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Hear Hypnotic Eye Now On Amazon

  • July 23, 2014
    Hear Hypnotic Eye Now On Amazon

    Hypnotic Eye is now streaming in its entirety via, before its release day next week!

    Click here to listen:

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on July 23, 2014

Hypnotic Eye is now streaming in its entirety via, before its release day next week!

Click here to listen:

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rachaelalexandra666's picture

<p>Hey, I just got WPB tixs w/ a code to redeem??!!</p><p>what is it for? How do I redeem?</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p>
amartindale's picture

<p>wow, this is some magnificent music guys! The lyrics are so deep and moving, the guitar parts are so amazing and those bass lines....just wow! &nbsp;Thank you so much for being so awesome.</p>
JesherSpelling's picture

<p>Dear Mr. Petty, Since you publicly came out for Obama, and stated you dislike conservatives and Republicans, I can no longer support or buy your music. &nbsp;Ever. &nbsp;A fan of over 25 years, I was very sad to hear how you “got chills” when your song “I won't back down” played for Obama, then hated on Michelle Bachman over her using American Girl. &nbsp;So rude, so unnecessary. &nbsp;I just wanted to be a fan, YOU made it political. &nbsp;YOU Mr. Petty alienated HALF your audidence with your ridiculous boot licking for some corrupt politician from Chicago who'd you never heard of 8 years ago. &nbsp;I will never give you another red cent for the way you treat your CONSERVATIVE fans - it was truly a HEARTBREAKER to learn your distain for us, so why do you need MY MONEY. &nbsp;You don't. &nbsp;When you look out to empty seats on tour, know you LOST your fans because you're a DEMOCRAT first and a PROFESSIONAL second. In the day, your band proudly flew the Confederate flag high and mighty on Pack up the Plantation tour. &nbsp;What would your high-brow leftists elite friends say about that!?&nbsp;</p>
tawhite84's picture

<p>You got one thing correct...the seats will be empty because he won't be sitting in them...we will be cheering loud, standing, and having a great time. As Neil Young said, "keep on rocking in the FREE world" peace!</p>
shep84's picture

<p>Empty seats. LOL . Ill be sitting in your seats and rocking my ass off.</p>
Los_Dodgers's picture

good riddance, sir
steve_65us's picture

<p><br type="_moz">Last i remember, this is a free country. Anyone can say and believe anything they want. If Mr Petty wants to shout from the rooftop his liberal leanings, he is entitled to do so, musician or not. I support his music and i support him as a human being. Your bullshit comments is the type of thing that is dragging America down. Live and let live.</p>