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Listen to 'Good Enough'

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  • February 23, 2010
    Listen to 'Good Enough'
    Take a listen to "Good Enough" from Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers' forthcoming new album, Mojo.

    The album will be released this spring and will be sent in full to every fan who purchases a ticket online to Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers' Summer 2010 Tour.

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on Tue, 2010-02-23 16:00
Take a listen to "Good Enough" from Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers' forthcoming new album, Mojo.

The album will be released this spring and will be sent in full to every fan who purchases a ticket online to Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers' Summer 2010 Tour.


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Am I recalling correctly that my 2010 tour ticket was to include some free live downloads from the tour? If so, when will this happen and how will I receive notification?
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Hey Guys, Great show 10/5! Loved it! Los Lobos was great also! Thanks! Peace!
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I attended the Detroit show and Tom and the Heartbreakers rocked!. I did the text for the free download and gave my email, The reply said a link would be sent to my e-mail for the MOJO download. It never arrived. I tried to contact Mozes who handles the download text messaging with no response. Kind of a bummer.
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RE: My 4/18 Comment. I get it now ! The folks who purchase a concert ticket ONLINE get a copy of Mojo. Like I said, confused! BTW, I love Joe Cocker, but ZZ Top is such a great substitute! I am really looking forward to the show in San Diego! Peace!
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Is anyone else having trouble downloading the first two tracks? I have entered every number off my ticket and it keeps saying 'invalid pin'.
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OK, I understand that things get rescheduled. But it seems like you are telling me that the dates have been pushed back due to Mojo not being released until 6/15. This is confusing. If everyone who buys a ticket to the show gets a free copy of Mojo, then what difference could it make to Reprise if the tour starts now or then? Just wondering! Peace!
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Lovin Good Enough! I gotta say, I liked the old logo better. I suppose my old stuff will be worth more now. Stay safe!
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Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers are truly TIMELESS! Loved them from the beginning and they just keep getting better. One month and counting from Dallas! See you there!
earthmudra's picture

Sounds great..., w/hints of "Wooden Ships". Get Stephen Stills on stage to jam with the Heartbreakers! Also David Crosby & Graham Nash! Longing for this sound. Thanks.
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I can't wait any longer! It is Spring and when is the new album coming out??? Also, Tom, do you think you can come by Jacksonville? I am driving down to Tampa for my twelfth TP concert. I would love to see a second leg come our way. The Gator Nation needs you!!!
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Hey Tom, I am old gal but just recently became a huge fan after seeing the documentry. I have the anthology and the best of and the Playback albumn. I live in Tulsa Oklahoma, so please try and squeeze in a performace at our new BOK Center, it is awesome! Love you guys,
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The Guitar work is fabulous as allways..Mike is just awesome...... I want to wait till I HEAR THE album performed live....since it would be my first live experience to see Tom play with the heartbreakers.... I...will wait till Nashville before I Listen to the album And as allways TPATH STILL ROCKS.... Mike you are the best...!!
megan's picture

This summer is going to be amazing and it all starts with Tom Petty in Edmonton in June !!!!!!!!!!!!! Calgary Stampede stagette for me in July then Married and honeymoon in August. I love Tom, and the boys, the music is what makes cleaning the house and being stuck in traffic fun. Thanks for all you do Tom, See you in Edmonton 3rd row, will have a record for you to sign, Your 1st one ever, took a long time to find !! love always and forever Megz
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"first flash of freedom" sounds like one of his songs from the 80's thank you petty:) :)
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"first flash of freedom" is alot like how they sound in the 80's :)
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Meh, I can take or leave this one. Too bluesy for me and the drumming from Ferrone is boring once more. Bring back Stan and bring back the "jangle" rock that made Petty and The Heatbreakers great in the first place. This has put me to sleep.
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You and your band are "The goods"
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A little loungey but still nice and relaxing
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Lifetime fan, but this is a really disappointing track with a very weak tune - too bluesy (ugh!). And Luliper, you sound mad to me - I suggest a court order to keep you away from any shows for the safety of Tom and the rest of us....
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for MOJO and to see Tom Petty and the band in Mansfield, MA 8/19. NOT nosebleeds this time. WOOHOO! "There's something good waiting down this road — I'm picking up whatever is mine"
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The music i've grown up with for 21yrs and a hero in my eyes really like this tune, you gotta tour uk again my biggest regret is never seeing you live, hope this news hits you and you head over. If not i'll steal,beg an borrow just to head over and see you cause im a dumb ass baby i'm stupid.......;)
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you guys know it all! i'm throwing my panties on stage already!! love the song can't wait to buy the cd! you guys rock!!
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i'm taking off my panties and throwing them on stage!! this is sooo good! . so old school heartbreakers. i love it. gonna buy and treasure it!!!
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How about a release date?!
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It IS the hardest part! When the bleep is the bleeping album coming out already??!?!?!?! This is TORTURE!! No release date even!! EEEEEK! Oh please oh please oh please, relaese the freaking album already or AT LEAST tell us WHEN it'll be released. Seriously. You're making me crazy.
Anonymous's picture

Love "Good Enough"..can't wait for the album and most of all for the tour!!
austinsj13's picture

I thought Highway Companions was a heartbreakers album. Didnt it come out 4 years ago?
rodi2461's picture

Alright! Haven't seen T,P. in a few years. Cannot wait till the show! Love ya Tom, your music speaks to me. Thanks for the tunes
kevincwhite's picture

Saw you at the Pemberton Festival in BC and renewed my enjoyment of the band, music and just having fun at a concert. Since then have banged away at the drums to your tunes and now get to see you live again in Vancouver with Joe Cocker .... I will be horse from singing again. Funny thing was that at 52 I was in the front row at Pemberton and a teenager said "hey sir great concert eh? I just laughed and said us old rockers never stop .... just like the Heartbreakers! Thanks Tom for the new tunes ...
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Tom there is no one to touch you in the music world ,the band are live and loaded !!I l live London and I am sure many would love to hear you in england .please come before I die . roniboy