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Tom Petty: 1950 - 2017

  • October 2, 2017
    Tom Petty: 1950 - 2017

    On behalf of the Tom Petty family, we are devastated to announce the untimely death of our father, husband, brother, leader and friend Tom Petty.

    He suffered cardiac arrest at his home in Malibu in the early hours of this morning and was taken to UCLA Medical Center but could not be revived.

    He died peacefully at 8:40PM PST surrounded by family, his bandmates, and friends.

    - Tony Dimitriades, longtime manager of Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, on behalf of the family

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on October 2, 2017

On behalf of the Tom Petty family, we are devastated to announce the untimely death of our father, husband, brother, leader and friend Tom Petty.

He suffered cardiac arrest at his home in Malibu in the early hours of this morning and was taken to UCLA Medical Center but could not be revived.

He died peacefully at 8:40PM PST surrounded by family, his bandmates, and friends.

- Tony Dimitriades, longtime manager of Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, on behalf of the family

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HoytBenson's picture

The 59 people who went to a Jason Aldean concert, woke up to the most fucking amazing Tom Petty Concert ever
cprubin's picture

Bless all of you that were in Tom's life. He and the Heartbreakers are the absolute best. You're in my prayers. I can't help but believe that Tom is still rocking on somewhere out there.
feather123's picture

I am so sorry about the passing of Tom Petty. My heart goes out to his family, friends and fans. Toms music helped me through the two most difficult times in my life...the deaths of my mother and father. When I was feeling down or having a bad day I would listen to his music and it made me feel better. I got to see Tom in concert once when he came to Winnipeg, Canada and it was awesome. Rest in peace Tom. Love, Heather (Regina, SK Canada)
alysonann's picture

I will love you and miss you forever, Tom Petty. Sweet Angel Dream. “...sleep tight baby unfurl your brow and know I love you, we’re all right for now...”
slave2pay's picture

It's hard to believe that Tom is gone. We saw him in Sacramento and afterwards we were talking about if he was really retiring. Every time one of his songs play on the radio I shake my head. So sad
rayfister's picture

Thank you Tom for all you gave us. You get to reunite with George and Roy plus a host of amazing musicians that left this world too soon. Love you man.
mikeneal1957's picture

I feel like someone in my own family has passed! I was lucky enough to see Tom and the Heartbreakers. Nine or ten times. Mud crutch twice at the Fonda. He left us way to soon! His music will last until the end of time! Love and miss you Tom!
riggs's picture

It's taken me some time to write this as I'm still in shock. I'm also just one of many that have been touched by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers over the years and feel as if he was speaking to me in his music. His music has been such a huge part of my life. I've been blessed to see them over 20 times and the last was from row 4 in Baltimore. They played with such joy and energy. But the priceless show was in Pittsburgh years ago when he played a guitar solo to my wife. I remember grabbing her and saying he's playing to you and only you right now. Truly an amazing experience. Thank you for so many years of joy and your music. God bless Tom, his family and the Heartbreakers. My deepest condolences to them as I can only imagine their loss.
alysonann's picture

Still feeling so sad, feel like crying... now I am crying. I love you Tom Petty. My sincere condolences to his family and bandmates. I love you Tom Petty.
ann127's picture

He was and always will be The Best of Everything!! My heart breaks for his wife, daughters ,son ,grand baby ,the band and anyone who had the privilege who knew him. Peace and love to all . He will be missed ❤'s picture

Thanks to David Fricke ad Bill Flanagan for hosting Tom Petty Birthday Tribute on SiriusXM. I was glad to hear Tom's interviews and acceptance speech for MusicCares. To hear Tom speak added to his music really shows what kind of man he is. Mike Campbell and Steve Ferrone called into the show and shared their thoughts during this difficult time for them. Thank you Tom and the Heartbreakers for everything you gave us.
cuz_300's picture

I consider myself very fortunate in so many ways to have followed Tom and the Heartbreakers for the past forty years. His music always put me in a great mood and was enjoyed by my entire family including my “Free Falling” little sister back in the eighties to jamming out with my young children who became rockers at an early age to Breakdown, Running Down a Dream or Mary Janes. We spend many a Saturday listening to music and playing air guitars in front of the living room mirrors while their mom screamed to “lower that music you will all be deaf someday “ Our response was simple “ mom, it’s just normal noises in here“ My family was so fortunate to see the band on multiple occasions, most recently again during the 40th anniversary tour. This tour took us to Red Rocks with my little girl who is now a mom to be and a month later sitting fourth row with my son and concert buddy at Forest Hills. Unfortunately we didn’t think it was our last Petty show. We left both shows thinking that we couldn’t wait for his next tour. At the Red Rocks show my daughter really enjoyed Wildflowers and decided that Wildflowers was going to be somewhat of a theme song to her unborn little girl. So she went home and proceeded to paint a Rocky Mountain mural on her wall and added some Wildflowers designs. Again little did we know what a tribute it would become. So as we patiently await the arrival of our little wildflower and granddaughter I can only be eternally grateful to Tom and the Heartbreakers for maintaining the bond of music throughout the generations. My deepest condolences go to Toms family and the Heartbreakers. I haven’t listened to another band in weeks. Please keep his spirit alive. He was one of a kind. Tom and the Heartbreakers will remain in my families hearts forever. And I’m looking forward to the day I can teach my granddaughter the air guitar to Running Down a Dream. May God Bless Tom and the Heartbreakers.
alysonann's picture

Tom Petty, Angel Dream... so sad you had to go... I never met you but I will love and miss you forever. Thanks for the beautiful songs, you were a true poet, my favorite musician, and the essence of cool!!!!!!!!! I hope you know how deeply loved you are. "...and when all of this is over, if I lose you in this world, I want you to know, YOU WERE THE ONE!!!!!!...and may my love travel with you always."
livinlife6's picture

I want to share a story about TP. I was out car shopping and the salesmen who helped me was, at one time, a night club owner in NJ and PA. He told me how he booked Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers in the late 70's for $750 a night! He recently saw the bands manager and asked if he's play for $750 now. He said, knowing Tom, he would! He loved performing and always said that they were just a rock and roll band. God bless Tom Petty, and thank you for allowing him to share our lives. My deepest sympathies to his family and the Heartbreakers.
stevielw73's picture

I've been listening to many of his old interviews to help me through the grief, and one of my favorites was the impromptu he did with Garry Shandling. It's only about 30 but it demonstrates perfectly the kind of heart, insight, and since of humor he had and why I along with thousands of others were so drawn to his music and were die hard fans for decades. Never to be forgotten but definitely missed. My heart goes out to Dana, the adult children, and the other Petty family members as well as his band brothers and all the HeartBreaker staff who knew and worked with him for over 40 years.
brenda4414's picture

Tom, you gave the people on this earth something special that will never be forgotten. The Creator blessed you with your music, it was magical and healing in so many ways. I want you to know you made a difference in my life and many others in this world. You will be missed, are one of a kind, the world needs more people with a heart like yours. Miigwetch for all the love and music that will live on forever.
Chadow's picture

Goodbye Tom. You were a good man to ride the river with. Thank you for everything.
AJustice3's picture

I am thankful that my Mama and I were blessed to see Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers in May of this year in Memphis. It had always been a dream of mine to get to see him live. I can remember being a kid watching the video for Free Fallin’ and for Don’t Come Around Here No More, and just being in awe. That was when I was about 9 or 10 years old. Then my memories of The Traveling Wilburys, oh boy...where to begin!! I thank my Daddy for introducing me to them and for the love of classic rock!! These songs, collectively, have shaped my life in so many ways. Most recently, in this past year, the Wildflowers album especially and Tom’s music in general, have helped me through so many things. My radio has basically stayed on Tom’s SiriusXM channel. Walls, Wildflowers, Time to Move On...those three songs especially...they helped me realize harboring unforgiveness and resentment and locking myself inside myself wasn’t going to make me better, only bitter. And that all the world’s happiness was right outside those “walls,” in that “field,” if I’d just “move on”...and it was...and it was “the end of that line...” and now I found my love and he’s “on my arm...” I pray Tom rests in peace, he gave so much of himself to so many for so long. He had such a talent. I pray for his family, because they truly gave Tom to share him with the rest of us, so that he could share his gifts with the world to help and to heal and to entertain. Also prayers to his fellow entertainers and his friends and his band mates...thank you for the music and the memories.
tbell2's picture

Tom Petty was one of the, if not the, best American songwriters, singer's, guitar players, of all time. I loved him and all of the wonderful music he made that truly was a huge part of my life. I was lucky enough to have seen him live many times. I took my children to the 40th anniversary tour, and it is a memory all of us will never forget. We all loved Tom so much and loved the Heartbreakers as well. HIs music and memory will live on as long as there are people on the earth. I pray for Tom's family and band mates. I will listen and watch his live DVD's for the rest of my life....I love Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers!
ggeigernp's picture

Since the first time that I heard Breakdown, on the radio, Tom Petty has written the soundtrack to my life. It seemed that he was sitting in the back seat of my car, speaking to my soul! Tom you might be gone from this world but you’re music and spirit will be relevant until the end of time! LOVE
Careymccleary's picture

Sitting here listening to him and reading everyone’s posts and stories! Couldn’t bring myself to even get on until now- all the good stuff is making me laugh and yet I’m still sad- not just for myself, but for all of us and his family and band mates especially! Thanks for all the memories and great times! He’s out there now- into the great wide open...
berd's picture

It has been 10 days. Still so very hard to take. My deepest sympathy to Tom's family and friends. We will all miss him greatly. Thankful that I saw him in concert in Seattle in August. R.I.P.
KatJoy's picture

"Tom Petty gave more than we deserved-- unselfishly." -K.
terdy's picture

My deepest condolences to his family, band mates and friends. My loss is musical, yours is so very personal.
terdy's picture

Still just so very sad
ginnyval2012's picture

I'm so sad about the loss of Tom Petty. I've followed TP and Heartbrakers since late 1970s and I can't say enough about their music and lyrics, which have taken me throughout my life to date. He will truly be missed by us all. Thanks so much for all the excellent live shows over the years. Condolences to his family and band mates.
scubaritchy's picture

It has been two weeks to the day that I was blessed to have attended the 2nd to last show at the Hollywood Bowl, never thinking that this would be Tom's last shows. My deepest sympathies to his family, friends and The Heartbreakers, for having lost your husband, father, leader and guiding light. Tom's impact on music history is second to none. I consider Tom a groundbreaking musician and a poet of our times. He is in the company of Elvis, Dylan, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix and other visionaries for his uniqueness, mastery of lyrics and writing that were not just songs, but stories that painted a poignant landscape of the times, the situation, the mood and so much more. But most of all his ability for representing the downtrodden, the underdog and those who are less fortunate, he didn't just sing a song, he spoke to you, he made you feel as if he wrote the song just for you, he was unique in this way and I have never been moved as such by anyone else. I know that carrying on his legacy in some musical form would be something all his fans would love to see, but the personal thoughts of his bandmates are what counts and if this is where this must end, then we have all been blessed to have been part of an extraordinary experience that may be emulated, but never duplicated. RIP Tom.... may your journey continue....
nemo1965's picture

First time i saw Tom Petty and the heartbreakers was in 1979,they were the musical guest on Saturday Night Live, I was 14 years old and watched them play Rufugee, The next morning I jumped on my bike, rode to the record store, thats when there where record stores, bought Damn the Torpedoes, and been a dedicated hard core fan ever since. Since then I never missed a concert, living in chicago there was always a date on the tour to stop there, I've seen Tom in concert well over 23 times, and still get just as excited to see Tom and the Heartbreakers as much in 2017 as in the past. As with many of you, the music and lyrics Tom created connected with me at a personnel way, in each album he put out there was always songs that seamed to speak to me and relate to my current life situation. When I heard about Tom passing, I refused to believe it, hoping it was kind of bad information and was not true, I'm still struggling with it, not only do I feel my rock hero is gone but I feel like I lost close friend, even though we never met. I have to now keep reliving the last time I saw you, at Wrigley Field this past summer, knowing I will never have a Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers concert ticket in my pocket again. You where my favorite and will be sadly missed. I'm sure you got your wings now Tom and are flying with the angels, I'll never forget the gift your music gave me, never forget you, RIP Tom, your biggest fan. Nemo
mar123's picture

Not any easier. My 1st Petty Show 1986 Bob Dylan / TP&HB Pine Knob Clarkston, MI. My last show 7/18/17 DTE (Pine Knob) Clarkson, MI. I've seen him in Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin & California. I've missed good friends weddings, parties and work to see TP&HB. My sons mother used to tell him I loved Tom Petty more than him. Gabe asked me when he was 5 years old if that was true. I said NO. I love you the most but Tom is part of the family. He got it. I took him to his 1st Petty show when he was 12 (2003?) The Palace @ Auburn Hills, MI. He did not know we were going until we got to Lansing and he said where are we and why. We showed the tickets and he got scared because he said his mom would be mad. I said listen kid I'm not telling you to keep this from her but you know what she will do if you say something. He never said a word. I took him to his 2nd and last Petty show after he graduated high school 2009, Summerfest Milwaukee, WI. He took his then girlfriend and I got thier tickets at the box office and he got better seats than me??? That's what you do for your kids. I was able to see them 4 times this tour. Wrigley Field Chicago, IL. Both Summerfest Shows Milwaukee, WI and DTE Clarkston, MI. My girlfriend thought I was crazy but she went to 3 of those shows. Now she says you were right when you said this may be the last time we see him. I was able to see the Riviera Mudcrutch show. What a blessing. This show also has a story. I was unemployed and Heather (Girlfriend) said your unemployed and broke. I'm not going and if you go your shit will be outside when you get home. I pleaded with her for months and it never changed. Then that Saturday came and I checked all day for tickets and on the Mudcrutch website they had some. She would not budge. Finally at 5pm I said listen we can do the same old bon fire Memorial day weekend party or we can make memories that will last a lifetime. She said okay and we made it 20 minutes before they came on. Thank you T
jdgallo's picture

I am having a hard time believing Tom Petty is gone. I was lucky to see him at the Hollywood Bowl on September 21, 2017. I have been seeing him in concert for over 35 years. To me, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers were right up there with the Beatles as greatest rock and roll bands and Tom was right up there with Lennon-Mccartney as a songwriter. His music is timeless like the Beatles. When I saw him in concert, he made me feel like he was playing for me as one of his close friends. Always loved when he said before the show that "this tour was brought to you by you". Thank you Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers for the best 40 years of my life. I will miss you deeply :( Joseph Gallo