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Video Message to the Fans from Tom Petty

  • May 9, 2012
    Video Message to the Fans from Tom Petty

    From the final US date in Austin, Tom gives a shout out to the fans!


    2012 Tour
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on May 9, 2012

From the final US date in Austin, Tom gives a shout out to the fans!


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walls's picture

I LIKE what i just heard....will be waiting patiently for a mid to late summer show!!!!!...:-)
manuel1978's picture

I'ma 33 year old Italian but I live in Paris. I will be under the stage June 29 in Lucca! Tickets in Paris had already finished, so returning to my country and I hope to attend a wonderful show. Look for this moment for 33 years! If I started playing the guitar and I put on a band is a lot for your merit. Thanks guys!
Anonymous's picture

Missing you at Summerfest this summer how about Milwaukee? Love the jacket!
Lovemesomeron65's picture

The video message made my day! I am in hopes you do come back around so I can catch a show! Thanks for touring and all you do for your fans!
jmk7061's picture

TOM PETTY, TORONTO LOVES YOU!!! Please add Toronto to the tour at some point or when you come back from Europe. That would be amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jbaker's picture

can i have a job i will work for free....
mogball's picture

This is a wonderful message and makes us all the more excited about the prospect of seeing you all at the end of June. (Isle of Wight for me!) We hope to give you an amazing welcome because we think the world of you.
dianna's picture

anytime! does this mean I can stop crying now??? i think i just swallowed my gum!
tristaleeann's picture

Love this!!! I am still holding out for Ohio!! Come on back to Cleveland!
Exo's picture

...and we'll take your bet Tom on the gigs!