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Listen to 'Good Enough'

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  • February 23, 2010
    Listen to 'Good Enough'
    Take a listen to "Good Enough" from Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers' forthcoming new album, Mojo.

    The album will be released this spring and will be sent in full to every fan who purchases a ticket online to Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers' Summer 2010 Tour.

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on Tue, 2010-02-23 16:00
Take a listen to "Good Enough" from Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers' forthcoming new album, Mojo.

The album will be released this spring and will be sent in full to every fan who purchases a ticket online to Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers' Summer 2010 Tour.


staceygilbert's picture

It's rock. It's blues. It's clean, screaming guitars. It's Petty!! Enough said.
calliemimosa's picture

I really like this song! Toms' voice songs great! Benmont is rocking organ/piano!
sittinduck's picture

this will be the fourth time i see him in concert.and will not be the of the greats!!i've seen sum of best bands live like,Sting,Niel Young,the Greatful Dead.and nobody put's on a Tom,and the Heartbreakers.when u come 2 GIRLS ON LSD song is great!!
shermerone's picture

I like it, very bluesy. Will definitely be great live.
lcneu2's picture

Slow burn. Mike Campbell stretched this song into a tasty old time FM jam. "Don't bore us get to the chorus," does not apply.
guitar's picture

Love it, Mike is the most underrated guitar player in rock. I used to have an autographed guitar by Tom Petty but I was robbed.. It was one of the worst days of my life
weepy's picture

Wow, this is a great song. There is always something truly special with a new Heartbreakers album on the way. The best band ever. I saw you in Gothenburg `91, but haven´t since. It´s a long and expensive way to the states, but one day I´ll be there. Thanks for the wonderful music...
strike3urout's picture

Great new song from the Mojo CD! Can't wait to see Tom and the boys this summer on tour. Going 7/10 in Indy and then 8/12 in Nasville. Taking my son Matthew who saw his first TPetty show in St. Louis when he was only 10! Gotta bring up rockin'!
auralfiend's picture

Sweet! Thanks for the free one. I am looking forward to hearing "Mojo" in it's entirety! Got my tour tix today and I can't wait to hear the set! You guys are great...keep it up, the world needs you!!!! Peace!
amartindale's picture

Thanks guys for truly kick ass music. Can't wait to see you in Houston. Your music truly enriches my life. I am a happy camper!!!!!
tedvov's picture

Fab u lusss!!!! Can't wait for the album release and concert!!!!
alkremen's picture do I GET it?
eileen23's picture

They are just great!
coco's picture

...Ummmmm, Yeah, It's Way More Than Good Enough! Love, Love, Love! Bring on Another TP&HB's Summer!!!
james77's picture

Go Tom Go!! Excellent stuff!!
ahleigha's picture

Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers have been my favorite since i was just 3 yrs. old. They have came a long way and I'm SO HAPPY to see they're still rockin and kicken ass after all these years!! CHEERS to another amazing TOUR
rickmccullough1's picture

Would someone please tell me ware to to click on this web site to purchase tickets.... Thank you, Rick
sotero1975's picture

Love the new the fact that touring is underway!! See ya in Phoenix!
jessnbub's picture

STILL DOIN IT!!!!! Wow, to think this is new music blows me away, that he still is the best sonwriter of all time. Dylan gets respect, but DAMN petty, its great that my kids get to experience the thrill as i and my parents to wait for a new tom petty album to be in stores and purchase it..... WE LOVE YOU PETTY... great tune.
missred's picture

I am listening to the music. I feel emotions that transends from my ear to heart. My body moves to the rhythmic sounds and at the same time. I remember past experiences that have shaped my life. The lyrics are soothing and reflecting.
grege's picture

Good Enough is a freakin Mike Campbell rebel yell jam!!!! Can't wait to hear it live in Indy and Cincy!!
iluvtom's picture

I am soooooo excited about this tour!! And the new album!!! I missed the last tour...the 1st one I've missed in over 15 years! I love you Tom!!!!
deathdog's picture

great song! cant wait to see it live.
tednkell's picture

I scored excellent seats for the entire family, plus my best friend, in Louisville at Freedom Hall at yesterdays presale! My kids have been raised on Petty and my son went to his first show in Tampa at 4. He's now 9 and our twin daughters are 7. The girls wanted to see Tom and the HB so bad they used to beg me to call him to do a show for them. As much as I talk about him, they figured I must know him:) It seems the stars were alligning just right this time around. I passed on Hullabalu after reading in RS Tom and the band were working on a new album. Then he announced the tour! Louisville was left out, so we were planning on the Nashville show. Then, Tom poured on much love and added a Louisville show, and in May too! The sooner I get my fix the better! Just got my RS the other day and read some great stuff about MOJO! With a May release there's little time to learn the songs before the show. But we'll swing it. Tom, As long as your playing, I'm singing, dancing and smiling! Keep it coming. The Amaya Family (recent Florida tranplants - GO GATORS) graciously welcome you Louisville, KY.
nod's picture

Band sounding great! Voice still killer and love the production. A great taster ! Lookin forward to the platter !
littleluna's picture

this album is going to kick ass
samkrugman's picture

she's soooooooo heavy..... I want you so bad!!! george & the boys are grinning!!!
rlesser1's picture

Cant wait for the show at Nissan!
stumpy's picture

Excellent lead guitar riffs.
bluesblubber's picture

Hey folks......I have been hearing some not so positive feedback re:Mojo the new album. I personally think its nice to hear new inventive musical creativity come from the band. Heck not every album an be full moon fever! Sure I think that wild flowers and full moon are some of Toms writing ability but as fans lets give the album a chance! Its like new shoes ya just have to break em' in after a while they grow on ya!