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Announcement Next week

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  • February 18, 2010
    Announcement Next week

    Stay tuned for a major Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers announcement, including new fan club information, coming next week!
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on Thu, 2010-02-18 16:00

Stay tuned for a major Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers announcement, including new fan club information, coming next week!


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I am very pissed that your tickets cost so much. There is no reason that a floor seat should cost $128. I want a see you again but not for that kinda money after joining the fan club on top. Sorry TP. Billy Rodgers
twerdy_2000's picture

He's baaaaaaaaack!!!!!!
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cisco505's picture

im sooo excited to see them...this will be my first time....and i cant wait!
trogers709's picture

It's Feb 25th....when is this news coming? I can't deal with both Canadian olympic hockey stress AND the anticipation of a Tom Petty tour!!!!!!
samuelrose's picture

Really looking forward to a tour guys, come on give us the good news!!!
ferranfp's picture

It would be great that an European Tour include some dates in BARCELONA (Catalonia). The show should be at Palau Sant Jordi, and you could do like Bruce Springsteen and release a Live DVD of the show ;) Awesome!
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I lost 10 pounds sweating at your last concert (cause it was so hot) and i still think it was the best concert ever! Come back to Houston!
bons's picture

ooooooohh baby!
ndoss's picture

I need to know, I need to know....tell me!
gbarnes's picture

please tell me tom petty is coming to phoenix,arizona! gaylord barnes,phoenix,arizona
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I know the waiting is the hardest part, but come on guys!
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Please come to Tampa to see Melinda and sing me my song!!! I've been waiting almost 30 years to see the best band ever!
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i am hopeful the announcement is a tour; i was just diagnosed with breast cancer and need something to look forward to; my radiation shoul be done by early/mid June..just in time for a summer tour
kbroderi's picture

Boston or Hartford, plllllllleeeeeeeaaaaaaasssssse.
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Hey Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, I truly hope that you guys announce another summer tour. It would be so awesome to see you guys again. I have seen you every summer in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, and California for the past ten years. Two years ago in Connecticut I made 13 different t-shirts for a large group of friends that went to the concert. People at the show were offering money for the shirts off our backs but we wouldn't sell. Please play some old tunes like Depot St., Louisana Rain, Since you said you loved me, Keepin me alive, etc.... Love you guys! xoxoxo
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Let's Rock!!!
oumiles's picture

Please play the new BOK Center in Tulsa in 2010!
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mosveb10's picture

There's a 10-yo, a 62-yo, and me, somewhere in between, all dying for a show. St. Louis or KC - or Columbia!
flowerdoyle's picture

Seems I saw/heard they we're working on a Blues Album....New Album means a tour!!!!Yippee
dinolr4410's picture

Come better place to you again Tom than the Greek Theater in is just a short drive up from Malibu......what da ya say Tom???
mmcampbell3's picture

We are so ready!!!
pattiv's picture

Summerfest in Milwaukee, WI is not the same without you!! Please O'please tell me you'll be there this year!! It's like going to a family reunion and your favorite uncle isn't there!
ladyvoyeur71's picture

New Jersey/New York Need some Heartbreakers!!!
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Tulsa's BOK Center is ready for some TPATH! In a recent poll, TP was listed in the TOP 10 of artists that people would most like to see at the BOK Center. As a loyal TP fan, I would absolutely love to hear that there is new music and a tour coming this year. Tulsa will sell out and rock out with you Tom....
cofey's picture

jt is absolutely right...Jones Beach party!!
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I've promised my 7 yr old twin girls and my 9 yr old son (who fell asleep 2 songs into his first Petty show at 4, he was too excited to nap that day!) the next concert will be a family affair! Anywhere near Louisville, KY would be fabulous. Churchhill Downs is itching to bring some big names to help promote Louisville as a "worldly" city!!!! But, being a family of Gators, I'll easily trek to G-ville. I haven't missed a Petty concert there since his coming home show oh, so long ago. It was my second show as a student at UF and sat 1st row behind the stage. WOW! I thought it could never be topped until the tour after the Superbowl. That was electric and came in a very close 2nd. I know we all could use a big dose of Petty this year! Still trying to figure out the pre-sale tix with a family of five? Then again, some of the very best seats I've pulled have been during General Public Sale. Where there's a will... Can't wait for the new stuff and really loving Anthology.
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The waiting is the hardest part, I want to know what it is
ozarkmtnboy's picture

It's been two years since we have seen TP and the Hearbreakers!! I need my Petty fix!! Please do another tour in 2010!! I need a vacation at the Red Rocks in Colorado!!!!!