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I teach business computing at a large university in the Midwest. It pays the bills. Every year I educate the youth of America about the best rock and roll has to offer: TPATH is played at the beginning and end of every class. I'm probably known as "that crazy prof who never stops talking about that Tom Petty guy". My passions are teaching, writing and music. I also love all things culinary. And loved TPATH since I was a sweet young girl in the 70s. :-)
Writing, music, guitar, making soap and cheese (but not at the same time)
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TP&HBs Amos Lee, Clapton, Wilburys, CSNY, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Allman Brothers, Joe Bonamassa
United States
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May 27, 2013 — claude

He was introducing a breakup song, and was really snide about saying "That woman was BIPOLAR! and she must've been off her meds!" then he says he put her on the train "and saw her little bipolar face" looking out the window of the train! My husband who was with me at the show (also, a long time fan) is a psychiatrist, and was just cringing at the ignorance perpetuated by someone who we think of as such a sensitive person and definitely NOT UNKIND-but he would never have said laughing" I saw her cancer ravaged face in the window" or made fun of any other serious illness, so why bipolar??????????? especially as a musician, he has to have been touched by losing creative vibrant friends/peers to untreated substance and mood disorders.

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Alamurphala, like I said I was right behind you in line, when you stepped forward then started taking his picture. That's my drivers license he's holding in the photo. LOL.

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I was behind you in line when you were taking his photo..TOO FUNNY. They couldn't find my info for the package. I still had good seats and didn't let it bother me, but then I heard TOM was going to do a rare meet and greet, and that you guys were going to get to go backstage. Did any of that happen? Did I really miss a meet and greet? Thanks Winnie

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Hey Winnie! No, nothing like that happened to any of the people I went with! And certainly not me! I actually gave up my 4th row side for 8th center...the kids got those seats...and also some guitar picks. :-(. That's the best we got! Sorry I missed this for so long! Didn't you end up sitting very nearby me? And from everything I've heard, the band pretty much high-tails it out of there post show anyway, and even folks with passes rarely get a glimpse!