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Watch Eddie Vedder perform "Room At The Top" at the Oscars

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on March 5, 2018

Click below to see Eddie Vedder perform "Room At The Top" at the 90th Annual #Oscars.



Click here to read Rolling Stone's writeup on the performance:



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Such a moving tribute to a humble legend BY a humble legend. I can hear Tom's voice in the background singing the harmony. If only this were the case... Could you imagine?'s picture

Thanks to Eddie Vedder for such a moving tribute. It was very emotional. I hope Tom’s family and all his band mates are doing as well as they can under this tragic loss.
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Eddie’s cover of ‘Room at the Top’ was perfect- for all of us Tom Petty fans who are still in a lot of pain over his sudden death, this was the performance and personal tribute we needed. TP&HB & Pearl Jam are my two fav bands. I am the PJ fan I am because of them being invited to open up for Tom/Heartbreakers at Summerfest 2006 Milwaukee. Night 2 was my first ever PJ show and I was immediately sold on PJ even with a shortened setlist. Then Eddie coming out to perform on ‘The Waiting’ & ‘American Girl’ was the insurance policy that Ed was good in my book. It said a lot about their relationship. PJ played Milwaukee Oct 20 2014- the same night say Tom’s bday and getting to see Eddie sing Happy Birthday to Tom and having the entire crowd sing along in a birthday video message put a lump in my throat- my 2 favorite singers communicating with their crowds & connecting. The Eddie followed that up with an acoustic version of I Won’t Back Down. It really drove home how much Eddie loves Tom and I think it’s fair to say the feeling was mutual. I can only imagine how bad Eddie’s been impacted by Tom’s passing. Thank you to the Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Family for continuing to do what you’re doing to keep things going. I hope we somehow see a day when Tom and the Heartbreakers are honored by their contemporaries & those that looked up to them ala The Concert for George. I’m dreaming out loud here but it would be amazing to see the likes of Dylan, Vedder/ Pearl Jam, Kings of Leon, Clapton, Gary Clark Jr., Stevie Nicks/ Fleetwood Mac, Jeff Lynn/ ELO come together to sing their praises to the best Rock & Roll band in the world.