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Los Angeles, CA 6/11


Jun 11 2013
Los Angeles, California
Henry Fonda Theatre

June 11, 2013

Fonda Theatre, Los Angeles, CA

Connor Enright stood in the alley way behind the Fonda Theatre Tuesday night, displaying no signs of nervousness despite the fact that the 12-year-old Arizona resident was a few minutes from meeting a hero.

The young man and his father, Jason, had driven to Los Angeles from Phoenix to attend the final night of the Heartbreakers' six-show Fonda residency and present Tom with a guitar they built together.

Stepping onto the tour bus, Connor smiled widely as Tom appeared and welcomed him onboard. After a few pictures, the father and son proudly presented Tom their gift - a beautiful guitar based on the Fender Telecaster design with the Heartbreakers logo burned into the wood.

Tom strummed the guitar, asking questions about the build and clearly impressed with Connor and Jason's work. After signing a few autographs, Tom asked Connor how he started playing the guitar.

"I started because I wanted to learn how to play your songs," Connor said. "Now I play with some friends."

"Keep it up," Tom said, putting his hand on Connor's shoulder. "You can always play the guitar, even when nothing seems to be going right. That's what I'd do when I was your age."

And play they did Tuesday night, with a fire inspired possibly by the previous night's events and by the simple fact that this was the last night at the Fonda. After "Listen to Her Heart," Tom stepped to the mike and acknowledged to the audience that Saturday's visit by the fire marshall was the focus of much of his discussions since the incident occurred.

"I'm not here to point fingers or place any blame, but I do know one thing for sure: it wasn't my fault," he said as the crowd roared in response. "And I promise you we won't be shut down tonight. And one more thing: if anyone who attended Saturday's show wants a refund, I will be make sure it happens if it has to come out of my pocket."

"Fooled Again" burned and flickered, Tom's howls matched only by Mike Campbell's searing leads. "The Best of Everything" shined, the 1985 Southern Accents deep track turning into a full-blown sing-a-long by the last chorus. But it was "Time To Move On," off Wildflowers, that seemed to sum it up best as Tom and the band wrapped up this string of hometown shows and head out on the road to finish the 2013 summer tour.

"Time to move on, time to get going
What lies ahead, I have no way of knowing
But under my feet, baby, grass is growing
It's time to move on, it's time to get going"

Deer Creek, we're coming! See you tonight and keep checking back for more!

Set List:

 Rock & Roll Star

Love Is A Long Road
Listen to Her Heart
Baby Please Don't Go
Fooled Again
The Best of Everything
Steppin' Stone
Woman In Love
Kings Highway
I'd Like To Love You Baby
Tweeter And The Monkey Man
Two Gunslingers
Time To Move On
Image of Me



I Should Have Known It


Running Down A Dream


You Wreck Me

American Girl

Check Out Photos From The Show Here!


Los Angeles
Henry Fonda Theatre


wonderboy99's picture

Holding out hope for ticket(s) tonight... If anybody loses their plus one, don't let someone take it away with their money and their cocaine. I would be eternally grateful if you would keep it in the Highway Companions Club and keep me in mind. I've hooked up other members for a Hollywood Bowl show in the past and I'm hoping karma pays me a visit. Enjoy the show tonight!


champagne_cheryl's picture

Looking for a pair of tickets to tonights closing show. please let me know asap. need to make arrangements. post comment and I will check and get in touch with you.

Forever grateful :-)

TPHB Super Fan!!!

angiomel's picture

Hello All,  My son wants to go with us to tonights Fonda show -- I need one ticket -- GA main floor

I will pay accordingly

9092135103  We will be in the area about 4pm

thanks Mel C

randyb's picture

Looking forward to tonight's closing show at the Fonda!!! Driving in from Rancho Mirage where my wife and I watched Air Force One touch down this weekend. Would've liked to play golf with the President but alas I'm not a VIP. But I have VIP tix for tonight's Petty show!
I'll never forget going to Tempo Records on Reseda and buying Damn the Torpedos
(then stopping by the headshop on the way home).

talljon's picture

Also looking for tickets for tomorrow's show - happy to cover all of your costs 

irideboards2k3's picture

Anyone have tickets for the Tuesday, June 11th show?

rjsmile24's picture

If you can meet me at the venue any time during the point where tickets are released, I'd be happy to pay for your tickets. My wife and I are going Tuesday but I can always use another show!

kelman's picture

it would seem there must be some tom petty fans who could use my tickets

i don't think i can go saturday


it is sold out and normally i would give them to a friend but it says it has to be used by the purchaser


i understand that also but when an emergency comes up and all i want to do is turn them back in for cost it seems you could make a club member very happy

ticketmaster said the pre sale is too bad and no turning back tickets


essetially too bad


but saturdays i bought at the public on sale


please advise



hate to see them go to waste which is where they would end up

bettina62's picture

Do you still have the ticktets ? I think the show for the 11th is sold out! I want to go so bad! let me know ! Sorry you can't  go, though.... 

tomkolenic's picture

I would love to pay for your tickets for what you bought them for on a fair refund repurchase agreeement.  Maybe somebody in the Petty camp will see this and help us both out.  I'm a long time fan who would love the opportunity to see the show you can't make.  I feel very sorry for your misfortune.  I actually proposed to my wife at a private AIDS benefit party Tom and the boys played at St. Regis Dana Point.  Best night of my life.  my wife and I have seen him play many times since. 

debsblue's picture

any ideas as to when we can get in?

cathee's picture

The shows getting close.