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I have been a Tom Petty fan for many years, his music has been there for me through the good times and bad. I am updating my profile because I want to share how thankful I am to be a member and friend of the Highway Companions Club. We are a very special group and I am honored to be here.
Music, Reading, Camping, Gardening,
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Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers...of course The Band Bob Dylan Travelling Wilburies Flatt & Scruggs The Beatles
Brenda Marie St. Denis
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Tom Petty when he played in London, Ontario it was my first TP concert and the best show I have ever attended. He was sincere, humble and the concert was amazing, he threw his guitar pick and song list (signed) to a young boy who came to the show with his dad. The boy was a big fan of Toms. We sat in the front row and watched the interaction he had with the boy and his dad. I can still see the smile on that kids face when Tom motioned for all of us to move so he could throw him the guitar pick. The crowd split and he tossed the guitar pick in the air to him. When the concert was over and we were on our way back to the motel we got lost. What a surprise to see the boy and his dad at a gas station, they gave us directions to the motel and I was able to take a picture of him and his dad. I wished I would have sent it in when they were looking for fan pics for the video. Maybe there will be a second video made for the fans, I'm sure they have plenty of great photos and it is a great way to honor him and the band.
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I don't have a Twitter account yet.
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Angel Dream and Wake Up Time both mean a lot to me.