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My negative experience as a Highway Companion Club member…I joined as a new member 12/12/16…thinking that I would be able to get decent seats at a decent price…my recent experience with concert tickets was not pleasant…As soon as tickets went on sale they were all sold and the only way to get some was through resellers at a very inflated price for crappy seats…Presale day for new members was 12/15/16…I was able to obtain 4 seats at $90 each which cost $75 from the venue…a markup of $15…my thought was to keep 2 and sell 2..the next day tickets were available to the general public…I called the box office to see how sales were going…they said the pavilion was almost sold out…I bought 2 more directly from the box office at a markup of $5…the next Saturday I went to the box office to pickup my 6 tickets…that’s when I found out that my fan club tickets were on hold until 90 minutes before the show started on the day of the event July 18th 2017…I contacted customer service at Highway Companions Club and dealt with a very sweet person….several emails back and forth and she said the fan club was sticking with their policy of no fan club tickets can be picked up until the day of the event…so the Tom Petty organization is keeping my property until July 18th 2017...and I have to show my credit card used and photo ID…These people are like dictators…Money up front product available 7 months…I’ll bet Tom doesn’t even know about this….

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My presale code doesn't work... I became a member earlier this month... I got a message saying my membership expired on the day that I became a new member...I signed up again for another $50..first time was $ I spent $115 to by presale tix and I can't please help !!!

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