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2014 - 10.10 Los Angeles, CA

2014 - 10.10 Los Angeles, CA
Los Angeles, CA
The Forum
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October 10, 2014
Los Angeles
The Forum
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ktgriffin's picture

Hey! I'm a member! Why the heck didn't I get the presale info?!

marath64's picture

Umm, when i go to purchase pre-sale tix, why is Ticketmaster making me pay an additional $50 for a Petty Fan Club membership when i've already joined? It doesn't allow me the option of removing that additional $50 charge on my order. 

huerox13x's picture

Somebody goofed big time on the Presale code for LA. It was to be in my email last Friday but NOOOO!!!

Highway Companions's picture

messged you! 

obiewan's picture

WTF is the presale code for LA ??? They never sent it out!

little's picture

Got my presale code via e-mail, but the tics don't go on sale in SD until Tues.


laurainthemarina's picture

presale codes where sent.  But cant find the price of premium package seats.


drgeff's picture

Hi there it says that presale codes will go out today for LA... I have not recieved one yet but am watching closly any idea when they will go out????? thanks

gruffgordon's picture

The Ticketmaster site says on-sale is May 31, 2014.  Nothing about pre-sales for Highway Companion members, like the Honda Center show website.  Hopefully, this will get corrected by Tuesday morning.

gruffgordon's picture

Okay, the Ticketmaster site now lists the pre-sale info.  Now, where are the codes?

kittykatz's picture

I'll be there.  Front row or nose bleeds, makes no difference on my showing up:)

drgeff's picture

WTF I was on Stubhub also there are a ton of great tickets for sale for the LA show and very spendy at that.


TooTallProductions's picture

So how come these are already on sale?  What happened to the presale next week if they are already released??? What the???

americangirl1900's picture

I'll give you $1,000 cash and buy your tickets if you can show me they're already on sale.

angiomel's picture

pay -up

go to and there are already 222 tickets for sale -- including 8 pairs in the front center section Floor C from $575 to $1,765.00

kiltan's picture

Here's a hint... stubhub.

bigfan's picture

Has anyone gotten their pre-sale "codes" for tour tickets?  

americangirl1900's picture

You'll be emailed a link closer to the sale time.

Somozaa's picture

What is the ticket purchase limit for pre sale members?

seamammal's picture

Last time I saw tom petty at the Forum it was a poor venue run by a mega church but it was really a memorable night. Tom and the band were awesome. We were about 10 rows back on the floor. When I was out getting some drinks a very stoned David Spade droped into my seat and said to my wife "Just let me sit here for a minute'.

We saw the opening night of the Eagles and the new Forum and then Sting and Paul simon. The Forum is now an awesome venue, the sound is incredible. They have lined the roof with acoustic tiles. I can't wait to hear Tom play there.

corymarcus's picture

Hey everybody! Just joined. Thrilled to be doing this. buy the presale tix through this website or through the venue?

Keep rockin'!

kimpetty's picture

So excited for this show!  It will be our first night out after having a new baby!!!!  When does the presale code get sent out?

Rodromex's picture

Have always loved TP&THB but never got the change to see them, as they didn't tour (that I know of) in Mexico, or at least not when I lived there. I am looking forward to see them in LA for the first time ever.

h2obetty's picture

My first TP concert was at the Forum in 1979!  How awesome to see hiim and the Heartbreakers back there!

drgeff's picture

Very Excited!!!! the forum is a world class facility now that they upgraded it and what a happy birthday for you peter, hope to see you in the front row!

peterdervin's picture

It's my Birthday weekend, so I think I should fly into L.A. and catch the show at the remodled Forum.