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I was 11 when the Tom Petty and the Heart Breakers’ first album came out, just starting to take interest in music. I’d gotten a little red transistor radio from my grandpa. I can remember listening to American Girl on WLS AM radio in Chicago when I ought to have been asleep. By the time Damn the Torpedoes came out I’d moved up to FM radio, The Loop in Chicago. Hard Promises and Long After Dark came out while I was in High School. I owned about ten albums and five of them were Tom Petty. I remember being totally bored most of the time, sketching the flying v heart logo on my folders and listening on a boom box in the backyard where I could sneak a cigarette. In 2009 my friend won Petty tix for the Dallas show and gave them to me. I remember being on the phone when she asked, do you want to see if my husband can go. “No! I’m going with or without him!” I ended up going alone which was fine cause Petty fans are soooooo cool. I walked up to a couple in line for tickets just after someone else had given them a ticket and gave them my extra one. They bought me drinks. I sat in a few spots in the lawn until I found just the right spot for the show. ZZ Top was great, the moon was shining in a clear sky and Tom and the boys were fabulous, another spectacular night. In 2010, I’d heard that seeing a Petty show was on Bonnie’s bucket list and jumped at the chance to take her to Austin. She’s the same age as Tom, saw the Beatles in Chicago, a real rocking lady. Man, Mike was hot that night! 2014, I am back to work and so happy to be able to get the best seats available for the Dallas show! Row D was delightful. A major event for me. Can we do it again please?
North Richland Hills
United States
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