On tours like these (and especially when playing intimate venues like the Beacon and Fonda), there are moments that happen every night that go undocumented but hopefully not unnoticed. One of those moments happened Thursday night.

Shortly after Tom and Mike arrived at the Fonda Thursday night, the whole band huddled in a backstage dressing room underneath the old Hollywood theatre to discuss the setlist.

Inside a narrow rectangular room lined with vanity mirrors, Tom looked over setlists from the previous nights as Scott and Mike looked on. Richard popped his head in to make sure everyone was ok. Ron changed shirts, handing one off to Queenie. Ferrone checked out a new snare drum. Benmont leaned up against a corner, watching silently. After a few minutes of conferring with the others, Tom handed the handwritten setlist to Richard, who disappeared to type it up and distribute it to the road crew.

Standing in the doorway of this tiny little dressing room, it might be easy to forget that the six musicians crammed in here putting together tonight's setlist are Rock 'n Roll Hall of Famers and hometown legends. And maybe that's the goal of this tour and these residencies: to get back to a time when Tom and the guys were free to play whatever songs they wanted to and do it in intimate rooms where an appreciative audience sweats just as hard as the band. 


Set List:

Rock & Roll Star
Love Is A Long Road
Don't Do Me Like That
When The Time Comes

Green Onions

Takin' My Time

Born In Chicago

Woman In Love

Have Love Will Travel

I'd Like To Love You Baby

Tweeter And The Monkey Man

Crawlin' Back To You

I Got A Woman



I Should Have Known It
Runnin' Down A Dream

E: You Wreck Me

Around And Around

American Girl

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Los Angeles
Henry Fonda Theatre