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Los Angeles, CA 6/3


Jun 03 2013
Los Angeles, California
Henry Fonda Theatre
The Fonda Theatre, Los Angeles, CA
June 3, 2013
Tom Petty stretched out his arms to embrace the avalanche of adoration that cascaded down onstage from the 1,200 fans jam-packed into the Fonda Theatre last night for the opening night of the Heartbreakers' six-night residency at the old Tinsel Town haunt.
Monday night's show continued Tom's stated goal for the New York and Los Angeles residencies: to dig into the band's catalog while at the same time playing a few choice covers as a tip of the hat to their heroes. "I Won't Back Down" gave everyone at the Fonda a chance to sing along to something they know, but the real highlight of the first half of the show was "Billy the Kid," a deep track off 1999's Echo. "Tweeter and the Monkey Man" continues to shift every night, growing looser and looser with each playing to allow Mike Campbell a chance to explore some new sonic territory.
"I always wanted to come to Hollywood," Tom said after "Angel Dream." "Growing up in north Florida near Gainesville, I loved all the bands from out here like The Byrds and Buffalo Springfield. Hollywood was like a dream for me. Standing out back of the venue tonight, I could feel all the musicians that we love and respect, some of which who are now gone. So we're gonna do this one for one of those folks who's no longer with us. This one goes out to the ghost of Lowell George."
With that, Tom and the guys ripped into the Little Feat classic "Willin'," and the entire Fonda erupted in cheers, especially for the chorus:
I've been from Tuscon to Tucumcari 
Tehachapi to Tonapah 
Driven every kind of rig that's ever been made 
Driven the back roads so I wouldn't get weighed 
And if you give me: weed, whites, and wine 
And you show me a sign 
I'll be willin', to be movin'
Back at the Fonda tonight! Keep checking back for more from the 2013 Summer Tour!
Rock & Roll Star
Love Is A Long Road
I Won't Back Down
Fooled Again
Cabin Down Below
Good Enough
Steppin' Stone
Woman In Love
Billy the Kid
Tweeter And The Monkey Man
Hard To Find A Friend
Angel Dream
I Should Have Known It
Runnin' Down A Dream

E: You Wreck Me
American Girl

Los Angeles
Henry Fonda Theatre


heyyy-jude's picture

Driving from the San Francisco Bay Area to see the show on Monday! I have been to every Bay Area show since the Southern Accents Tour in 1985 (when I finally had a car and could go to shows!). Will be driving with my boyfriend, who was a DJ on KFOG in the 80's and 90's, "M. Dung" - the last DJ, who still does his show, but not for Joe, the CEO. We can't wait!!!!! Judy

phillipsfamily's picture

Very excited for the show!  Our family's favorite band and I got tickets for Mom's birthday!  No way I'll ever top this one. :)

bmergirl61's picture

6 days in LA ... only west coast show ... Tom, yer killin' me!!! Huge fans in Nor Cal & surrounding area's ... San Fran, Oakland, Reno, Lake Tahoe ... GRASS VALLEY, CA would love to see you ... xo

garyd52's picture

So make it a roadtrip.  There should be no reason not to go.  It takes less than 7 hours to get to Hollywood by car.  Or you can take a plane to Burbank and rent a car,  That is what I am doing.  Maybe Tom will grace us with a Bridge School appearance.