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Stephan Fuchs
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I'm a creative professional who works in film and TV, corporate and commercial video, and multimedia as well as fine arts. I strive to do more work that has a complete transmedia convergence and can be absorbed by the masses. I think that Trent Reznor and the NIN model of self distribution is the way to go and that the content that can be created this way is truly the most innovative. I would love to do that for the wonderful team at Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers.
I love all sorts of things.
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too many to name but of course Tom Petty and the Heart Breakers are up there.
Favorite Concert You've Been To: 
In 1990 I moved to Calgary AB. That same day I went to a guitar shop and hung out waiting for my girl friend to get off work. I had my suitcase with me. There was a young guy around my age looking at cheap fender knock offs and playing them one after the other. He bought 3. I knew that was weird sign. That night I went to see some bands at a bar my buddy worked at. I had heard the headliners demo earlier in the day in his beat up Subaru. The opener was a favourite of mine (the reason I even wanted to go) a band called Furnace Face from Winnipeg Alberta. They used video projection and short films throughout their modest bar gig and it was the first time I ever saw that the way they did it. They set the tone, but what followed was to be a religous experience. The air was electric, and a guy turned to me and asked if I had seen the band coming before. They had played in Vancouver a few times and he obviously had followed them here. When the headline band came out, they just waved to the crowd and started playing. HARD. This band was the most intense thing I had ever seen and I had seen a lot by this time. Not punk, not rock, not "grunge", they banged out tune after tune and the crowd just went into a frenzy. Eventually, even the most die hard crazy stopped to watch what was unmatched insanity on stage. The band trashed the stage, the screens, the gear, and eventually the instruments. I noticed the dude was the guy from the store earlier and he had one of those cheap guitars he bought. To close the show the drummer tackled this singer, as the bass layer stood by and laughed watching. Kicking who ever rolled closest to where he stood. Sounds continued to explode from the guitars and the two even punched the other and rolled around fighting for real. David Grohl and Kurt Cobain actually bled. For shits and giggle no less. The last few minutes was so nuts the bar owner thought a riot was going to break out. They waddled off stage as their amps hummed and the last cracker notes from that broken guitar lingered in the air. Painfully. "Welcome to a Nirvana gig man", said the dude who I saw earlier as I lit a smoke at the bar and turned to my buddies girlfriend laughing. I knew when I left the bar that night I would never see that again. That was my favourite show of all time. EPIC. It influenced me. You asked. Cheers,
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