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Little Rock Recap and Photos

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  • April 22, 2012
    Little Rock Recap and Photos
    "Thank you, Little Rock. This is our first time in Arkansas, but it won't be our last. We'll be back real soon!" Tom and the band love opening shows with the jangling rocker "Listen to Her Heart," but it was the one-two punch of "You Wreck Me" and "I Won't Back Down" that whipped the crowd into a frenzy. Full review, photos, set list, and leave your own comment or upload your own photos, here.
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on Sun, 2012-04-22 13:38
"Thank you, Little Rock. This is our first time in Arkansas, but it won't be our last. We'll be back real soon!" Tom and the band love opening shows with the jangling rocker "Listen to Her Heart," but it was the one-two punch of "You Wreck Me" and "I Won't Back Down" that whipped the crowd into a frenzy. Full review, photos, set list, and leave your own comment or upload your own photos, here.


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Tom, you might not know this, but we go back a long time. You had me at, "watch her walk". I came out of concert retirement for ya'll. No more 8.50 at the door. I was hoping for Break Down, but we all sang it in the parking lot afterwards. Thank you for my coming out being way worth the wait. Ya'll love what you do and we love getting to watch.
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Several years ago Tom Petty said to really get us, you really have to hear us live. Since then I listened to Tom DJ from Rick's radios. When Tom came to little rock I had to hear & see him and the Heartbreakers. I get it, but I need to see them a few more times to Really get it!
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Just have to point out a few things: 1. The set list shown above is wrong. Does it strike anyone else as pretty embarrassing that the "official" fan site can't get this right? Whoever posted this is a MORON, for this and reason 2... 2. Numerous people have pointed out the set list is wrong and specifically indicated how. It has been 4 days since the original posting and it hasn't been corrected. Again, this is MORONIC and proves that... 3. Nobody is reading any of these fan posts, so it is a complete waste of time to post any comments at all on these pages. Thank you and good night.
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Hi! Great moments there in USA with this band touring your country. I hope they come to Argentina!, :)
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I never thought I would see the Heartbreakers in my hometown of Little Rock! The previous 5 times I gladly traveled to Memphis. This LR, AR show was the best concert I have ever seen! My husband and I have loved the Heartbreakers for so long! My husband's band plays many TP songs. I bought him the limited edition Martin Full Moon Fever guitar for his 50th B'day! Thank you for coming to Arkansas and making a dream come true! Please come back!
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What an amazing show that was!! My wife and I waited for so long to see Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers,and it was so worth the wait. The music speaks for itself,and I knew TP&H were great musicians. However,I was blown away about how good they are live in person. It was unreal. The whole band is good,but Mike Campbell is a badass on the guitar along with Benmont Tench on the keyboards. I was also very impressed with Steve Ferrone's drumming,and Tom is no slouch on the guitar either! I have never heard or seen a crowd so into a concert before. It was unreal. I literally thought the house was going to come down. I think Tom and the Band were obviously stunned by the reaction also. I truly believe Saturday night was something special! I thought of a few songs they could've played also,but I wasn't disappointed either. I'm glad they're not a "greatest hits" band. Tom,you promised you would come back. Please prove to us you're a man of your word! I even enjoyed Regina Spektor's set! Her music is not exactly my style,but she has an awesome voice and she's really cute. She put on a good show,and she's great on the piano!
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Nevermind. I found out the show had 19 songs, not 17. The story above doesn't have the 2 encore songs in the list. Still, I hope we get a lengthy show. I know it will be great, regardless!
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The show is getting too short. Down to 17 songs from 23. Please add back "Something Good Coming" and beef up the set list for Orlando! We'll keep your energy up! Thank you, love you!
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What? Which are the songs we don't know here [in Europe]? I know all of them - except the songs on the forthcoming album, and I would surely like to hear some of those. Play what you like! Satisfaction guaranteed.
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You can go here to check out my review of the show. Definitely one of the best concerts i've seen in a while.
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Looking forward to the May 5th show in Austin Texas. After reveiwing the first three set list's I was suprised and pleased to see so many songs played that only us true Petty fans are familiar with, That being said,my request would be maybe a few others such as Walls, Angel Dream, Crawling Back To You, Also wouldnt might rocking to King's Highway. Just a little request from someone thats been watching and listening since 1976..Faithfully yours !!
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Amazing show!! Couldn't ask for a better set list.. there are just too many wonderful songs to pick from... love em' all. Saw you on the Mojo tour in St. Louis on a very hot, humid nite. Awesome show ...was worried about Mike that nite!!! All I can say is TPHB ROCK and they ROCK HARD. See you again soon!!! BTW this is a family of fans, our daughter is 21 & was raised loving your music!!
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reading this is gettin me so pumped for wichita!!! hoping for a LOOOOOOOOOOOONG 2.5 + hrs!! show!!!! would love to hear anything from ECHO too! but seriously - I just canNOT wait to hear them crank it up!! see you soon guys!!
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and you guys all look so good. Thanks for being so great to your fans and sharing all of this with us. It's a really fun journey. Peace.
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LOVE that setlist!! See ya' may 1st!
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I had no doubt that the concert would be great and that I'd leave there a happy girl BUT never in my wildest dreams did I imagine the blow-me-away, kickass performance that you had in store for us. You guys turned Little Rock into the Big Rock! Awesome, AWESOME performance! My girls, both in their early 30's, were there with me and had a great time too. Your greatest hits cd has been our traditional road trip music for years! We all love you! Thanks for the unforgettable ride!
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We were in Phoenix when you had to cancel last year. The lost guitar scenario looked bleak to ay the least but it's tomorrow and I'll be there 5:15 pm on the nose to get some VIP shopping in and my VIP tickets in hand (hopefully)! Living life in the now!
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Would love to hear Breakdown and Room at the Top in Wichita!!!!!
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Have Love Will Travel and Don't Come Around Here No More should definitely be played every time! Hope they play them in Europe instead of the songs we don't know here, it's our only chance in our lives!! Pleaaase :) The photos and the venue in Arkansas look awesome by the way!
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Playing Breakdown or Room at the Top would be awesome! I have been waiting 30 years to see you guys!!!!
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Totally AWESOME show in Arkansas:) Hats off to the band and to Tom Petty of course!! I have always loved U and always will:) Peace, Love and Heart breakers!
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Wow, yall look soooo good! Nice to see Scott..get that guy out of the corner! :0)
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The set list posted here is missing the 2 encore songs "Mary Jane's Last Dance" "American Girl" Some people are complaining about the show being too short (17 songs), when actually 19 were played. I don't want to give them ammunition based upon incorrect information. From my perspective, the shows are great - keep up the good work and please play "Something Good Coming" in Wichita
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just got home to Indiana...Yep Had to roadtrip this one...hey it was LR or Whicita. Show was worth it all! I am so grateful for TP&HBs in my life! This tour is sooo special, unique and uncanned lol is that a word? Anyway you should know you had a beautiful 18yr old Indiana girl and her rockin mom there :) Fav song was LTH Heart for Josie and mine was all of them..thankful for some retro! You guys brighten my soul and that's good stuff :) Enjoy your tour!!!!
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Albuquerque - here we come!! We are on our way from LA for what will surely be a memorable evening with our favorite band. You guys rock like no one else.
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Great show Heartbreakers! Ya'll sounded GREAT! Can't wait for the next time!
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The set list posted here is incorrect. The actual set list from the show was: Listen to Her Heart You Wreck Me I Won't Back Down Here Comes My Girl Handle with Care Takin' My Time I'm a Man Something Big Free Fallin' Spike Melinda Learnin to Fly Yer So Bad I Should've Known It Good Enough Refugee Runnin' Down a Dream Mary Jane's Last Dance American Girl (it was an AWESOME show)
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This was by far the best concert I have ever been to. It is so enjoyable to watch the guys really enjoy performing. What an awesome show!! Definitely hope they will come back to Arkansas. Brian and Jennifer
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The encore was Mary Jane's Last Dance and American Girl. Fantastic show! I'll be there for the return visit.
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I would like to thank each of u guys for coming to little rock , AR ! I gott the tickets for my 25 birthday and I love it ! And every thing was freaken great ! I didn't set down the whole show ! I was very happy to hear ( free falling ) the song means so much to me it was mine and my Step fathers song and I know if he was still with he would have told you guys what Sam good job y'all did at the show saturday night ! From the bottom of my heart thank u all ! Hope you have a very safe trip this summer ! Much love from ur free falling fan in Ar !