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Don't Pull Me Over - New Video Now Playing

  • December 15, 2010
    Don't Pull Me Over - New Video Now Playing

    Check out this new video of 'Don't Pull Me Over' from Mojo. The video was  directed by Adria Petty.  Read more about what Adria has to say about his video here.

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on December 15, 2010

Check out this new video of 'Don't Pull Me Over' from Mojo. The video was  directed by Adria Petty.  Read more about what Adria has to say about his video here.

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bdwyer's picture

Great Video Would love to see this song and the Trip to Pirate's Cove played on this tour.
dave2k's picture

The Best Album ever made,nuff said!
cherstefano's picture

Great Video..Adria
fulpski's picture

Bravo Adria!
scarface5577's picture

Just months after i get pulled over for the same thing, haha i love it
cherstefano's picture

What an interesting fun video...Great job Adria you are definitely one gifted gal.
crissytharp's picture

How great!!! What aa awesome video!!
piaseckimusic's picture

first 25 sec are great
rmeier's picture

Enjoyed the definitely showed and demonstrated the creativity. Entertaining...BTW there so such thing as a bad video/or music when TPH plays. Nice job.
Anonymous's picture

Can't stop smiling ~ such a treat! Beautiful job Adria & Friends, bravo!
dcoats123's picture

A great song with a fun video. I especially loved Mike's solo from Space!
gitrpikr's picture

This video is so much fun. Love the humor and the collagey, painterly look of it. Would love to see this in in a format (How about maybe included on a bonus DVD with a box set, someday?). Adria is SUPER talented.
ripstr50's picture

Liked it....odd, but different than everything else so that gets the originality 'A+".
melliemel1972's picture

realize and legalize...peace
lisi's picture

I like this video too much, you did a great job Adria, it´s great to see how talented you´re! like your father!
rockitall's picture

I love the new MOJO album!!! I love this song!!! And this is "One Awesome Video".
pcpettyhead's picture

Thank you for that Ms. Petty!! Could you maybe please oversee a project for a new Playback DVD? We're due!!
kaitlyn_badge's picture

Will you guys make a Music Video with the song "Let Yourself Go?"
gilliand's picture

Adria, Your video is superb. Wasn't a fan of the song until I saw your video. Talent is genetic. Great job!
gilliand's picture

Congratulations, Adria. Fabulous video. I didn't like the song on the Mojo Album but you've made it come alive! Great job!
dm4taylor's picture

Great job Adria. Please do one for Pirate's Cove. Happy New Year to the best band in the world and their familes. Dave in Colorado
Instrumentation501's picture

Adria is an artist in her own right. I loved the collage feel of some of the scenes. I found some of the images to be a very different interpretation of the lyrics from the images that were in my mind as I listened to this piece. Adria used a vintage Rolls suggesting an "upper echelon" drug dealer. I was interpreting the lyrics to mean a real-down-and-out kind of guy who resorted to selling marijuana to feed his kids because he couldn't find any other way to make a living. But isn't that what artistic expression is all about? Able to be interpreted and enjoyed from many perspectives. Nice job, Adria. Stella and John from Canfield, OH
ouijarepair's picture

The mind boggles at the time and devotion that must have gone into it.
pseudonym's picture

This was one of my favorite tracks on the album by far and the video really did it justice. Well done, man.
admin's picture

Love the animation.
campfan's picture

I love it!!
tplover2's picture

Thank you, Adria, for this work of art! I miss music videos and I wish they would come back into vogue. This one is so interesting because every time I look at it I see something different. Good job!
babuzz's picture

That was cool. Something different, nice.
amartindale's picture

Great animation! Thanks for making it Adria. I enjoyed that very much:)
hbchick_2's picture

Brings me so far back I don't want to come home!! What an excellent video.