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2013 - 06.18, London, ONT
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London, ON, Canada 6/18


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This is my grandson and his wonderful friend in the picture with him introduced him to Tom Petty. He Loves You Tom. He has been playing guitar for two years going into his third in Sept. His favourite thing in his whole life is his guitars. Plays all the time. Came home the night he saw you at midnight and kept playing. lol  You made his night. He will never forget that night. We are so proud of you buddy and thankful to his friend for introducing him as well as all he does for him. Rock on Boys. 


bossmanran's picture

hi that   little boy plays tom petty from 5.30 am to  8  pm  every day and just loves the songs  he great band

cindyb's picture

I seen this little guy..rock on little man!  Free Fallin'


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