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United States
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Hey Jim
Im asking you for this info because you seem to be pretty up on all things TP&HB.
I have been going to seeing the HB since 91 with the exception of the tour with Dylan. Is there anywhere to find the tour dates from way back then? I think i have seen them at least 9-10 times. The info I can find on line doesn't seem to go back that far. I know I should of kept better records but I haven't. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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Hey Jim, If no one signs up for taking set list at Minneapolis, I will try! Never done it b4 & my mind does wander as I'm looking at "the man" but I am a clerk record keeper by trade and also TP archivist, so I should be able to handle it!!!

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Hey Indian Jim- this is JFISH from Indianapolis. If you send me your mobile phone, I'll text you during the LA shows 6/6 (w/my wife's brother) and 6/8 (w/wife Brooke). I usually do pretty good in keeping up- sometimes a little blurry toward the end. My mobile is 317-517-6356 Thanks Jim Fish