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Video Message to the Fans from Tom Petty

  • May 9, 2012
    Video Message to the Fans from Tom Petty

    From the final US date in Austin, Tom gives a shout out to the fans!


    2012 Tour
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on May 9, 2012

From the final US date in Austin, Tom gives a shout out to the fans!


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We are playing all the great albums day by day now and get our old Tom Petty T-Shirts out to be ready when you and the boys are coming over. The waiting is the hardest part, soon we're gonna smell the wildflowers, then the sky is the limit!
rick56's picture

well Tom we've waited and waited and waited and it was the hardest part. Now it's almost over and time for you and the band to deliver at the RAH in June which I am sure you will bring it on and welcome back to the UK when you get here
jeffereed's picture

I do hope you'll play a double night at The Gorge. If you do I plan on buying both nights. I live in Oregon but it's well worth the eight hour drive to rock out with one of the greatest bands of all time. Love you guys. I've seen you twice at The Gorge in Quency WA. but I'd gladiy see you again wouldn't miss it.
oak3x's picture

Great Show Tom... Jumped on a plane in Philadelphia and flew down to Orlando to see Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. As always...another awesome show. Hope you come up to Philly at some point later in the year! Great travels in Europe. Keep Rockin Dave
marcela's picture

Hope you and THB come to Buenos Aires, Argentina, we love you and a lot of fans are waititng you!!
jpflum's picture

Can't wait to see you guys in Dublin. How about topping the summer off by coming to the Boston area (I.e. Comcast center). Please...
tphbfan's picture

thank you so much for the video ! i hope you are eluding to some east coast dates. ... please !!. philly(wells faro center ) would make my summer. it has been 2 long ( too long ) years since we have seen you last. i absolutely love the set list this tour and it would be a dream come true to see you all again. i am one of your biggest fans in PA and my husband is too, so please, please make a stop for us. you guys are THE BEST !!!!!!!
amartindale's picture

Thanks for the greeting Tom, Austin show was a blast!! You guys keep getting better! I better pad the Petty fund if you are coming back through!
jptoombs's picture

How about Des Moines - Wells Fargo Arena?
jdudley's picture

This message put a big smile in my heart. As long time fans that have seen you countless times, my wife and I would like to thank you for all you do to share your music with the fans. Cant wait to see you again upon your return to the states!
murray1960's picture

Cannot wait for your first London show of this tour at the Royal Albert Hall. Your last London gig at the Shepherds Bush Empire in 1999 still burns bright in my memory as does your first London gig supporting Nils Lofgren at the Hammersmith Odeon in 1977! And a few others in between including the Whisky in LA in '79. Another song or two from the first album would be a big crowd pleaser in England. Looking forward to Paris and Le Grand Rex.How's your French guys?! See you on the road.......................
amytodd's picture

Loved the video! Please come to Charlotte or Raleigh (or both)!! I'll be there!!
tamini's picture

I'm still holding out hope for later this summer! yea Baby!
bahobabe's picture

I just promised a friend that she was going with me if the band made in to Cleveland/Buffalo/Pittsburgh. Told her that would be in a year or two. Looks like it might be sooner!!!! Woo-Hoo!!!
dianna's picture

how many times am I going to watch this???
tompettylover's picture

Tom it is obvious that you are a having a great time, just as we the fans are. I really hope you add some more shows to the US, have already started by Tom Petty funds in hopes that more will be added. You guys have such a great show and 3 just is not enough! I feel another fix coming on! Have fun in Europe and remember the fans back here waiting for another additon! You guys be careful and godspeed getting you bac! Love tiy you all!
babydoll's picture

which states do you speak of, west coast states?
sprkmanjam's picture

I just wanted to said thank you for Rocking the Little Rock hope to see you guys again, sprkmanjam
ec27_kat's picture

Come to Cleveland!!
hummingbird_girl's picture

Thanks to you all, not to us! Maybe, something goods coming, back in the states, but whatever the case may be, thanks for ya'll, just bein' you! Just got back to Michigan from Estero, think a bit of that drawl rubbed off on me or maybe I swallowed my gum too! Thanks guys!
tpric's picture

No, Thank YOU!!! We were at the Albuquerque show and we loved it. The music, the set/light show, the entire band was wonderful. 3rd time seeing you guys and this was the best. Love you all.
trishia-4's picture

Had such a wonderful time following the band around! Four concerts, 4 cities in 3 states! Everyday either at a concert or on a plane dragging our 50 lb luggage around. You are most welcome Tom and the band! So much fun! Coming back to the states, I jumped up with glee!
kristenlouise's picture

Tom thanks so much for the video to us fans!! We LOVE LOVE LOVE you guys!! My son and I were so fortunate to get to see you in Orlando but there are a lot of my fellow Pettyheads here in Rhode Island and Massachusetts that are sad you're not making it up our way.....hope you'll consider us....on the MOJO Tour you said how you love Boston because were big on TPATH right from the very beginning....Safe Travels to you all...enjoy Europe!! XOXO
square1dreamer's picture

Thank you soooo much for an awesome show in Orlando! I took a hold of my fear of flying, flew the 1200 miles and went to my first Tom Petty concert (first concert too!!). It was beyond amazing! I cannot wait for you to come back to the states!! Wishing for the Northeast!! :) Seeing TPHB live made me love the music (and them!!) even more!!
branka's picture

More to our ears!!! Would love to see you Tom in Vancouver!!! Loved the Austin show!!!
Iwazzabadboy's picture

Minneapolis/St.Paul !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
larrywilbury's picture

can't wait June 29... I will be there too!!
karolwall's picture

We are so excited that you are coming to Europe - have loved your music since I was first introduced to you whilst living in Seattle in 1979. Although we live in England we have bought tickets to see you in Dublin. We are so excited to see you :) If there is any chance of saying hello I would be the happiest girl in the world. Thanks so much - see you in June!!
merv57's picture

We were in Austin-had front row center seats!! You guys were AMAZING!! A night we will never forget! But please come to CLEVELAND!!
Anonymous's picture

Thanks for your special message of thanks Tom. While you do have amazing and great fans, we only reflect back your own greatness ~ you just gotta be something special when as many people adore you like we do! I found you when I was stationed outside of Mannheim Germany in '81 and have been a fan since, my kids, and now even my grandkids!!! I am so pleased those folk who've been waiting so long will finally get to see you guys live and in person again. Personally, I'm hoping there was a hint of more shows upon your return 'cuz I was waaaaaay too far back in New Orleans.