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Fonda 3.75 #tpathtour2013 #hollywood #fonda #firemarshallshow #sorryy'all


kbaykal's picture

Would seem appropriate to have all attendess/fan members for this show have a first shot at next tour-their choice of location once tour is established. I will post this on suggestions in hopes...

dmatich's picture

I have a feeling that a slightly snarky "sorry y'all" isn't going to make a lot of people who came a long way feel much better.

cobainsbrain's picture

Are those Burn Marks on the setlist.  Classic and funny.  Considering the situation of the show.

maryscrazyfortom's picture

2000 miles, lots of money, was here for a big wknd. What happened? Did the security let extras in? So sad. Came all this way. So sad indeed.

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