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Hey Mike- this is JFish (Indianapolis) and been reading your posts (I think for multiple years). I'm big fan and heading out to LA on Wed night with my wife for the 6/6 and 6/8 shows. Anyway, would it be possible to get a copy of the Beacon soundboard recording you reference in the recent post (reference to Fonda 6/3 setlist)? I'm happy to pay any expenses, discs, mailing costs etc. I sure appreciate it. Jim Fissinger 317-517-6356 Thanks in advance Mike and see you at a show one day. jim

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Hey Mike- I see that you are going to be at the Sat show in Indy.  Would enjoy meeting you- also could pass along a few boots if you don't have them ('03 Vic and '97 Filmore).  Would appreciate if I could get a copy of the NY Beacon recording you have.  Happy to cover the costs.  Thanks in advance.  jim

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HI jfish--man your offer is tremendous, but I did not get the boot yet. I think maybe I can find it, but my computer at work would not let me download it, so I'm hoping to do it from home shortly and will gladly share with you!

Are you going to drop by the meetup at Mo's? If not, maybe we can hook up for a beer at the show.

Thanks brother!


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Thanks Mike.  We'll work out the music exchange.  Just to confirm- you do not have any of the Vic or Filmore boots?   We have a wedding to attend downtown Sat (starting 5:30 OUCH)- we are gonna be racing back to Deercreek to catch the beginning of the show (9 pm I hope- no earlier!).  So gonna have to see you at the show.  We are in the very end of the rows G, H in Section A- right up against the stage on Mike and Ben's side.  I'll either be wearing a Dead TShirt or a Blackhawk Jersey.  Lets start communicating by email- it will be much easier.  See you Saturday.