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"On The Road" With the Heartbreakers' Road Crew (Video)

  • August 11, 2010
    "On The Road" With the Heartbreakers' Road Crew (Video)

    Check out this behind the scenes look at The Heartbreakers- tour production recorded before the June 5 show in Oakland, CA, courtesy of CBS Radio's On The!

    Tom Petty
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on August 11, 2010

Check out this behind the scenes look at The Heartbreakers- tour production recorded before the June 5 show in Oakland, CA, courtesy of CBS Radio's On The!

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irishwings830's picture

Love these behind the scene videos. I just got home from the Hartford Concert - awesome show. I saw Jim Lenahan standing there when we were walking out, I wish I had stopped to thank him. Enjoyed the set design. We had a GREAT time tonight.
cherstefano's picture

I was at the show in the Gorge the first night wish I would have got tickets for both shows..LOL I really enjoyed this video story thanx for sharing all the road crew info. Been following the tour on this trip out and enjoy reading recaps on here. Will definitely go out and see them again if they do another go around. Although the Gorge has been where I saw them the last two tours and I will say tho we had VIP parking (loved that) and box seats at 300 dollars a ticket because it was my birthday gift..The priviledges we were spose to have (but denied) and the treatment by the event staff at the Gorge left a lot to be desired. TPATH were fantastic but even in our box seats ( a first for me and probably affordably the last) the traffic walking by in front of us throughout the entire concert was very disturbing..We felt like we were sitting on the trail to the sanicans..But we did not let that ruin our concert. I am of the older crowd in their fifties and early sixties but still love to rock with the rest of them..and thought that getting a special package this time would be easier than being in the crowd so I could enjoy the boys..AND we did except for the event staff and the traffic flo we had the best of times.
ouijarepair's picture

That was a fascinating clip, I thought. We were at the Atlanta show and watched the crew set up after CSN. Very impressive, one step shy of a S.W.A.T team. The sound was perfect, so I guess that virtual soundcheck really works. Very cool that the band keeps a kind of family running the show, and I have to agree with the opinion that they're the best rock band America has ever produced, and they're playing some of the best, most enduring songs ever to reach a mass audience. The Mojo stuff was fantastic live, I thought. Thanks to all you guys who put together such memorable shows night after night. Nice to gig to have!
heatherjewell's picture

I agree - Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers is a total treat to experience live, not only because of the songs and everyone's love of the songs, but the wonderful professionalism of the whole presentation - the best sound, the best visuals, perfect structures of the set lists, exciting and inspiring momentum, all framing a band that plays a live show that stands alone as the best in its genre. Thank you, guys, for making our lives richer and more fun, and thank you for keeping at it for so many years - here's hoping to many, many more years of your greatness! You're getting better all the time! :) xox
The Petty Archives's picture

This is really really cool. I really LOVE this kind of stuff.
dhorgan's picture

Your fans just love you and so do I. See you in MA!
petty_aholic's picture

Nice to see! 10 days until Boston!!
Anonymous's picture

It's so great to watch this Video, the reality sets in ... only 10 more sleeps and Tom & the Heartbreakers & I will be in Boston.