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Los Angeles, CA 6/8


Jun 08 2013
Los Angeles, California
Henry Fonda Theatre

June 8, 2013

Fonda Theatre, Los Angeles, CA

Well, there's an official here beside the stage from the Los Angeles Fire Department that says the venue's too full, so they're asking that 100 people move from the floor to the balcony, or they're gonna shut it down. Ron Blair says he'll volunteer to go if need be. There, I've done my part. Now let me get back to doing what I do best."

Before launching into what became the show-closing "Melinda," Tom cracked a smile at Ron, who waved goodbye to the crowd as if he was leaving the stage, trying to make light of an unfortunate situation.

The detailed reasons for why events unfolded the way they did on Saturday night are not totally clear. But the local authorities deemed it unsafe, and the safety of the fans, band, crew and venue staff is paramount.

No harsh words were muttered backstage. There was no ill will. Just a bit of confusion followed by genuine concern for disappointing the fans. 

If I know anything about this band, they will come out guns ablazing on Sunday night. You've been warned.

Set List:

Rock & Roll Star
Love Is A Long Road
Here Comes My Girl
Cabin Down Below
Something Big
Best of Everything
Steppin' Stone
Woman In Love
Billy the Kid
I'd Like To Love You Baby
Tweeter And The Monkey Man
Angel Dream
Two Gunslingers
Friend of the Devil
** Show cut short by Los Angeles Fire Department **

Check Out Photos From The Show Here!

Los Angeles
Henry Fonda Theatre


champagne_cheryl's picture

Hello Petty Fans, went to the show on Thur, 6/6, with VIP tickets and stood front and center. Yes, I was "rail girl". Get ready for the BEST concert of all times. It was amazing!!!! Got there at 5pm and shortly after they separated lines for VIP and GA. We were about 12th in line for VIP so got in at 6pm and headed right for the stage. Be ready to wait long (3 hrs)...  as the waiting is the hardest part :-) BUT so worth it!!!

tpvince's picture

Write a comment here (no HTML please

anybody have suggestions on when to get there to line up for ticket pick up for sundays show? i know doors open at 7..


jfarrellkw's picture

Has anyone herd of the outcome of possible early entry to Fonda Theater?

....I   haven't heard since I put the request in  (on-line)

kbaykal's picture

not yet...emailed HC support and no reply...

hbgirl2u's picture

I'm so excited that I got June 8th. I have a back injury and hope and pray I can make it through bring on the floor...but this is Tom and I can do anything! a load of pain pills : )

karenkuehnel's picture

Make sure you bring those pain pills! I too have a very bad back. I went to the June 4th show (AWESOME!!!!!!!) and stood for 6 and a half hours. I got in line at 5 PM, doors opened at 7 PM and Tom came on at 9 PM. Played for about 2 hours 20 minutes. You can bring a cane in so you have something to lean on. Have a wonderful time! :)

jerryk's picture

Need one too for 6/8.  Coming in from Texas for the show!!  Need one for my son to join me.


lorimac's picture

anyone have 1 extra ticket for 6/8 or 6/9 ? email me at thanks