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See Tom Petty Live! Review the new album MOJO here!

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  • June 20, 2010
    See Tom Petty Live! Review the new album MOJO here!
    Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers' new album Mojo was released this past Tuesday. Have you had a chance to share your thoughts on the album? Now you can! Review the new Mojo album by commenting on this news post and be entered to win a pair of great tickets to your choice of one of the following shows:

    Tuesday, 6/22 in St. Paul, MN
    Wednesday, 6/23 in Omaha, NE
    Friday, 6/25 in Milwaukee, WI
    Saturday, 6/26 in Milwaukee, WI

    Along with your review, let us know which show you'd like to attend! Good luck and thanks for sharing with us!

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on Sun, 2010-06-20 17:00
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers' new album Mojo was released this past Tuesday. Have you had a chance to share your thoughts on the album? Now you can! Review the new Mojo album by commenting on this news post and be entered to win a pair of great tickets to your choice of one of the following shows:

Tuesday, 6/22 in St. Paul, MN
Wednesday, 6/23 in Omaha, NE
Friday, 6/25 in Milwaukee, WI
Saturday, 6/26 in Milwaukee, WI

Along with your review, let us know which show you'd like to attend! Good luck and thanks for sharing with us!

We will select the winners from our favorite reviews and call the winners to let them know - please make sure your Account Info is updated with your contact/phone number. We will start to inform winners by Monday.


flesle01's picture

From the first chords of "Jefferson Jericho Blues" to the final groove of "Good Enough," this album has pure Blues at it's core. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers have somehow managed to reinvent their sound with each album while still staying true to their roots. Mojo brings back the warmer sound of a band playing live together which is often absent from modern releases. It's a welcome element here. The opening track, "Jefferson Jericho Blues," comes on like a freight train with its memorable harmonica riffs and charging rhythm. "Running Man's Bible" follows along the same lines with staccato stabs from the rhythm guitar and a soaring vocal similar to 1989's "Running Down A Dream." Petty seems to find inspiration from greats like Sonny Boy Williamson and Muddy Waters - especially on songs like "US 41," "Takin' My Time," and "Candy." These songs follow a straight Blues style almost as a tribute to the greats that live on in the bones of this album. Petty and band certainly haven't forgotten how to rock. "I Should Have known It" growls out a lament for lessons learned when relationships go wrong. "Let Yourself Go" and "High In The Morning" are great rockers. The latter in particular due to its scorching guitar solo. The band even finds success with reggae on "Don't Pull Me Over." On the mellow side, the album offers songs like "Something Good Coming," "No Reason To Cry," and "First Flash Of Freedom." They all have a wonderful ambient guitar sound that seems to fill the room with light. The end of the final song, "Good Enough," is reminiscent of The Beatles' "I Want You (She's So Heavy)" in the way the guitar riffs refuse to relent. Each guitar phrase hits you like waves on the ocean. It's almost as if the band doesn't want the last song to end because they're having so much fun - a sentiment shared by the listener. Mojo has something for everyone. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers prove once again that their best music is still being created. After all these years, it seems that the band has just found its Mojo. Buy it. Now. I hope to hear it live. Now. (well tomorrow night at least... in St. Paul, MN) Thanks guys. You never disappoint!
ale2947's picture

I love Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. They are by far my favorite band to listen to and I am so excited that they are on tour. The new stuff is just as good as the favorites I listen to daily! Couldn't get through my day (sane anyways) without the help from Tom Petty. Would LOVE to see them at the Bristow, Va show on Aug. 15th!!!
bons's picture

plz. add this to my review.... ps / my DREAM for this show is that the heartbreakers would play the entire album LIVE this tour and l wanna be down front in OMAHA jamin along with them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bons
bons's picture

I am absolutely loving MOJO! It is playin LOUD every time I am in the car !!! I cannot get enuff of it!! my fav tracks change everyday.... today I was lovin LET YOURSELF GO ! ! ! ! MOJO is definitely best listened to with the windows down while road trippin here in Nebraska!!!! AND trippin to pirate's cove is - well - trippy!! LOVE THIS ONE TOO!!!! Just sent a copy to my pal in Afghanistan - he canNOT wait to hear it! The guys will be lovin it cruisin around in their Humvee!!!! Thanks HEARTBREAKERS!!! bons
mavis's picture

I listened to the c.d chasing down Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, last week and I did get in 2 shows 1 in Edmonton and the 2nd one in Saskatoon. Mojo what can i say that stands out, no bullshit. Tom did make a very damn good c.d and even though the wait was long it was worth it. My favorite song has been I should have known it the lyrics speak for itself and I can reflect the terms my way so to speak of daily living or life. The catchy tune is Jefferson Jericho Blues and enjoy it when it's on. I feel that he has done so much for us in the Rock and Roll Music and now he can play whatever way he wants he has earned this and respect from his fans and peers. I have been a huge fan for 30 years and his music has gone through this journey in my life (first kiss, first drink, and yes marriages) but my point is his music is here to stay and musicians come and go without making an impact in society but Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers have. Mojo will also make an impact to dedicated fans and family members. My sweetest memory is my 6 year old grandchild singing Free Falling so beautifully, so Tom keep up the good work and travel safe
jrostoks's picture

Tom & one of the best bands in the world do it again. Tom's ability to blend words & music into magical, unforgettable masterpieces is hard to beat. Hats off to Mike's wife who allowed the purchase of the 59 Sunburst. Mike is scorching on this CD! I love the bluesy feel, the Peter Green influences (killer version of "Oh Well" has been on set list), again Tom & the band have delivered a great CD. Have been a fan for 35 years, and am so grateful that this great band continues to make music that excites & moves me. I hope their passion for making amazing music never ends. That is what makes them so special. Thank you Tom & band for never disappointing me. I drove from Iowa to Red Rocks to see your killer performance there. What a fantastic place to see you. The stars (& spirits) were rockin with us that night! Would love to see you in Omaha!
Iwazzabadboy's picture

Although we all love to have Mojo in our lives..This cd takes a step beyond. Since this is the 1st Heartbreakers cd in 8 years it shows the bluesy path they have decided to take..I bought their 1st album in 76 and haven't stopped since. Of course this doesn't sound like classic Heartbreakers but it sounds fantastic..The cd leads the listener on a journey which is fine by me..I love most of the songs including Running Man's Bible,Good Enough,Lover's Touch,Candy,Trip To Pirates Cove,I Should Have Known It..Thanks Tom & the Gang...Great Stuff......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need MOJO tix for St.Paul.....Thanks again
hstutz's picture

This album is absolutely fabulous. What an eclectic mix of blues, rock and even a reggae sound on Don't Pull Me Over. Something Good Coming may be my fave TPHB track EVER! There's for sure Something Good Coming to Summerfest in Milwaukee on 6/25 and 6/26 and I can't wait to see them then!!
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Tom and the boys do it again, but for the first time. Mojo is pure and original, not a small feat for a legendary band that has been making music and rocking America for 30 plus years. This album is unlike anything these greats have done, yet is so familiar. Hats off to the boys for continuing to excite, delight, and inspire old and new fans. Cannot wait to see them live! Friday night 6/25 in Milwaukee would be wonderful!!
tplace's picture

Dylan once stated in an interview that it was pointless to compare his current work to that of his own in the past. Rather, he implied, it would be much more effective to judge his work by the best of the standards and styles he's currently trying to capture. I believe the same can be said of Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers new album "Mojo." It is quite pointless to bemoan the fact that there is no new "Free Fallin'" or "Breakdown". That would be contrary to the concept and great free spirit of the album and band at work here. With "Mojo" the Heartbreakers accomplished no small feat by finaly putting together the great blues album they've always wanted to. Before this album you could only get a glimpse of this side of the band on cuts like "Honey Bee" and live tracks through the years. The band doesn't just show a different side though, they break new ground. Assimilating influences like Peter Green era Fleetwood Mac, J.J. Cale, ZZ Top, Slim Harpo, Booker T. & the M.G.'s, and that great Chess blues sound, then fusing it with Petty's unique songwritting produces a sum greater than its parts and a sound all their own. This is a band renewed and revived, glad to be alive and doing what they love. Upon listening to "The Trip to Pirate's Cove" you see the future meeting the past in the present. It is aparent that this is still the same band that cut "Luna" in 1976, but now with a fierce maturity and mellowed age, all the wiser for the road and the years spent hohning their craft. What makes "Mojo" really work is the way the band was recorded "Live" in the studio. You can feel the band watching each other and paying close attention to individual parts and the songs as a whole. Thats what creates such a great groove and keeps the song in the "pocket." This band functions as one unit. No ego battles for excessive solo time, just everyone thinking of the song and how to make it work. That coupled with the aged authority in in Petty's voice is what was required to pull these more blues based songs off with such great fervor and truth, or in a word - Purity. With "Mojo" you hear the best of what excites and drives Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers as one of the greatest bands today. Muddy Waters, Lightnin' Hopkins, J.J. Cale, and Psychedelic Garage Rock, all come through, but never dominate, dilute or unbalance the final product- Pure Mojo. I plan on getting my fill on Wednesday, 6/23 in Omaha, NE.
babuzz's picture

ha, I already am seeing them live and I just downloaded the album today, it was very confusing. the album downloaded onto our iTunes thing, but I have a MP3 player.....but my smart brother figured it out and transported it. I listened to it, so did my family and friends, it's great!!!
bigmustang1's picture

It is great to hear new stuff from Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. The Mojo album was worth the wait. Many of the songs sound like they were made to be performed live. I should have known is a great track. I loved seeing them live on snl and I would love to see them live at one of the Milwaukee shows June 25 or June 26 at Summerfest.
jpirc's picture

I first listened to the entire Mojo album a couple of times when it was being streamed through ESPN. Then came the big release date, and I of course had to buy it. And I have to say, it really exceeded my expectations. I've been a huge Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers fan for as long as I can remember. My dad used to play all of Petty's classics whenever we would drive, and that certainly got me hooked. But once I was able to start listening to new music for myself, I always felt that nothing compared to the music I was raised on--the music that makes the Heartbreakers who they are today. Petty's had so many classics throughout his career in a variety of styles of music--and Mojo is no exception. It's hard to classify exactly what kind of music is embodied in this album. The first thought that comes to mind is definitely blues. But it's not just blues. It's blues mixed with classic rock mixed with a little bit of reggae even. Simply a perfect blend of music for a band that's been playing together for over 3 decades--longer than I've been alive! And this is music how it's supposed to be played. A great lead singer, killer bass and guitarists, drums that don't overpower the song, a keyboard that really rocks, and some bonus instruments. There's no autotune in Mojo. Just pure, unadulterated rock. My favorite songs on this album have to be 'First Flash of Freedom, Candy, and I Should Have Known It', although there isn't a song on this album that I skip. This album definitely has a place in my music collection. And what could make this better? How about winning some free tickets to the show on Saturday, 6/26 in Milwaukee, WI. I'd love to hear this album live.
ryanvpdx's picture

I have been a fan of Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers since I was a 8 years old. I own every album ever released and have listened to every song a thousand times, so I consider myself a die-hard fan of these guys. I feel that fans like me would be more critical of the new stuff they put out because we know just how good these guys are. We know what they're capable of and we recognize when they are not putting all they have into a project. I'm glad to say that this album does not disappoint. They're not only maintaining they're rocking roots but they are getting better as musicians. I feel the biggest reason I enjoy this album is because its clear they are playing the music they want and are truly enjoying it. They also weren't afraid to try something new with songs such as "The Trip To Pirates Cove," & "Don't Pull Me Over" and it really paid off. In these tough times when you can't count on much, I take comfort in the fact that I can always count on Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers to keep making great music. After almost 35 years of creating some of the best music of all time, they still continue to create something new for their fans. They keep pushing the envelope, but most importantly they keep pushing themselves.
Anonymous's picture

Every Tom Petty album has grown with the need of my times and MOJO is no exception. I have already listened to it a zillion times, and have enjoyed watching those I have shared it with enjoy getting the mojo effect also. Very Well Done! --Keep it coming!
lschilke's picture

This album has everything to appeal to all ages and musical tastes. It truly lives up to its title...MOJO. As an older fan, many of the sounds are reminiscent of the '70s, but with an updated twist. I appreciate the musicianship, and also the sincere, down-to-earth-lyrics, which reach out to so many of us. Thanks to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers for exceeding musical expectations, while at the same time....fostering an even deeper connection with their fans!
too_drunk_to_follow's picture

...almost forgot: I'd love tickets to the Omaha show.
too_drunk_to_follow's picture

Ever since I saw the Heartbreakers' terrific 2005 PBS Soundstage performance, I've been wondering how that set would influence the next album of new material. On Soundstage, the band rumbled and roared like they never had before. "Mojo" proves that the swagger is still there. The songs are Tom's, but "Mojo" is a band effort - and the Heartbreakers always seem to be having more fun than any other band. It's always a joy to hear Tom, Mike, and Benmont, it's great to find that Ron and Steve have become the tightest rhythm section in rock n' roll, but I really love the fact that the self-described "Sidebreaker," Scott Thurston, is getting a chance to shine. He's been the Heartbreakers' secret ingredient for the past two decades, but this time you can hear his Hohner from the opening notes of "Jefferson Jericho Blues." I've been driving with "Mojo" exclusively since last Tuesday and I keep finding more things that impress me. From the sonic assault of "I Should Have Known It" to the beautiful "Something Good Coming," this is an excellent album from rock's best band.
mikrek's picture

I have been listening to tom and his band for over 30 years!! the music brings greatness and smiles to everyone who listens!! Mike Milwaukee, Wi
jknee's picture

Being a die hard Petty fan, I love the classics.... and MOJO deviates a bit from his other hits. But I really love this new album, it's fresh, it's current and has that solid bluesy sound that makes you want to play it over and over again. TPTHB - Classic and timeless.. you rock! 6/25 or 6/26 Milwaukee please!
kb9zll's picture

After two listens to the new album MOJO, I can be assured that true musicianship and the ability to just plug in and play has not been lost in 2010. The bluesy feel of the album is welcomed and well crafted, (I wouldn't expect anything less from Tom and the boys), but also smart in that it doesn't drone on for minutes upon minutes without something for the listener to care about. I don't care if the band of your choice can do a twenty minute song, MY band puts out over an hour of kick ass music. Things I particularly enjoyed was the varied songs, from hard rocking (Jefferson Jericho Blues), to the highly addictive First Flash of Freedom, the countryesque US 41, and singer-songwriter inspired Something Good Coming. The lack of OVER-production on the album is just right, and proves once again The highlight of this album to me is Benmont Tench, who's electric piano (ex: "Pirates Cove", "Don't Pull Me Over") adds an element to the music that is intangible. When I see him in Milwaukee on Saturday the 26th (hint), I have to wonder if he's going to look like Rick Wakemann with all the different instruments he's going to have surrounding him. This is clearly a band that loves and embraces music as a vehicle for expression. The previous times I have seen the band on tour, they always please the crowd with favorites, pull out b-side songs that are great, and go off the beaten path with songs from other artists/influences. Here, the boys went into the studio, plugged in, and created it again. If you like live, go with "Live Anthology", but if you want a studio album that has a live feel, get your MOJO on.
neadams's picture

One of their best CDs to date! I love the bluesy theme throughout the CD. Great road trippin' music!
swamismotelband's picture

So here is the dealio ,besides the fact anyone will end up'singing and humming all songs" while brushing their teeth"(*1) and refer to Mike Campbell as God , your toes will wiggle and"it'll cure your asthma too. As a rock n roller roots music appreciator ,ask your own bad self this ,how would you want to go on after 30 plus years of playing roots rock n roll? you want to go to Vegas do the Oldies Tour to play for sodden Gamblers and mad wankers at bachelor parties with far too much expendable income or you want to go the route of musicians like Jeff Beck ,ZZTop, John Lee Hooker and keep innovating and creating new mojo magic music and keep banging on on your drum and playing your guitar until God "pries them from your cold dead fingers" Me I never liked The Vegas Greatest Hits cash in shows . Even with a 'fear and Loathing ' 'trendy chemical amusement aid' diet I could NOT go gently into the night and neither are the HEARTBREAKERS .I go to my roots,I don't wear velvet pink lounge lizards suits and I'm gonna work my mojo and my juju till it's closing time. Les paul did it , Miles davis did it ,Hank williams and Frank zappa did it and ,and John Hiatt and Tom Petty and the HeartBreakers and a few other real soldiers of joy are doing it A refreshing new album ,based in roots ,fresh and alive and genuine in a world full of repackaged remixed pulp aural fodder. This album just might save your Life! ...You hear Jefferson Jericho Blues and you get re energized ,rembering to get nervous every time that bugle blows.So keep your head down the volume steady and stay the course like the Heartbreakers have. There is a reason why some people sell out concert halls and other people sell out their souls for 9 pieces of silver,it's called talent and integrity(and Mojo)...and they still got more to say. n.y.c. would be nice... any place on the east coast would be fine ,fine ,fine. (*1) "Get him to the Greek" reference "well I don't drink coca cola ,but I sure like old moonshine."
sunnyjim's picture

I've listened to the new Mojo CD quite a few times already. To me it's like a movie that you watch a few times over and each time you notice something different. Absolutely incredible how the songs flow and at the same time are so much different from each other. It's so nice to hear the type of music that artists such as TPATH can put out when not feeling the constraints of the so called "execs"! Love it, 5 stars from beginning to end.
Anonymous's picture

Mojo has some of the most well-written songs Tom's released since at least as far back as 1985’s Southern Accents and, song for song, it maybe the finest recording of the band’s career. Would love to get Atlanta tix
adam's picture

Already with nothing to prove, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers put themselves back in the limelight with a different twist in this album. With a little more blues--this album still exposes lyrics with hope twisted with a littleheartbreak. In this current age of music, where most artists will likely be forgotten, I have a feeling that many of these songs on this album will still live on for many years. Mojo adds another solid album into the TPH portfolio of legendary hits! Personal favorite on this album is Something Good Coming--I hope to hear this song on the tour this summer! I would like to attend the 6/26 Show in Milwaukee!
highkickev's picture

I'd love to go to the IZOD Center, NJ show.
highkickev's picture

A comment question for a band that is spanning four decades is "How do you keep it fresh and current?" Well Tom and the boys changed direction with MOJO without sacrificing their identity. The music styling remains true to every decade of the Heartbreakers, yet MOJO brings the band to a pinnacle by shining the light on the strong, tight musicianship that makes this band up. Campbell is able to demonstrate his talents through solos throughout this release that have never been exhibited on other albums. Tom maintains his vocals but gets a little "angrier" as he once did in "Fooled Again". MOJO is making a splash sans the Jeff Lynne pop sounds. Some may like it; some might not like the songs that seem to be missing a hook/chorus. But you don't have to be a musician to appreciate this; I think anyone that can hear good music will attest that this is pure good music without getting complicated - the definition of TP& the HBs.
mom462216's picture