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See Tom Petty Live! Review the new album MOJO here!

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  • June 20, 2010
    See Tom Petty Live! Review the new album MOJO here!
    Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers' new album Mojo was released this past Tuesday. Have you had a chance to share your thoughts on the album? Now you can! Review the new Mojo album by commenting on this news post and be entered to win a pair of great tickets to your choice of one of the following shows:

    Tuesday, 6/22 in St. Paul, MN
    Wednesday, 6/23 in Omaha, NE
    Friday, 6/25 in Milwaukee, WI
    Saturday, 6/26 in Milwaukee, WI

    Along with your review, let us know which show you'd like to attend! Good luck and thanks for sharing with us!

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on Sun, 2010-06-20 17:00
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers' new album Mojo was released this past Tuesday. Have you had a chance to share your thoughts on the album? Now you can! Review the new Mojo album by commenting on this news post and be entered to win a pair of great tickets to your choice of one of the following shows:

Tuesday, 6/22 in St. Paul, MN
Wednesday, 6/23 in Omaha, NE
Friday, 6/25 in Milwaukee, WI
Saturday, 6/26 in Milwaukee, WI

Along with your review, let us know which show you'd like to attend! Good luck and thanks for sharing with us!

We will select the winners from our favorite reviews and call the winners to let them know - please make sure your Account Info is updated with your contact/phone number. We will start to inform winners by Monday.


mysticsandy's picture

Best new material since Southern Accents. High points include First Flash of Freedom, Running Man Blues and Trip to Pirate's Cove, though every song has its story and its tribute. Don't miss it. Already seen the show in CO, don't need or want tickets, but just wanted to say if you haven't gotten the album, do so. You won't be sorry.
pettyfan01's picture

It was worth the wait....... loving the R&B, and Mudcrutch sound.. Can't wait to see you in Dallas~ And the title~ yea, get your MOJO on!!!!
coolgary's picture

what, did i just say? oh yeah its better then wildflowers ouch! that hurt,thats a great one.well anyway get your mojo NOW!!! everyone i know is getting one.thats for sure... thanks again guys.G:)
katnsag's picture

This album has new elements every time I listen to it. JJB is kicks off #MOJO and sets the mood for things to come. "first flash of freedom" melodies and rhythm are reminiscent of "Highway Companion" tunes and has a great storyline. I find myself randomly humming Running Mans Bible even after hours from last listen. This brings us to "pirates cove". Yet another memorable melody that I find myself daydreaming about. No reason to cry is kinda my inspirational tune right now for this ticket drawing. Basically I would like nothing more than to have no reason to cry when this drawing is over. :) I will review second half of album later. Thanks again for a memorable collection. @sonear
Anonymous's picture

Pure Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers - not the record executives pulling the strings at all! I love Mojo!!!!

It's magic all right!
vegasgal's picture

already seeing in Pittsburgh but would love Front Row!!!!
vegasgal's picture

Of course, once again, an incredible album. You guys will always amaze me with your unbelievable talent. Keep on doing what you do because I cannot live without your music. Huge fan. Once again, incredible album. Thanks so much for the jams because music today just ain't what it used to be!
lobber's picture

Dear Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers: Thank you for having the guts and the gumption to release a masterpiece titled Mojo. There is sheer brilliance on all 15 songs. I would like to state the obvious that Mojo is a great recording and it will become a Classic. With the problems of the US and world economy, the gulf oil spill,we needed a Mojo. Thanks again for the gift that you gave us in these trouble times.
johnbartus's picture

(My wife and I are huge Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers fans, and have been for many years. I wanted to take this whole review “assignment” seriously, so please excuse the fact that it’s not “soundbite” length.) HEARTBREAKERS FIND THEIR MOJO Petty & Co. deliver timeless, classic album Remember albums? Those classic discs that contained the newest collections of songs from your favorite artists… you’d grab a bottle of wine and sit for a while to experience the work in its entirety (something that is totally lost on the MP3 generation). Well, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers have delivered us a real album, classic and timeless, and its name is Mojo. Mojo kicks off with “Jefferson Jericho Blues,” a rolling jaunt over Highway 61 with the car radio tuned to a blues station out of Chicago. Thomas Jefferson and his mistress Sally are along for the ride. Scott Thurston’s blues harp blends perfectly with Mike Campbell’s and Petty’s guitars; in fact, Thurston’s harp and Campbell’s lead guitar have never sounded better. Campbell channels some Hendrix (and a touch of Robby Krieger) on “First Flash of Freedom,” a spacey ride through lyrical gems like, “A fistful of glory, a suitcase of sin/The language you dream in when you count to ten/You go to the edge but you always give in….” Punctuated by Benmont Tench’s Hammond B3 work and some tasty harmony guitar solos, “Flash” invites you to just sit back and enjoy the nearly seven-minute trip. “Running Man’s Bible” is not so much a celebration but rather an acknowledgement of lasting through hard times while still maintaining some sense of self and morality, although survival is the ever-overriding concern. Campbell and Tench shine again. Seat belts aren’t necessary because time slows way down on “The Trip to Pirate’s Cove.” Imagine being a passenger in a car traveling five miles per hour, even as the world outside goes by at light speed. Such is the feeling one gets from the way the vocal echoes in the music slow down the lyrical imagery of a strange trip where “She was a part of my heart, but now she’s just a line on my face.” This is one of Tom’s best story songs ever. “Candy” is a loping straight-ahead blues featuring playful lyrics and tasty licks from Mr. Campbell. His slide guitar highlights the slow country-flavored “No Reason to Cry,” a soothing lover’s reassurance. “I Should Have Known It” kicks off Mojo’s impressive middle section with a blast of guitars and drums that would have been right at home on Led Zeppelin IV. “Thanks for nothin’/Yeah, thanks a lot/Go ahead, baby/Take all I got,” Petty sneers at the person who done him wrong, resolving, “That’s the last time you’re gonna hurt me.” This is one of my favorites, and it just rocks. Blues with a decidedly southern touch comes in the form of “U.S. 41,” a song that one can easily imagine being played on the front porch of a tin-roofed shack somewhere in northern Florida. The old-time feel is enhanced by the effect on Tom’s voice that makes him sound as if he’s being played on an old 78 RPM disc on a Gramophone. Growling wah-wah guitar and harmonica propel the bluesy “Takin’ My Time” as drummer Steve Ferrone and bassist Ron Blair anchor the solid groove for the band to climactically let loose upon. Muddy Waters would be proud. “Let Yourself Go” is a shuffle, a bit reminiscent of the Doors, featuring call and response between Campbell’s guitar and Thurston’s harp. Scott’s harmonica work again adds the perfect touch to the track as Tench’s organ fills percolate in the background. “Don’t Pull Me Over” uses a reggae feel to beg Mr. Police Man not to arrest the song’s protagonist and put him through hell for only doing something that doesn’t hurt anyone. “It should be legalized,” Petty sings, lamenting, “When the moonlight turns to blue light….” “Lover’s Touch” is slightly musically reminiscent of “Breakdown” if the latter were a slow blues shuffle. Campbell’s signature guitar licks fit perfectly between the lyrics and Benmont’s Wurlitzer and B3 fills. Robert Cray-style R&B-influenced blues rock is the style of the message song “High in the Morning,” the lyrical successor to The Last DJ’s “When a Kid Goes Bad.” Mike Campbell’s stinging licks punctuate the point that Petty is driving home. “Something Good Coming” is another of my favorites on an album of standout songs, a slow-picked guitar number that again features Campbell’s understated yet elegant slide guitar. The song’s message offers up a ray of hope during troubled times, and I know a lot of listeners will relate. Many reviewers have already made comparisons of “Good Enough” to Abbey Road-era Beatles. It’s a compliment, as this is one of the best songs the Heartbreakers have ever recorded, certain to be a standout in the band’s recorded legacy. The song’s slow blues explodes with some of the best guitar work Mike Campbell has ever committed to tape (well, disc). “Gods bless this land, God bless this whisky/I can’t trust love, it’s far too risky,” is a great line in an album full of the best lyrics that Petty may have ever written. Recorded live in the band’s rehearsal space (just like the Mudcrutch CD), Mojo is perhaps the Heartbreakers’ masterwork as a band. Petty’s singing has never sounded better. After 34 years together (for the four original members), this band is firing on all cylinders and has most certainly found its own mojo. Currently on tour (and hopefully continuing to play as many Mojo songs as possible), Petty and the band continue to create and perform at the top of their game. Let’s hope that the Heartbreakers have a few more albums in them, because it sounds like they’re really just getting started. * * * * * P.S. Should you deem this entry worthy to become a contest winner, I’d prefer tickets to the Cincinnati show (P-L-E-A-S-E!!). If that’s not possible, the Saturday Milwaukee show would be the best out of all the others. With some mega-schedule shuffling and the power of God, we’d somehow manage to get our butts there! John Bartus 305-731-1177
plewellyn's picture

Good to hear some Mudcrutch too. Love it
ambert's picture

The MOJO album reinforces why I love this band. Rather than rest on their laurels of past hits (and they could never create another song and still be known as the greatest rock band of all time), these artists choose to remain edgy, creative and vital musicians. In a time when most 70s bands are playing worn hits from their glory days, this band is showing us that their glory days were then and are still here now. I like the band's music of the 70s, but also the music of the 80s, 90s, and this decade. It is not a matter of getting better,they were great then. They are actually growing and changing with each decade, proving the Petty one-liner, "If you don't run, you rust." That said, the new album is amazing! No two songs are alike. It doesn't have the typical album feel of having been here before with the same old sound that becomes a group's trademark. The songs do have the great Petty one-liners we have grown to love. "She was a part of my heart, now she's just a line in my face." So poetic! "She was kind a cute, if a little past her prime." (That line really cracks me up, because I resemble that remark). "The Trip to Pirate's Cove" is a great story told so real that you can see the guys living it. "Candy" has a groovy (can you use that term now?) sound that makes you tap your toes, great for listening to on my treadmill since it automatically makes me dance. "No Reason to Cry" has a slight country sound, and a reflective lyric that expresses a man who has come to accept love as a comfortable thing. "I Should Have Known It", the obvious single, has a great guitar riff that catches your attention immediately. Mike really rocks on this one! "Don't Pull Me Over" has a great reggae sound that again proves the versatility of this band. Of course, the song really makes you need a smoke, if you know what I mean. "Taking My Time" is another song with a great toe tapping beat. Again with the one-liners, "Slowing down a little bit, when I was a young boy, honey my fuse was lit." Someone in mid-life can really relate to that one. "Losing my way to something stronger than me," demonstrates the maturity of the lyrics. These songs could not be written by the younger Tom Petty. Then, there are the first track releases, "First Flash of Freedom", "Running Man's Bible", "Jefferson Jericho Blues" which have been reviewed so much already. All in all, lyrically, this album is full of deep, real feelings that you may have to be over 30 years old to get. However, musically, the sound is so expert and creative that all ages have to appreciate it as musical genius. Mike Campbell shows off his talent by playing so beautifully, it brings tears to my eyes. Even if the songs had no lyrics, I would be content to listen to the band playing this music. Previous TPATH songs have been dependent on the lyrics. Not so with MOJO. The music alone is worth an album. It is grammy-worthy instrumentally. I think that is one of the things that separates the Heartbreakers from other rock bands, they are each unbelievably skilled and talented musicians who could stand alone. Together, they are phenomenal! No other band can touch this. I will be listening to this album for many years to come. Can't wait to hear these songs live! Thank you guys! Please don't stop.
babuzz's picture

i already am seeing them live.....
wavygravy15's picture

Great album from the first track to the last. Listenin' to it you can't help but feel that Mojo! -Hartford, CT
mojoblue62's picture

This is a terrific cd. I hear a shout out to the Allman Brothers in "Flash of Freedom". Great blues and a stellar performance from the band. I like how the tracks flow. The sound is fresh, live, and raw. These gentleman are hitting on all cylinders and Tom's song writing is at its best. We'd love to see the Summerfest show on the 26th.
lowercase's picture

My favorite aspect of MOJO is the variety that each song brings to the album. Where some artists pack in a bunch of songs that all sound the same, Petty and the Heartbreakers change it up on every track of MOJO. I feel like I'm listening to a mix of songs and not just one album - AND I LOVE IT! Favorite track so far: Running Man's Bible I would love to see the St. Paul show with Drive-By Truckers!
pettywoman's picture

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers have courted us through the years with their music. MOJO is the consummation of that love affair. You do not listen to MOJO, you experience it. Mike's masterful touch beguiles, coaxes and ultimately demands the most from his guitar; and the instrument responds. The keyboards, bass, harmonica and drums wrap around and hold you. Tom fulfills the promise with vocals that are the culmination of genuine love for the music and for the pleasure that he is sharing. From the gentle caressing sounds of "Lover's Touch" to the pulsating "First Flash of Freedom", MOJO delivers. The music becoming fused within you, a part of you, leaving you breathless. This album is magic, it is MOJO. Thank you Tom, Mike, Ben, Ron, Scott and Steve. Enjoyed the opening of the tour at Red Rocks and am now planning on catching you again in Phoenix.
jonblaze42083's picture

Nice work on getting back to your roots. You are right when you listen to this album it does feel like you should be driving around down south. The Trip to Pirate's Cove was a great song alongside Don't Pull Me Over; which I feel had a great reggae sound to it. Mike did incredible work on the guitar and the other instrumentation was right on point as well. Muddy and Little Walter would be proud. Only the blues can ease a troubled mind.
jhoeltin's picture

Mojo is really a great album. I've always loved the blues and to have one of my favorite rock bands put out a blues oriented album is a breath of fresh air. The range of this band is amazing. All the tracks are solid with some great riffs from Mike. The standout tracks for me are Jefferson Jerico Blues, I Should of Known It, and US 41. Tom's vocals are as solid as ever. I recorded the Saturday Night Live appearance on DVR and just love that the band chose two Mojo songs for the national TV audience. Can't wait to see the show in St. Paul!
gaylene's picture

My hands hovered before making that statement because so many of Tom Petty's albums have been THE BEST to me for so long!!! I will always love them, but MOJO is IT! IT being the TPHB phenomenon, the majic that is your music culminating from your individual talents and styles uniting. Powerful Stuff! And listening to it (over and over again) I realize you have been doing this blues/rock/jazz thing all along! There is a little bit of it in every song from the past and at least a whole song or two as well. Thanks so much for continuing to make the music I love, Tom Petty and for showing off the best in the Heartbreakers as well.
mjslastdance's picture

I just can't stop listening to this awesome album!!! I'm so thrilled and excited by this, I can hardly WRITE IN LOW LETTERS. :D Anyone who doesn't buy "MOJO" is crazy, I feel like "I smoked that record" Seriously, if you don't buy this you're gonna miss an amazing piece of music. In my opinion this album is the best the crappy music industry has seen in YEARS. This is an album, a band that we need to support in a world where looks and show has become much more important, unfortunately too important than true and handmade music. I'd already got my MOJO on June 11th, because the release date here in Germany was a bit earlier. Luckily for me, because I could hardly wait to listen to the whole thing. I'd heard some songs before the release and I'd already known I would like it, but I didn't really expect that it could get even better than for example "Something Good Coming" which is very beautiful. I listened to it in my room very loudly (my family probably wasn't that happy :D ) and I tell you, I got goose bumps and butterflies in my stomach and also tears in my eyes. I know I'm so enthusiastic because the album just has come out, but I really think this is one of their best albums if not the best. I just love the blues and I love when Mike has the freedom to play. It was overdue to let him play much more and now if you hear the album you see how unbelievable incredible he is! I think my favorite song from the album is "Don't Pull Me Over" (Mike again!). When I heard that there's going to be a reggae tune on this, I was so excited and I expected it to be really cool. I didn't expect that it is SO cool though. I'm also a fan of "Candy", of course "I Should Have Known It", "Let Yourself Go" and "High In The Morning". All very good qualitative songs. "Good Enough" in the end is KILLER, especially after the smooth and chilled sound of "Something Good", but damn, it is tragic, isn't it? It is really sad. It's heavy, like a big meal, sure not like a salat... you know what I mean? You can't eat too much of it, but it tastes really good. Anyway, I'm sure this is a song I'll cry over many times. The album makes me even more proud to be a fan and impressed that after so many years they are still on top and even get better and better. It also makes me so happy that I'm able to enjoy their music and so glad that I have discovered them. The only thing that is missing is the show in Philadelphia or New York. I know those shows aren't listed, but I can't affort a trip to the shows mentioned since I live in Europe, Germany and the dates are too close to make plans. However, thank you for reading my little review. I LOVE THIS BAND!!! xxxThank you so much for this goregous album!!!xxx Love & Respect ~~MJ
diggy's picture

i would like to say was a great show ,joe cocker was opening act and he was fabulous two different kinds of music Cocker/Petty great entertainment don't take so long to come see us as this was your first Saskatoon concert and what a concert it was thanks again
dougalash's picture

superb album, tom petty and the heartbreakers have made possiblly the best album of the year. well done and thankyou
aza1960's picture

Amazing to finally hear something good in music! Back to your roots finally and playing music as it should be. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, you found your MOJO!
iowagirl's picture

The perfect storm! My favorite band colliding head-first into their rock-n-roll roots. Reinventing blues-rock for the new millennium. This ain't your daddy's TPATHB! With over 30 years of cohesive, give-and-take as a band - every member is in the spotlight on MOJO. What's OLD is NEW again in an incredibly exciting way. The roots of Rock n roll are alive and well thanks to Tom and the boys! Get your MOJO on!! I've never seen the band but can't wait for Omaha or Milwaukee (6/26) to rock MOJO live!!
dabjab06's picture

Mojo is an immense collection of well written songs converging in a new dimension Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers have always inspired from. From the beginning, blues have always played a part in the Heartbreakers development and in 2010 they created their own mark on blues history. The new album Mojo focuses on a essential recipe to create an ambience that surrounds the listener into the stories being told. Mojo develops the listeners senses with eccentric guitar playing from Mike Campbell and the stories that Tom Petty portrays. The album kicks off with a wonderful harmonic eminence during "Jefferson Jericho Blues" a rendition of Thomas Jefferson's relationship with one of his slaves. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers have created a masterpiece that can be enjoyed by anyone at any age! Mojo also offers classic ballads in the Tom Petty style. "Something Good Coming" is a wonderful melody that speaks from the heart. It reminds me that even though we all struggle at some point in our lives that it will eventually turn around if you are willing to let it. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers have been a distant friend to me over my life through their music. From an abusive childhood to the birth of my daughter their music is heart piercing to the soul. Mojo is a symbolic step of growth not only for the band but also the listener. The atmosphere of devotion from Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers is heart felt by everyone. The band stepped up to the microphone and hit a sold out crowd with no room to spare. High energy from songs like "I Should Have Known It" to the reggae of "Don't Pull Me Over" has listeners wanting more. Mojo is a true bluesy indulgence for current Heartbreaker fans and a wonderful mean to implement the beginning of rock and roll to younger generations. I hope to meet these friends of my life one day, but until then I enjoy every concert and album I can. If chosen I would like to attend any show (Not picky when it comes to seeing the greatest band today)
rockynmel's picture

Come on guys, you know you want Heartbreakers venue is THE GREEK theatre in Berkeley....
rockynmel's picture

Awesome album, best new release by any band in a very, very long time. I can only hope they come back to Nor Cal at the end of the tour. Couldn't make it to the Oakland show. I haven't missed a concert in many years and I am having TP and the HB withdrawals! Favorite song is "Something Good is Coming." I'll bet it's even better LIVE!!
cherstefano's picture

I have been taking MOJO on a nightly cruize around ALKI beach.. What a great ride. Perfect CD to slip into the player or on your MP3 and glide around the beach enjoyin the view and the tunes as you roll along..How relaxing. Watchin the sun set and listenin to MOJO is great therapy for the mind..
tyler89's picture

This is a band that still has a voice after 30 plus years. Mojo has something special to say, but can still make me shout every lyric when im listening to it. Can't wait to hear these songs live! Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers still rock! :)