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Dude, I totally agree with your comments. I've been watching these boards and cannot believe the whining and bitching. I'm embarrassed with our fan base- it appears very ungrateful from what I see. And I also agree, folks are not reading the instructions, I felt the guidance was quite clear. I received a Fonda Code on the 2nd day (lucky) and I had my GA pair by 10:05- went very smooth. I saw some people today complaining about "tickets not available" and they had not even gone on sale yet! I think HCC has been making an extra effort and it is clear they are trying hard to make this a success. But at the end of the day- The Heartbreakers are offering us a chance to see one of 11 shows in a classic small venue (at totally fair prices I might add). Why all the complaining? Happy for The Heartbreakers Tour in 2013!
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Thanks guys!
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For me- its a honor to see The Heartbreakers. Like The Grateful Dead (now Furthur) or the Allman Brothers, Tom's Band is American Treasure. I sure appreciate the efforts by HCC and look forward to the upcoming dates.