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Watch Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers On SNL

  • May 15, 2010
    Watch Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers On SNL

    The guys played "I Should Have Known It" and "Jefferson Jericho Blues" from their new album Mojo on the season finale of Saturday Night Live last night.
    Check out the performances here!

    I Should Have Known It

    Jefferson Jericho Blues

    The Heartbreakers
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webcrew's picture
on May 15, 2010

The guys played "I Should Have Known It" and "Jefferson Jericho Blues" from their new album Mojo on the season finale of Saturday Night Live last night.
Check out the performances here!

I Should Have Known It

Jefferson Jericho Blues

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henrytr's picture

love them both. The end of "i should have known it" is very jammy, and i love the guitar solo on Jefferson Jericho blues.
actionreactionman's picture

Please don't play 5 Mojo tunes in a row!! Will sure kill the party!!
dianakemp's picture

LOVE the new music and CAN'T WAIT to see the tour!! Thanks, guys.
gbishop's picture

Great to see TP and the band playing new music. Will be like heartbreak heaven when they come to your town. Get tickets, will be worth it.
sherib's picture

It is so great to see you all out and about. Thanks for coming out ! Loved the show ! Love the new music !
tompetty1's picture

OMG!!! your awesome on SNL!!! you made my birthday on saturday the best when my mum told me that she got tickets for me and my friend on august 21st jsut to see u in concert!!! im hoping that you would play zombie zoo that is my friend and i's favortie song by you. We Heart Tom!!!
babuzz's picture

My sister thinks Ron Blair the bass player looks like snape from Harry Potter.......
gretchenelise's picture

I stayed up but now I can see what I the twin guitar playing on jericho. Is it May 15th yet?
psychedelia's picture

Amazing blues rock...thanks for a great performance. It was worth the wait. Can't wait to see you LIVE in Toronto.
kristenlouise's picture

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers rocked the stage on SNL! You boys never seem to age and the music still ROCKS after all these guys just keep getting better! Can't wait for MOJO and to see you all on Aug. 19th! Love you guys with all my heart!
amartindale's picture

It was so good to see you on SNL! My whole family stayed up to see you perform. Thanks for such GREAT music!
babuzz's picture

that was the best snl performance ever! they were so good! i promise, i didn't fall asleep during it! my parent did though
dwinchester's picture

I enjoyed the performance on SNL! It was great! I look forward to seeing you in Charlotte on Sept. 19. I play the guitar and sing and am a great fan of your songs.
irishwings830's picture

I stayed up to catch SNL for the first time in maybe a decade, all be cause of TPATH! Awesome job, gentlemen! Can't wait for the concert (tho grossly disappointed still you had to reschedule part of the tour - that's costing me a pretty penny!) Anyway, the music was great. Took me two takes to appreciate Jefferson Jerico Blues, the others grabbed me on first take! My 11yr old digs you guys - but I'm glad he couldn't stay awake for SNL. That show is becoming increasingly pathetic. It was worth the lost sleep, but I could have missed the show and caught your performance here! Have a great tour!
gaylene's picture

Now I am even more excited about the tour! Tom and his band were absolutely excellent, like usual, but I swear even better than ever!! Tom's voice has the passion and power it takes to deliver his messages and the band is absolutely perfect in backup. All are looking good as well! God Bless You on your journeys this tour!!
pcpettyhead's picture

Wow, this tour never ceases to amaze me. I remember when Tom Petty wouldn't sell out for nothing, but now it's as deep as it gets. Make me watch a commercial for VISA and CANNON b/4 I watch the video. I saw Tom in 2002 and he said: "We're not here to sell you any Budweisers or Cadillacs. We're brought to you by you." I guess things have changed and not in a good way. Tom, you need to get out from under these A-holes and be yourself again! By the way, Mike absolutely rocked it with that Zeppelin-like riff on I Should Have Known It, but the Jefferson Jericho Blues sounds EXACTLY like Black Leather Woman.
campfan's picture

I never watch SNL....BUT DID BECAUSE OF Tom and the Heartbreakers.... Mike played like a superstar guitarist....which he that beautifull vintage Les PAUL..Gibson.. Guitarist and Guitar rocked.... Love ya'all
charlie1214's picture

So glad I stayed up to watch it! Great show, phenomenal guitar - Go Mike! Can't wait to see them on the tour this summer!
Anonymous's picture

Thank you Tom for sharing your SNL show with us! As Always you ROCK! My you get better with age! Lookin Mighty Fine! ;) I'm just So Petty