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Please email: for questions regarding memberships, presale access, and more.
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Still haven't received the Presale code. Is it coming via email or is it somewhere on the site?

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Just messaged you! 

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I am a legacy fanclub member but I did not receive a presale code yesterday via email. How can I gettin code?

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Hi! I just messaged you! 

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When does the pre-sale link come out for the October 10 show at the Forum in LA. Also, is there a limit on the amount of tickets I can purchase. Please respond. Thank you.

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HCC members are limited to 4 tickets per show with a maximum of 12 tickets for the tour. For example, you can get 2 tickets to 6 shows. The presale link will be posted within the next few days. 

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How do I get TP presage code for summer tour?

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is the benmont engagement at grammys all ages? my 11 yo would like to go

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please send me the presale code for benmont tench i deleted it by accident,, thanks in advance

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no presale code for benmont tench.

please send to

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I did not receive any pre sale codes for Benmont's concerts. I appreciate any help with this matter. Thank you very much!

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Great-you're giving me the nerve to increase the font size. Most non-Petty people won't recognize it, anyway!

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Just out of curiosity.... I bought (4) tickets am I supposed to get to sets of glasses?

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Thanks to Becky for being so cool when i was thinking I was going to have issues with the ticket pickup... The shows were incredible. I was at Tuesday and Thursday nights shows and they were great nights of music.

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Is there an over 21 age requirement for the Fonda or can I bring my teenage son?

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I have two tickets for Thursday night and one is in the balcony and one is a floor seat and I'm looking for someone who might be able to trade a balcony for a floor or floor for balcony.

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When will people know if they scored early entry to the Fonda shows? I've got tickets for thursday and I'm practically crossing every appendage in hope that I scored it, and that's no way to exist ;)

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Hello, I have a question about picking up my will call tickets at the show in Milwaukee. I do not have the credit card anymore that I used to purchase the tickets. Do I need that when picking up my tickets at will call? I will have my confirmation order# and drivers license.

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I have a question about the ticket pick ups at the Fonda Theater. I bought two GA fanclub tickets for June 11th, and then another friend managed to get two Premium tickets. She wants me to go with her on the VIP and I have other Heartbreaker fans who want to go on my GA tickets. How will that work at will call? I understand that I can opt to wait out until the GA will call opens, but will I be able to pick up tickets and give them to my other friends if I already have a VIP wristband? I guess the main question here too is if you bought fanclub tickets can you pass them to someone else or do you have to attend under the form of the tickets you were offered at the presale? Thanks.

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I never received any of the giveaways from the packages?

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can somebody help me out with answers to my questions? thanks!

To: ""
Sent: Saturday, May 18, 2013 2:47:29 PM
Subject: VIP Legacy Member ticket purchase

Hi Billy!
I'm going to the to the 6/15 Indiana show.
I received my whiskey tumblers but the discount code was all x's. Can you please resend with a code?
Also, how / when do I get my parking pass, VIP entrance admission and the other goodies - messenger bag, commerative tickets and bamboo coasters? thanks, looking forward to the show!!!

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Hello HCC, did the firefly festival contest close before the time posted? I put my video up before the end time but I think a manner was already selected?

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Should we continue to check our email inboxes today for presale codes or were they all sent out already?
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I entered lottery right at 10 am the day we were supposed to enter. I took off work yesterday and today just to wait for my code to buy GA tickets and I NEVER got an email. I just read on here that everyone received an email??? I DID NOT, PLEASE let me know if this was an error, I really wanted to see Tom, I jumped through all your hoops and still NO CODE!!! =(
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Hi Shansen, unfortunately due to the overwhelming response we received for these tickets we weren't able to give everyone who entered a code. Winners were chosen completely at random. Tickets for the LA dates go on sale to the general public on Fri, 03/22/13 10:00 AM PST.
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I have been religiously checking my email each day for the presale code and have not received any email from HCC. Got on the HCC wesite tonight to check about the date/time for general public sale info and a box popped up with a code for the presale!!!! Now it is is after the date/time to purchase. How can I get the tickets since I was not notified by email as indicated. I have been on the HCC website every night and nothing popped up until tonight!!!!! Please let me know what my options are now if ANY!!! Anyone else have this experience?
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Thank you for all updates on the Beacon Theatre and Fonda Theatre presales. The HCC explanations and follow up have been very helpful.
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No problem, thank YOU!
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Hello HCC, Thank you for all your work to keep the site up and to provide solid information to all of us. Gosh- just watching all these comments over the last week or so- what a bunch of whiners! And if the folks would take a little time to read through the thorough directions- their experience might be a little more smooth. Thanks again for the on-going support.
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Fix the sold out presale issue for the 6/28 show. I renewed membership only to get presale code. Send a response on this issue.
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The presale says no more tickets are available for this promotion, please help. I e-mailed you. Thanks.
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My code isn't working for the London, ON show. Any suggestions? TPHBACQWRFMDEE
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I cannot find my milwaukee code please help