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Los Angeles, CA 6/3

Los Angeles, CA 6/3
Los Angeles, California
Henry Fonda Theatre
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June 3, 2013
Los Angeles
Henry Fonda Theatre
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heyyy-jude's picture

Driving from the San Francisco Bay Area to see the show on Monday! I have been to every Bay Area show since the Southern Accents Tour in 1985 (when I finally had a car and could go to shows!). Will be driving with my boyfriend, who was a DJ on KFOG in the 80's and 90's, "M. Dung" - the last DJ, who still does his show, but not for Joe, the CEO. We can't wait!!!!! Judy

phillipsfamily's picture

Very excited for the show!  Our family's favorite band and I got tickets for Mom's birthday!  No way I'll ever top this one. :)

bmergirl61's picture

6 days in LA ... only west coast show ... Tom, yer killin' me!!! Huge fans in Nor Cal & surrounding area's ... San Fran, Oakland, Reno, Lake Tahoe ... GRASS VALLEY, CA would love to see you ... xo

garyd52's picture

So make it a roadtrip.  There should be no reason not to go.  It takes less than 7 hours to get to Hollywood by car.  Or you can take a plane to Burbank and rent a car,  That is what I am doing.  Maybe Tom will grace us with a Bridge School appearance. 

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