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Darien Center, NY

Darien Center, NY
Darien Center, NY
Darien Lake Performing Arts Center
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September 7, 2014
Darien Center
Darien Lake Performing Arts Center
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fserra's picture

Saw the boys in Toronto, and we are still pumped.  What an amazing show, from Steve W to the 4 song encore.  Can't wait to see them at Dairen Lake!!!  ROCK AND ROLL IS STILL ALIVE!!!

Bummer were only section 200 this time, wish we could do first row again....what an experience

josh10376's picture

I have been member for a while. It ran out May 20th...just renewed now. Looking for my code to buy Darien Center Tickets. LMK ASAP

mmoranepm's picture

coolDoes anyone know about presale codes and where to find them. It says May 22 or 23 for instructions. Has anyone received the e-mail with instructions?

suanriha's picture

I need help as a legacy member.  Not getting in.  Can you help?  Thanks, S in Chicago

Highway Companions's picture

Hello! i recieved your message on the forum so i private messaged you there. 

manny_lazaro's picture

Hi...I was able to get 2 tix in Section 101, Row 11...when I went to check out through Live Nation, I got a message saying that was access was "Forbidden"  Very frustrating....ugh

joebanach's picture

Joe banach