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Cheryl Marino
About Me: 
I moved to CA from Ohio in 1979 and I was on my way to Palm Springs for the very first time, and when I arrived the sun was coming up over the San Jacinto Mountains and I heard "American Girl" on the radio and said to my friend.. Who is this band... and have been listening ever since and as time goes on my devotion and love of this band continues to they continue to grow, mature, and continue to put out AMAZING MUSIC. I Love southern rock and roll! I have never missed a concert since and my favorite was "party in the pit" in 1989 at Universal Studios, I was in the front row in the pit, and both Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan came out and sang with TB&HB!! Loved it so much, I went back the next night, in the pit again!
Redondo Beach
Latin Dancing, walking, beach, reading, going to small venues to see live music
Favorite Bands: 
Tom Petty & Heartbreakers, Mudcrutch, Dirty Knobs, anything with any member of TP&HB, Bruce Springsteen
United States
Favorite Concert You've Been To: 
Tom Petty at the Fonda 2013, Mudcrutch at Northridge Midnight Mission 2016, Tom Petty, Party in the Pit at Universal in 1989, when Bruce and Bob Dylan came out on stage!
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