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Watch The Band Take The Stage at Jazz Fest

  • May 14, 2012
    Watch The Band Take The Stage at Jazz Fest

    Live From New Orleans - April 28, 2012.


    2012 Tour
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on May 14, 2012

Live From New Orleans - April 28, 2012.


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vaia27's picture

Pleeeeeeeeeeeease come back to Oz Land ! Last time you were here was with Bob Dylan in 1986 ! Love from an Australian Girl !!! xxx
sirdave's picture

Guys- Australia is gagging for some TP action! It's been 26 years by my calculation! Far too long!
ruthsnow's picture

Can't wait to see you at The Albert Hall guys. Have a fab tour. Love you. Namaste xx
Anonymous's picture

Please guys, come to Brazil!!!!
dianna's picture

I wondered what they were doing back there....hehehe!
RocKola66's picture

MAN- it was really a special show! So much love in the air for the music. But that crowd was hell to get through! Please come back soon and play a spot where everyone can have room enough to relax and enjoy the noise. Its pretty clear you are a major draw in The Big Easy.
shelter's picture

the waiting! oh, the waiting...!
kchawkins's picture

I'd love to see more from NOLA or any of the concerts! I was at Austin and it was amazing! Love you guys!!!
lucky52's picture

Calm, cool and collected, very nice inside look at the band. Thanks
mogball's picture

This gives a real flavour of what it feels like before a show. Slightly scary, even when you've done it as often as Tom and the boys. We're all on your side out here though! And will be when you walk on stage at the Isle of Wight next month.
ohmybabydoll's picture

You guys look so cool in your shades! You guys truly are rock stars! What a treat to see the behind the scenes entrance. Thanks for sharing with us. Now, let's see/hear the whole show just for the HCC members. Please.
Anonymous's picture

I love that these little tidbits are being shared here. Thanks!
rick56's picture

OK c'mon now guys The show was recorded, obviously - so how about putting it up here for us paying HCC members That would be a welcome treat and a great memento
sunshine1's picture

I was there!!! It was amazing!! TPATH ROXX!!! Front row too!!!
kristenlouise's picture

There's just nobody cooler than you guys!! You even walk cool : )
Lovemesomeron65's picture

Gave a lil taste of what it would be like to be back stage with you. Thanks
campfan's picture

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