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Listen to 'Good Enough'

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  • February 23, 2010
    Listen to 'Good Enough'
    Take a listen to "Good Enough" from Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers' forthcoming new album, Mojo.

    The album will be released this spring and will be sent in full to every fan who purchases a ticket online to Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers' Summer 2010 Tour.

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on Tue, 2010-02-23 16:00
Take a listen to "Good Enough" from Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers' forthcoming new album, Mojo.

The album will be released this spring and will be sent in full to every fan who purchases a ticket online to Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers' Summer 2010 Tour.


mjmasar's picture

I like it!
wdpitcher37's picture

Idk whos better then Tom Petty
jjames17407's picture

this bluesy gem is dripping with an Allman Brothers feel....but certainly Heartbreakers at their jammin best...Mike Campbell's guitar playing is epic here...very impressive stuff guys!
hkathy939's picture

good enough sounds great!
zcheff's picture

I'm sparkin one now!
alskies's picture

Thought it was a decent jam, looking to the tour this summer an the new album.
realrocknroll's picture

A lot of folks are hearing a little Beatle influence here. AWESOME ! I wonder how many fans complained at first when the Beatles went from playing "Love Me Do" to albums like Rubber Soul, Revolver and Pepper! The old Beatles stuff was great and the later Beatles stuff was great too. I love it all. Sit back and enjoy as TPATHB continues to grow musically as they all age well, like a rare vintage bottle of wine. Drink it up ! The good old stuff will always be here to enjoy. I for one, think Mike is just beginning to show us the rest of the iceburg and TP writing will continue to be a perfect fit. The world would be a darker place without these gents. Glad they're here and still cranking out great tunes.
pmanalich's picture

love it! can't wait to hear it live!
pkrat2010's picture

Thats who it sounds like did this song, Carlos Santana it is not in the traditional Tom Petty style.
venezia594's picture

Love this new track! Just got my tickets to the Boston Show. Can't wait for the new Album to be released!!!
Anonymous's picture

Looking forward to hearing it live. 4th row in Tampa on MC's side. The guitar jams will be great.
atelejky's picture

love it,beatles meet jimmy page this is my kinda music
berl7732's picture

Great Title to song. Great guitar by Mike. Out live me please and keep going.
Anonymous's picture

They Rock So HARD Do Not Stop Can't Wait Cincy Indy +++???
paulyfrog's picture

Great tune, Been an avid fan for years. I remember the first time I heard "Anything that's Rock'n Roll," years ago... New you guys would be around for good! I have seen you many times in the Gorge Amphitheatre, headed back again on June the 12th.. Hope to hear you play "Straight into Darkness!" Haven't seen you guys perform it live yet, but one of my favorite Petty tunes .. In regards to the new song "Good Enough." Just shows the talent level of your band! Keep rockin, and I will see you on the full moon of the 12th, can't wait! Highlight of the summer!
annieefraser's picture

Hellll yeahhhh! I can't believe this is the first I've heard of this tour and album! I'm a craaazy fan, I am soooo excited! And I actually have money for good seats this year. Ahh I'm stoked!
nerkster's picture

I immediately noticed the nice variation on the Beatles' riff in "She So Heavy."
Anonymous's picture

I liked it. It does hit that place that takes the song internal and takes me with it. Anyway, I know what I mean :) C ya at the big rock shows. Amy :)
freefallinstu's picture

Hey, if you are not a die hard fan don't buy the music don't see the show and don't post negative vibes. Can't wait to see Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers for the 70th + time ( Dylan, Steve Winwood, Jackson Browne to name a few ) They are national treasures enjoy them while we still can
mickdanger's picture

Feels so good when Tom cuts to the core,Heartbreakers take me along for the ride! this FEELS so real,heres to gettin better!! I need the rest ,thanks for the streamin freebie !!!!!!
spurling_kim's picture

Good Enough? Good enough for what? If this is the best song on the new album I don't want any part of it. Oh, and the Mudcrutch thing, what was that all about? Not one good song on the entire album! I've been a Tom Petty fan my whole life. All I want to know is, what happened to the good ol' ROCK-N-ROLL Tom Petty???
bmeister's picture

Hey what happened? I thought Tom was big on the "Don't bore us, get to the chorus" thing... Yikes... what happened here. I sure hope the other tracks are better! ps. I agree with some others. Sounds too much like The Beatles, "She's So Heavy"
gretchenelise's picture

some of these posts are the song
justinmihm's picture

There's a new jam that I can chill to. Thanks.
chelseafcfan's picture

I cannot wait to put my money down for a concert ticket. Every year, we save some money for a major concert event, and THIS IS IT!!!
lamessina's picture

Listening on my little crappy laptop speakers and whilin' away the hours til my TP&HB's tickets go on sale in the morning. Someone in Texas loves you and I love the song too--you are the gift that keeps on givin Tom-NOBODY does it better-see you in Dallas CAN NOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!
eddie180's picture

Love the new tune! Can't wait till this summer, going to try and catch two shows KC & Dallas.
michaelkhosla's picture

Tom....I hope that you are reading this and you will actually reply back to me and send me 2 back stage passes so that I amd my little boy Matthew (he is 7) can actually meet you, Mike, Benmont, Ron (as well as the 2 "newer" Heartbreakers, Scott and Steve). I am not kidding here. We will watch your first show in Raleigh, NC. I have airline tickets booked for me and my son matthew to fly out from Cincinnati to Raleigh for May 6. Tom, you are 59, I am 48, my son is 7. He is your biggest little fan. He has written several letters to your PO box address in Los Angeles...he has drawn so many pictures of you guys doing your gig (he is a little artist). He knows exactly where everyone stands...Benmont to your far right, Mike Campbell (his fav) to your immediate right, Steve right behind you, Ron to your left and Scott over there on the organ etc. I have never seen a child fall so deeply in love with music and for 3 years ALL he has listened to is is Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers. The tracks are embedded in him. When you guys hit Indianapolis, we will see you 1st row center, then we will follow you to Kansas City, then home to Cincinnati, then Chicago, then Cleveland, then Detroit, and finally Pittsburgh. I am doing this for Matthew and I know this will be a life changing experience for him. I know it. Do me a favor....if you read this please reach out and send back stage passes. Good Enough is great. I just mastered Mike's lead work on that song....close enough and good enough for me to entertain you guys come up with such great songs is beyond me....talent like this comes once in a lifetime. All you youn 'uns out there....this is what 24 carat rock sounds like.
kkirkwood's picture

When Petty sings the blues it make me happy!
thisisgeoff's picture

Once again the man speaks. Thanks for a lifetime's worth of rock n' roll music, and thanks for this. See y'all this summer!