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Fan from the 80's & Family Man
Sports (with the Kids), Amature Guitar, Music Listner & Music Documentary affectionato!! Work a lot, but go out to listen to music to relax and enjoy.
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TPATH, The Dirty Knobs, Foo Fighters, Jackson Browne, JJ Cale, 60's & 70' Rock N Roll,
United States
Dan McCann
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Too many to count, but Mudcrutch @ the Troubodour, The Dirty Knobs at the Imperial Ballroom, couple of the Tampa Shows. The Gainesville Show, and some of the Atlanta Shows. Always met up with friends and had a great time with other fans.
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Fan from the 80's now residing in Gainesville, Fl. Home of the Heartbreakers. Actually live in the neighborhood very close by where Mudcrutch Farm was located. Moved to Gainesville in 1999 to start up a business here and we just love it. Family Guy with 2 boys and a wonderful wife. She attends just about every concert that we get to see and enjoys the band too. Got a chance to take my oldest son to see the Heartbreakers in Tampa a couple of years ago. 3rd Row and he loved it. I hope he remembers it when he grows older and appreciates it. I've had the opportunity to go out to LA two times some years ago to see Mudcrutch & the Dirty Knobs. Both were great experiences that I will never forget. Always looking forward to anything that the band puts together, just because they are the Best Musicians around. I have met many great friends through the websites and always look forward to times we are able to meet up. A funny story here... I know the guy that has the Slab of Concrete that the Band signed for a Promo here in Gainesville in the 80's.. At one point we had it in my restaurant on display. It was a cool conversation piece. Thanks for all the great music and keep it up as long as you can. It seems like each year just gets better and better. Would never want it to end!! God Bless & Keep on Rockin!! Danny Mac